The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC January 2019 competition results

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52 clues entered. 40 votes cast (34 competitors, 6 others).


A close contest to start the year. Hidden clues don't usually cut the mustard, but on the other hand humour is often well received! So congrats go to Don Manley for kicking off 2019 with a win, meaning he also joins the elite few who have managed wins in consecutive months, as he won the Christmas special at the end of last year – well done Don!
Vinit was a mere smidgeon behind in second, with a surface that set an intriguing scene leaving me curious to know the full story!
What's this? Another hidden in 3rd spot, but understandably as the hidden indicator fitted in so neatly with the surface reading – well done to John Appleton.
Nick Smith then just a 1/2 point back in 4th with another interesting and different treatment and Pete Milne completes the podium with what is his 3rd top 5 finish in a row!
Pink certainly offered a wide choice of definitions and treatments so well done to all who took up the challenge!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
149Don ManleyWhat's hidden by chap in kilt gets one looking slightly embarrassed maybe!hidden38.51  2  
216Vinit WankhedeGay groom runs away (4)Gay – definition, groom – PRINK , runs – R , away – sub ind.; PRINK – R360 
340John AppletonScallop stocked by shop in Knightsbridgedef = Scallop; hidden in sho[P IN K]nightsbridge352  2  
422Nick SmithMaybe Floyd Patterson's first tattoo?P + INK34.51  3  
521Pete MilneKnock back a little drink, getting drunk at lastNIP reversed (back) + K (drunk at last). Def = knock (as in an engine pinking).28.50  2  
620Rod HarlingIt's a bit risqué tucking gymslip in knickershidden, pink(1)27.50  2  
75Peter RobinsonAt a table for six, potted salmon perhaps?At a (say, snooker) table, the ball potted to score six (points) is (the) pink (def): salmon is one of several shades of pink (double def)252  1  
846Robin GilbertThe sound of a chaffinch at home in parkDef. Chambers (3). IN in PK24.52  1  
917Steve RandallHighest degree helps to fill gap in knowledgehidden clue231 
1034Robert VereRare colourCryptic definition223  3  
1130 Pot in snooker, frequently pocketedP{ot}I{ns}N{oo}K{er}; &lit191  1  
1248 What provides middle of lapel with colour?P (middle of lapel) + INK (colour); &lit.170  2  
1314 Flushed after knocking back dram puts end to drinkNIP rev + K160  1  
1424 Nip back to see Kew's premier flowerPIN+Kew13.51  2  
1510 Cut a little blue flower on the leftQuadruple definition (pink = cut; a little blue (slightly pornographic (Chambers)); flower; on the left (politically))132  1  
168 Chess tactic near kingside is somewhat rare (4)Chess tactic (=PIN) + kingside (=K); def: "somewhat rare" (as in meat)12.52  1  
1711 Drop of purple writing fluid? No, somewhat blueP + INK120  1  
1841 Select conservative to become nationalist peerPICK, C to become N; pink = peer (Chambers, pink6)114 
1923 Neighbours of Ohm,Kelvin and RoseNeighbours of OHM -> PIN ( in the alphabet ) Kelvin = K Rose = PINK101  1  
1931 Power couple, needing no introduction, rose (4)P (-L)INK, P(power), Link(couple), needing no introduction = deletion indicator, def:rose101 
1933 Quietly indicate bar with a bit leftP + WINK – W; definition relating to socialism100  1  
227 Cambodia pursues target of driving on the leftpin (golf) + K; political left90 
2215 From deep in Keats’ melancholy glen springs forth the shade of Shakespeare. Ah, sweet William!Hidden word (deeP IN Keats’); FROM (hidden indicator); SHADE = both a ghost and a colour (eg pink); SWEET WILLIAM (= pink (flower)91 
2250 What's pocketed by Trump, in Kochi?Hidden & lit, and ref snooker player Judd Trump.92  2  
2542 Shade makes knocking sound.Double meaning : Pink is a colour shade and a word for a knocking sound made by an engine8.50 
2639 Salmon you keep in keepnet keeps its colour.Basic run-on "keeP IN Keep…"80 
2644 Slip-up in kedgeree includes scallop.Hidden: def scallop.81 
2645 Table topper is a real six-pointer!The pink ball on a snooker table is worth 6 points; "Six-pointer" is a football cliché, where a winning team denies three points to a close rival in addition to securing three points for itself.80 
2651 What's seen to bloom fills suntrap in Kew.Genre of flowers…fills suntraP IN Kew…83  1  
3028 Penny Black could become red soon (4)Penny = p , + black = ink, + definition , having Socialist leanings74 
3037 Rose smiles in Rupert's bed (4)From The Old Vicarage Grantchester by Rupert Brooke. And in my flower-beds, I think, Smile the carnation and the pink. Def is Rose71  1  
322 A private detective’s little finger that’s missinglittle finger = PINKIE … that’s missing PINK (- IE). PINK (def) = a private detective (from Pinkerton Detective Agency)50 
324 American singer from 70s music scene got number one after leaving universityPUNK around I –U; def: American singer – she is a hugely successful pop star, with multiple chart topping hits worldwide.51  1  
3229 Pop singer Prince – was he above publicity?P+INK50 
3535 Rose daughter plucked for papa – exotic kind (4)def: rose; kind* (-d+p) [papa: p nato alphabet]4.50 
3536 Rose quietly as wife dropped an amorous hint (4)Def: Rose Anno: P (-w)INK4.51  1  
3543 Shocking, perhaps, for Floyd's predecessorDouble def: Shocking, perhaps, = pink (shade of); for = link word to second definition; Floyd's predecessor = pink (as in Pink Floyd). Surface story: could relate to any Floyd, famous or otherwise.4.51 
381 22 ÷ 7 + n + 1,000 = height.22÷7 (pi) + n (number in maths/algebra) + 1,000 (k). Height = definition41  4  
3813 Extreme furore when prince kills good manSTINK with P(prince) for ST(good man); defn= extreme, topical ref to incident in Middle East40  2  
403 A rose by another name would smell as sweet williamdouble def (with apologies to the Bard)30 
4052 You'll find peripherals first, before printing fluid, just a little to the left.P + ink/def. ("slightly socialistic" [Chambers])31 
4218 Hold royal as peak of perfection (4)Definition: peak of perfection (in the sense of the highest form or degree); Wordplay: PIN (hold) + K (royal)2.50 
4332 Prime circular number not known (4)direct = prime. pi = circular number (applicable to circles!); nk = not known (per Free Dictionary and others).20 
449 Chipmunk if not much adjusted will emit a series of pinging sounds(Chipmunk – much)* anagrind = adjusted, def = emit a series of pinging sounds, old aeroplanes can have this problem1.51  1  
4512 Either fish or fowl or good natural killerPink = fish or fowl. good = pi + nk = natural killer11 
4519 In this I will be well somewhat blue (4)Well = In the pink. Pink = somewhat blue10 
4538 Rose’s soft wrinkled skin does not have a single spot (4)Rose = Definition/ soft=p/ wrinkled is anagram indicator/ does not have a single spot is indicator to delete s / skin*-s / p ink*11 
4827 Peak in cut?IN inside PK(peak); also DD(peak and cut are two separate meanings for PINK), hence &lit; surface referring to scenarios like official spending, power shedding, …0.50 
4847 Ultimately, Trump invited North Korean leaders’ knock (4)P+acrostic I N K . Def : Blink (ref Chambers)0.50 
506 Bill’s blinking small for a finch.Pink = blinking (Shakespeare), = small (Shakespeare), = (chaf [finch]) (which has a large bill). Bill’s = Shakespeare’s00 
5025 Not in other words, Lily's little finger.Not (remove)'in other words'= id est = ie. little finger = pinkie. Brought together with Lily the Pink, the No.1 song by The Scaffold00 
5026 One described by men as perfectionP<I>N/K; chessmen00