The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC April 2021 competition results

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67 clues entered. 57 votes cast (53 competitors, 4 others).


This month we welcome the Don back to the top of the pile, in style, with a comprehensive victory! A couple of years since his last win, he triumphs using a simple anagram with subtraction that has a superbly smooth and topical surface. Well done Don!
In Don's wake things were a little closer. A tie for 2nd with Andy Smith maintaining his model consistency of late with a very clever &lit. Keep it up Andy.
Bhalchandra joins Andy, squashed onto the 2nd place box, who like our winner, managed to incorporate a CV19 motif to his clue – another neat surface.
Peter Hartley takes 4th spot with a comp anag &lit involving quite a long addition – not always to everyone's taste, but an ingenious construction nonetheless…
…and you wait for one comp anag to come along – and you see two! Another incredible construction from Ed Hall takes 5th spot – and that's Ed's first one, well done sir! – and I challenge you all to find me another comp. anag. that incorporates Dostoyevsky!
Thanks to all as ever, now let's deal with those toerags…

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
111Don ManleyDo say yes to travel, but not a long journeyanag less a, Govt advice paraphrased?70.52  6  
238Andy SmithPoem about, at heart, Ulysses getting back from TroyYSS in ODE, + Y. &lit43.52  8  
249Bhalchandra PasupathySecond dose ends in very many restless for extended travelS DOSE Y Y*; def: extended travel43.51  4  
48Peter Hartley Averting this trip might have reshaped voyagers’ destiny.AVERTING + [ODYSSEY] (reshaped*) = VOYAGERS' DESTINY.377  4  
567Ed HallYou could make OK tv with this epic from Dostoyevsky (7)OKTV + ODYSSEY can be anagrammed to make DOSTOYEVSKY362  2  
621Neil MondalExtremely old story describes executions once journey endsExtremes of "old" + ends of "story describes executions once journey"; &lit34.50  5  
742Alexander AntaoPoem about years on a boat at end of Troy(Y + SS) in ODE + Y & lit.293  3  
858Satyen NabarWandering in Sydney, so excited to avoid lockdown finally(SYDNEYSO)* minus (-lockdow)N; defn= wandering28.54 
932Steve RandallLengthy rags to riches story, unpredictable and ultimately moving?anagram (moving) of final letters &lit281  3  
1018Robert VereEverybody's Seychelles tour includes a long and eventful journeyhidden221  4  
1030John HoodItinerant does initially spend a couple of years wandering[DOES S(pend) Y Y]* anagrind = itinerant def = wandering221  2  
1219 Excessive trip indeed, returning after yearsO.D. + YES< after Ys, &lit21.52  5  
1237 Oddly uses very regularly quoted passage (7)Def: passage. Alternate letters from (… regularly quoted): OdDlY uSeS vErY.21.51  2  
1440 Poem about end of Troy and ship completing journey.ODE around (Y+SS) + Y &lit.20.53  2  
1451 Somebody's Seychelles trip?some bODYS SEY …20.53  5  
1639 Poem about climax of journey on ship, ending in victory (7)&lit . SODE around Y (climax of journey) + SS (ship) + Y (ending in victory for Odysseus) . The Odyssey only describes that last part of the voyage – hence climax of journey19.54  2  
1744 Poem involving unknown ship at end of journeyPoem = ODE. Involving – containment indicator, unknown = Y, ship = SS, at – juxtaposition, end of journey = Y. &lit. The ship in the Odyssey is never named182  2  
1853 Such a trip with Karen could take donkey’s years!Composite anagram &lit162  2  
1957 Voyage over days without a sure returnO(over)+D(-a)YS+ SEY(yes rev), Def – Voyage15.51  2  
2010 Classic island-hop? Certainly Seychelles are good enough to returnyes SY do, rev.; do = suffice14.53  1  
211 "A long and arduous journey every other Monday?", asks DenysDefinition: "a long and arduous journey" Wordplay: alternate letters ("every other") from "mOnDaY aSkS dEnYs"142  1  
213 A long journey is a necessary part of everybody's Seychellois holiday.Def./hidden.143  5  
2331 Leaderless group has consent withdrawn for epic journey(B)ody + 's + yes reversed13.52 
2346 Risqué lady mayoress may cause alarm with this story? (7)anag(LADYMAYORESS – ALARM)13.51  4  
2534 Long rambling poemCryptic def.132  4  
2612 Do say yes, wanting a relaxed journeyDOS(a)YYES*; anagrind = relaxed12.54  2  
2626 From time to time through good eyes I see my long journey.gOoDeYeSiSeEmY – def. long journey.12.52  1  
282 A long and arduous quest to make dyes with soyA long and arduous quest (def); dyes with soy (anag)11.52  2  
297 At start of this, king leaves Troy, eats last of sacred cattle, then captures Calypso's heart and finally kills suitors& Lit – v. abridged plot summary of the Odyssey. OY = TROY-T-R, around D+E (sacreD cattlE), which then surrounds Y+S+S (calYpso, killS suitorS).112  6  
3052 Song about my last ship on year-long voyage (7)ODE (song) about Y (my last) SS (ship) on Y (year). Definition: long voyage10.52  1  
3129 I agree to go to extremely sexy party in return for a trip (7)rev(YES S(ex)Y DO)9.51  1  
3223 Famous return of Homer as headless corpse. Quite a bit of Simpson’s back!(B)ODY + ((YES + S(impson)) backwards). “Quite” = Yes.91  1  
334 Agreed to return after oddly disregarding goodbyes for this long journey (7)Agreed to return = Yes backwards = sey ,after oddly disregarding goodbyes = (g)o(o)d(b)y(e)s + definition82  1  
3460 Yes, do say "Not a problem," but really, it is a very long story (7)Anagram of YES DO S(a)Y70  1  
3564 Yes! Syd Onassis offers return 10 year cruise full of adventures!reverse hidden: offers = hidden indicator; return = reversal; DEF:10 year cruise full of adventures alluding to Odysseus’ odyssey60  1  
3616 Epic voyage of discovery, say, odd characters might makeAnagram of D-S-O-E-Y plus S-Y5.52  2  
3627 'Goodbye Sister!' read regularly before starting your adventure.Every other letter from 'Goodbye Sister!' as indicated by 'read regularly'. Followed by 'y' (starting your). Definition = adventure.5.50  4  
3648 Sally boldly asks Beryl, ignoring the odds (7)Sally = def Alternate letters (ignoring the odds) bOlDlY aSkS Beryl5.53  4  
3947 Saga trip, perhaps only for the adventurousNot everyone on a Saga holiday wants to embark on a 'long eventful journey' (Collins)! All in one cryptic definition.50  1  
4065 Yes, westbound to South Yorkshire, returning following overdose. It was quite a trip!OD+YS+SEY4.50  1  
419 By end of 'tomo' Dyson mostly sure about long-distance travels? (7)wordplay: after O (by end of tomo) DYS (Dyson mostly) reversal of YES (sure about) definition: long-distance travels? (Reference to PM's texts in the news)40  3  
4113 Donkey's years at sea spent mostly narked, upsetAnagram (at sea) of DONKEYSYEARS minus (spent) anagram of NARKE(d). &lit41  2  
4314 Epic topless figure's fine all around (7)Topless figure's = (-B)ODY's, fine all around = YES<-, Definition: Epic2.50  1  
4341 Poem about ship afflicted by unknowns, seemingly at random (7)Poem – ODE / about – containing / ship – SS / afflicted by unknowns, seemingly at random – add Y twice, with their locations determined by the unseen gods / &lit2.50 
4515 Epic trip… take too much..? too right… reflect… cut out half the EOD+YeS+SEY20  2  
4517 Even Homer half nods sleepily gutted by, at last, surprisingly long journeyEven Homer gives oe, half nods gives ds, sleepily gutted gives sy, by at last gives y. All anagrammed by surprisingly21  3  
4545 Poem on yen to get back from Troy, the core of Classics(Tro)Y + (Cla)SS(ics) in ODE + Y (yen); &lit.21  2  
4556 Trip over the fronts of your shoes, twice, and don't exchange? RidiculousDef = Trip; Wordplay = O(over) YSYSDE* (the first letters of Your Shoes (x2) and Don't Exchange)21  2  
4562 Yes! Return after headless body's journeyheadless body's = odys, yes return = sey, journey = odyssey20  1  
5035 Long trek oddly does stay extremely unknown (7)LONG TREK = definition, ODDLY = anagrind, (DOES + SY) = anagram fodder, of which STAY EXTREMELY = S(ta)Y, UNKNOWN = Y1.50  1  
516 An epic tale of Ulysses, who left for date, stripped, and penetrated Troy’s rearDefinition "an epic tale"; "left for date" indicates to change the l to d in Ulysses; "stripped" means to take the end letters off Udysses; "penetrated Troy's rear" means to insert "dysse" in "OY"11  6  
5128 Heading off, contingent's certainly travelling west, resulting in long, eventful journey(b)ODY'S + YES rev13  1  
5136 Long wandering goodbyes regularly brought about expression of joy (7)defintion: long wandering (Chambers, noun, 2). wordplay: (g)O(o)D(b)Y(e)S + reversal of YES (Chambers, adverb, 3).10  1  
5159 Years and years of wandering curiously near and (primarily) far away?&lit. subtractive anagram: (YEARSANDYEARSOF)* – (NEAR+A[nd]+FAR)*. away = subtraction indicator, wandering & curiously = anagrinds10  1  
5520 Exciting Sydney holidays, not handily involved long journeyAnagram SYDNEY HOLIDAYS minus anagram HANDILY0.50  2  
565 Alright to say, "Without a party, revolting is an adventure" (7)#down-clue. YES (alright) SY (say without a) DO (party). Reversal indicator – revolting (as in going up). Definition – an adventure.00  3  
5622 "Ey! Dos-sy-do! Swing! Men cast off! Circulate! One man returns! Lines!"Anagram of "ey dos-sy", indicated by the imperative "do swing". The rest is the definition of The Odyssey: "lines" concerning "men cast off, circulate; one man returns".00  2  
5624 Farmer abandons sod, yes, yearning for thrilling journey…Anagram sod+yes+y=Odyssey Def "thrilling journey"00  2  
5625 From the east, truly, barren Sicily and party narrate their journeyReversal of (from the east) YES (truly), SY (barren Sicily) and DO (party) giving the definition (journey)00  1  
5633 Long March days… somehow nothing can replace April's first fine comebackLong March=def; days somehow=DAYS*; nothing can replace April's first=replace A with O; fine comeback=SEY01  1  
5643 Poem concluding after shots discharged between axesODE, the E of which is placed after S(hot)S between YY. &lit, ref fancy archery scene in book 21.01  1  
5650 She eyes Syd over the counter, partial to a long trip home.counter indicates reversal, partial indicates hidden clue; definition is long trip home02  1  
5654 This European history's original composition might be seen in Sydney Opera House (7)Composite Anagram: This (definition/placeholder) (ODYSSEY + EUROPEAN + H)* = SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE, H = 'H'istory's original, anagram indicator = "composition might be seen in", &lit-ish02  2  
5655 Told yesterday’s wandering what could be latter-day version*TOLDYESTERDAYS=*ODYSSEY+LATTERD (yesterday=the past; latter-day=recent); ref to both Odyssey and odyssey; D=day00  1  
5661 Yes, Dyson’s detailed movingly an epic spiritual voyage(YES DYSO)* (detailed = -N) movingly = * an epic spiritual voyage = def. (Dyson, a billionaire, is returning to the UK from Singapore and will almost certainly pay more tax … an epic spiritual voyage for anyone!)01  2  
5663 Yes, say heartlessly party has to go west for a long journeyYES S[a]Y DO all reversed00  1  
5666 "Yes, yes,…" – one returning after weird-sounding tripY’S + SEY (a yes returning) after OD (homophone of ODD); def = trip00  1