The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC November 2019 competition results

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43 clues entered. 35 votes cast (32 competitors, 3 others).


PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
118Steve RandallGuy rope at the back replaces one in faulty alignmentE replaces I in anagram of ALIGNMENT57.50  2  
25Luciano WardElegant male…knight, possibly?Anagram ('possibly') of ELEGANT + M ('male') + N ('knight'); &lit41.50  2  
325Anthony NanniniLow-down lover adopting a touch of trickery ? Not he !Low-down = Gen (information) , lover = leman , adopting = inclusion indicator , a touch of trickery = t + definition Gen(t)leman33.50 
47Satyen NabarElegant name regularly used for refined fellowanag of ELEGANT N(-a)M(-e)25.53  3  
533Neil MondalPacific island is one to be civilisedPacific = peaceful or gentle; island = Isle of Man, for example; one to be civilised = definition24.50 
617citvilasGood name lent maybe to a polite personGood = G, NAME LENT anagram (maybe) = ENTLEMAN, GENTLEMAN = a polite person210  1  
729Dhirendra TMr. Nice Guy?Direct: Mr. (as Mister) – slightly cryptic definition indicated by the "?". Indirect: GENTLE (Nice, as in pleasant) MAN (Guy, informal meaning).19.50  2  
836S.SreeniRefined, trim and elegant male (9)Anag. (a(N)d+ELEGANT+M)*. &lit . Trim (v) removes either end of “and”172  3  
92Don ManleyAnimated fifth of November glee at end of celebration, finishing with ashen guyanag. incl. m,n,n160  2  
1014Mike DaviesFollowing information, lament about nice chapGEN + *(LAMENT) = GENTLEMAN15.51 
1116 Get mean heartless Len a funny Valentine?GETMNLENA* – Valentine was one of the two gentlemen in Shakespeare's Two Gentlemen of Verona130 
1219 He gets respect distributing information about mental illness.GE(ntlema)N…Gen/Info…Mental(anag)111  1  
1330 Nameless, this lent gravity somehow&lit; gentleman – name = lent* + g100  2  
1443 Without a pair of wobbly bits he'd be a ladygentle(wo)man – (without can also mean on the outside)9.50  4  
1513 Fine fellow's diligent Le Mans seriesHidden series of letters in diliGENT LE MANs8.50 
1640 Strange ambulance runs out of control, missing a car and bus, to deliver this chap.Anag STRANGEAMBULANCE less ACARBUS.81  3  
179 Extremely modern, elegant kind of address(MN+ELEGANT)* extremely modern = MN , kind of – anagrind, address – definition, surface is & littish.7.50  2  
1735 Refined elegant navy male.*(elegant+n+m); &lit7.50  2  
1939 Sir, take no hidden loverGE(N)T+LEMAN70 
2021 Honourable chap’s soft with servantHonourable chap– definition; GENTLE + MAN60  2  
2112 Fellow compelling former lover to renounce company(co)gent leman (old word for a paramour, etc.)5.51 
2142 Who, at sea after net is cast, might cause entanglementENTANGLEMENT = NET* + GENTLEMAN*5.50  1  
2315 Gentile name, ie not fanciful fellow from Veronagentile name, not (subtracting) ie = fodder; fanciful = anag. indicator; fellow from Verona = def. (ONE of Shakespeare’s “Two gentlemen”).50  2  
2328 Moliere’s bourgeois and a scholar as wellgentilhomme, ie gentleman, “and a scholar”50 
251 A civil service chappie and one of high standingDouble def. For the cryptic element 'civil service' = polite assistance.40 
2626 Male customer sent back slice of tuna melt, neglected (9)Definition: Male customer [referred to as "(the) gentleman" in a restaurant etc.]. Wordplay: reverse hidden, indicated by "sent back slice of…" Red herring: "melt" looks like an anagrind3.50  2  
2641 Vulgar Latin from eminent gallant, eccentric fellow (9)Vulgar (anagrind) LATIN* from (subtraction) EMINENTGALLANT* eccentric (anagrind) fellow (definition)3.50  2  
2811 Fellow accompanied by elderly lover is a courteous and honourable oneGENT + LEMAN30  3  
2923 I lost to a non-believer? And to the principal, a refined male?Gentile (=non-believer) minus i + main (=principal) also minus i/def. ("a refined male").2.51  1  
303 Canny ladGentle+man (nice guy)20  1  
306 Elegant mink oddly modelled for M in ParisELEGANTM(i)N(k) anagram; M in Paris is abbrev. for monsieur = gentleman; James Bond's M has been a woman [Judy Dench]21  1  
3210 Fed troubled teen lots to begin with in making finer person (9)Anagram of TEEN + L inside G MAN (Fed.)1.50  2  
334 Dashing Glen meant to be gallantGlen meant anag.13  1  
3322 Hospitaller with the low-down on mental stress?Def: Hospitaller (a kind of knight = GENTLEMAN). Low-down = GEN + MENTAL* = GENTLEMAN.10  2  
3331 No lady, Boris's sister-in-law, AmeliaJo Johnson is married to Amelia Gentleman, the Guardian journalist and author12  1  
3334 Preposterous tuna melt neglected rye.Reversal (preposterous) tuNA MELT NEGlected +def (Rye= gypsy word for gentleman) *also rye = bread11  2  
378 Entangle a thousand around an aristocratletters from ENTANGLE plus M (a thousand) turned around (the indicator for an anagram) give an aristocrat (Gentleman)0.50  1  
3820 He is good company. Mental, however ultimately fun (9)Definition: He is good, company = GE mental* (-fu)N00  1  
3824 Info let out on British tax haven, am officer indicatedInfo = GEN, let out = TLE, British tax haven = MAN, an officer indicated = def.01  1  
3827 Meghan lent preparation H relieving Prince Charming?Anagram of 'Meghan lent' minus h02  4  
3832 Note on the French mother: a kind man first, briefly, and in full.Note = N, on LE (the French) and MA (mother) and all of that (LEMAN) after GENT (a kind man first, briefly), and the cryptic definition is overlapped with "a kind man… in full" (i.e. not abbreviated as in GENT).00 
3837 Rowdy neighbours entering disturbed elegant toffIndirect: M and N are neighbours; 'rowdy' indicates they are inserted separately and out of order, disturbed = anag. indicator, ELEGANT = fodder Direct: toff00  1  
3838 Shandy for one, Ann and Mel get pop*ANN + MEL GET; def. Shandy for one (ref. 'Tristram Shandy, Gentleman')01