The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC April 2017 competition results

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47 clues entered. 34 votes cast (32 competitors, 2 others).


Some new names in the frame this time round! Michael Brannigan makes the podium for the first time – straight to number one spot! – well done indeed Michael!
Tony Harker was a close second. Tony has made the top 5 before, but this is his best showing to date – congrats to Tony!
Bhalchandra Pasupathy has podiumed before, three or so years ago, so good to see him back grabbing 3rd spot.
John Doylend commenced competition with us only last year so an excellent effort to make his debut on the leaderboard in 4th place.
Completing the podium this month is Satyen, so along with his first place back in January, that puts him at the top of the current Annual Honours List – he's the one to catch!
Thanks to everyone and good luck for May!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
143Michael BranniganThe crow's body? Five for a penny.Crow (CORVUS) body (CORPUS) five (V) for penny (P)33.50  3  
210Tony HarkerCrews overcame Roman vessels using such at the prows.Initials (prows) C(rews) O(vercame) R(oman) V(essels) U(sing) S(uch): whole is definition. Entry 2 in Chambers is a bit vague: Wikipedia description is better.29.51  3  
317Bhalchandra PasupathyEndless scorn poured over United following very militant boarding systemSCORn* outside V U (Very/United); Corvus: boarding device in early naval warfare(ref Wiki/GK); topical ref to recent United Airways imbroglio260  4  
416John DoylendDevice for pulling birdsdouble definition23.51  4  
52Satyen NabarAt the borders of Virgo and Crater, roughly turn south to find me!(VO + CR)* + U + S; semi-&lit… Ref: Corvus is bordered by the constellations of Virgo & Crater to the northeast and west201  3  
632Russ CookRam constellation.Double def.162 
714Kathy MartinCrow or raven? Viewers usually stumped. Beginners provide an answer."Beginners" a clue to first letters – crows and ravens are both of the corvus family.15.51  2  
830Rod BeardsParty leader's half against American naval weaponCOR(byn) Versus US151  4  
919Don ManleyFirm Republican opposed by American that would put paid to wallCo.+R+v.(=versus)+US, ref. USA-Mexico border controversy14.51  3  
926James GlassonburyLettuce sandwiches remain virtually undisputed starters for this stellar groupref cos lettuce. CO(RVU)S14.50  2  
1142 Taking old cure for scurvy curtailed what sailors grappled withO in * SCURV(Y); def. what sailors grappled with130  1  
126 "Company" foremost in reviews under "Sondheim", receiving five starsV in Co r u s; Company, Stephen Sondheim's award-winning musical12.50  3  
1221 Free vouchers he lost to see several stars((VOUCHERS)-(HE))*;(free = *); several stars = def..12.51  4  
1228 OMG! Reversing Chelsea tractor I bashed into a wall!cor! + SUV rev.12.52  2  
1233 Ram my Range Rover? It's flipped!Def ("a hooked ram for destroying walls" [Chambers])/cor = my (exclamation)+ SUV reversed.12.50 
1618 Ensemble without Henry entertaining Victor and a group of stars.Ensemble = chorus – H around V; def.122  3  
1637 Some stars flaunting curves expressly on debut for Oscar (6)CURVES with E (expressly on debut) for O (Oscar); flaunting – anag. ind.122  1  
181 A legendary flyer in the night, monstrous bird makes its comeback against mankindCOR+V+US (roc rev.)11.51  1  
1936 Seeing stars after my car is shunted backwards (6)Seeing = definition indicator , stars = definition my = cor car = suv (reversed)111  1  
208 Costa Rica getting nothing against United States's southern stars(CR around O) + V[ersus] + US; def = southern stars100  1  
2145 Uncle Sam's coming, after conscientious objector first refuses to join Vietnam's front, and then crows.US comes after co + r + v; crows describes def. genus "Corvus", as well as, boasts.8.50  2  
2234 Ram right into business by reversing vehicleR into CO (= business) + rev. SUV; reference to ram-raiding82  1  
233 Black bird in the skyDouble meaning; corvus is genus of crows; it is also a constellation in the sky7.50  3  
2312 Crow almost south under Virgo, initially twinklingCRO(w)SUV* [anagrind, twinkling]; &lit; [Collins: 'the Crow or Raven, south of Virgo']7.50  2  
2527 Old Hungarian king's not featuring in stellar gathering?CORV[in]US. Matthias Corvinus – C15 king of Hungary. Corvus is a constellation next to Virgo.6.51  2  
2639 Star group at heart sounds very Americanhomophone of CORE (sounds) + V + US60  1  
274 Blimey! Very centrally focussed group of starsCOR + V + (eff)US(ive)5.52  2  
2715 Crows or rooks, very unusual species, initiallyfirst letters of first six words5.50  4  
2735 Ram trampled vouchers that man droppedVOUCHERS anagram minus HE (that man)5.52  2  
3022 From Company recreational vehicle on west coast of the United States, observe constellation south of VirgoCO+RV on west coast of the United States (on the left of US) when observed together gives CORVUS; definition: constellation south of Virgo50  4  
3038 Squadron very unhappy at first to replace president's family of scavengerssquadron = corps, p (president) replaced with vu (very unhappy at first). def = family of scavengers50  1  
3044 To start, chair of Vanderbilt University shall crow in Latin!Initial letters51  8  
3047 What'll shift an elephant? Turning a truck with special grip backwards as a hook.ROC = elephant lifting bird, reversed (turning) + SUV (truck with special grip, ie four wheel drive) reversed (backwards). HOOK = def.50  1  
3423 Having to fashion a suit from various cuts, was something to grapple with?(anag) various cuts..minus 'a suit'…Corvus = grappling hook.4.50  3  
3511 Crossword genius hides clue for this answer! (6)CROSSWORD GENIUS "hides" the clue "CROW GENUS" which is CORVUS.40  7  
3520 Flying airborne this may be carnivorous rook.Def: crow genus; comp anag (with rook = r)40  6  
3525 Homer, with what could be a Range Rover, turned back for a group of birdsCOR (=homer, Hebrew measure) + SUV all reversed40 
3829 On air, flying ducks slaughtered carnivorous Crow (6)Definition: CROW. From Anagram of CARNIVOROUS* (anagrind Slaughtered), delete anagram of ONAIR (anagrind Flying). (CARNIVOROUS-ON AIR)*2.51  3  
397 Complete collection of writing, five for a pence for Southern stars! (6)Direct – Southern stars, referring to the Corvus constellation. Indirect – complete collection of writing CORPUS with V replacing P (five for a pence) to give CORVUS20  2  
4031 Principal moving about very quietly like a crow (6)Principal- CORPUS ; substitute V (very) for P (quietly) —> CORVUS. Defintion = a crow (We had a princi like that.)1.50  4  
4041 Stars seen in Sydney are cold or in opposition to usSouthern constellation c-or-versus-us1.51  1  
4213 Crow or raven validated unenlightened stargazers initially in discovering constellation?The initial letters of Crow Or Raven Validated Unenlightened Stargazers to give CORVUS the constellation depicting a crow or raven10  4  
435 Blimey! Victor and you have won first place – stone the crows? (6)COR (Blimey) V (Victor – NATO alphabet) and U (you – txtmsg abbrvs now have dictionary support so no need for a hom. ind.) have won S (first place s – tone)| Def:the crows (? as DBE ind – sadly that's a bit of a giveaway). Ref (vaguely): the speaker might be Hancock – Victor might be Meldrew.0.50  1  
449 Craven, with no head for courage, perhaps, but we hear their call against us (6)defn by example: raven (craven minus c(ourage),perhaps) = corvus (genus of crows etc) cor (=homophone of caw)+ v (=against) us00  3  
4424 Held in Mexico resolve see US wall destroyed by it?COR(hidden)+V(see)+US; resolve=courage; ref Trump's threat to build wall and Mexico's threat to destroy it00  3  
4440 Star studded cast in encore seen in Paris (6)direct = star studded cast (constellation); "in enCORe" = container; VUS = seen in French (paris = indicator)00  3  
4446 Virginia not accepted in singing group without hassle initially. She could see stars'Virginia' = Va (US state; looks like girl's name). 'not accepted' = remove 'a'. 'in' indicates V goes in next part. 'singing group' = CHORUS. 'without hassle initially = remove 'H'. Definition = 'She could see stars' (2 meanings).00  4