The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC May 2016 competition results

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55 clues entered. 47 votes cast (44 competitors, 3 others).


Congratulations to Steve Randall who returns to top spot after his win at the end of last year – a super smooth surface reading to his winning clue.
John Appleton gains his second podium finish of the year following his win in February – with the first of the clues to give poor old Dad a bit of a beating! This pushes John a little higher up the Annual Honours list so well done to him.
A big warm welcome to Colin Thomas who graces the top 5 for the first time! A neat bit of simple arithmetic!
Tobias claims 4th spot with a rare beast of a homophone clue. Tobias's first podium for a couple of years so well done for that.
"Where's Dave Parfitt?" I hear you ask – well, once again he has squeezed into the placings – another to give Dad a hard time!
Well done to everyone for another enjoyable selection of clues for us to savour.

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
119Steve RandallDragons originally turned my ideas downanagram of D[ragons] my ideas561  5  
228John AppletonHorrified homophobe's conclusion: "My dad is queer!"Def = Horrified; ([homophob]E MY DAD IS)*. Chambers Thesaurus has "horrify" = "dismay".46.51  2  
31Colin Thomas500 added to 500 is 1000 – are you shocked?(D+IS+M+A+YE)+D ; definition = shocked?34.54  8  
47Tobias HanburyAudible jeer caused upsetAudible = homophone indicator, Jeer = Diss, sounds like DIS, Caused = Made, sounds like MAYED, Upset = definition.27.51  1  
535Dave ParfittMy dad is out taking ecstasy – I'm appalled!MYDADIS anag. around E; "I'm" ie "the answer is"25.53  1  
636David McKieNew dad? Yes, I'm overwhelmed! (8)DAD YES IM*246  4  
79Don ManleyBlue dye? Madder is wrong — you don't want red, silly!anag. less anag.22.51  3  
832Teyrnon PowellI'm 'sorry', 'gutted', 'dead upset'I'M S()Y, DEAD: anagram + 3 self-ref. defs21.52  1  
949Bhalchandra PasupathyUpset am I? Yes, extremely disturbed!(AM I YES + D…D)anag. and &lit210 
954Todd KonkelYes, Dad, I'm confused and afraidanagram of (YES DAD IM)210  2  
1126 Hopping mad, yes I'd be disappointed!MADYESID* with extended definition201  4  
1210 Change for midday sun to keep English inside, discouragedE in *MIDDAY S; def. discouraged19.51  2  
1222 Having stained clothing is Mother bothered?DY(IS MA)ED19.51  1  
1430 Horrified scholar catches couple at end of Kingsley Amis novelref. ending of Lucky Jim; ([kingsl]EY AMIS)* in DD (Doctor of Divinity)18.50  1  
1517 Discouraged? Time to adopt a philosophy, MilibandD(ISM)AY+ED171  2  
1655 Yes, I am in a panic, beset by extremes of dread, stricken with anxiety. . .YESIAM* beset (surrounded) by DD (extremes of DreaD); def = stricken with anxiety162  2  
172 'A doctrine, indeed!', theologian scoffs, appalledism aye in DD15.51  1  
186 Appalled – sweet potatoes sent back – inside perishedDIED around YAMS (reversed)152  1  
1912 Depressed princess made society extremely uncomfortable (8)DI + (MADE + SY)*14.52  1  
2029 Horrified Midas' unfortunate final solitary embrace – ending in terminal gold.def=horrified +anag(unfortunate)midas +y+e+d (ref to King Midas giving his daughter a hug, thus turning her to solid gold forever.)131  2  
2044 Slovenly Dad? Yes, I'm appalled!Anagram of DAD YES IM; anagrind = slovenly; def = appalled132 
2211 Declined to eat up veg, far from happy<yams in died (down clue)11.53  1  
2323 Heard to insult servant girl? One is appalled!"Dis maid" =insult servant girl, then def.100  3  
2443 Shocked to see the tubers uprooted and perished all around.Shocked (definition)…..the tubers uprooted (YAMS reversed)…..perished (DIED) all around90  1  
2531 I'm sad d'ye fancy?anag &lit, with "I" referring to the answer sought81  2  
2642 Shocked by insult, girl cried (8)Def = shocked, by = positional ind, insult = dis (verb form), girl = maid, cried = hp indicator DIS + MAYED (maid hp) => DISMAYED7.51 
2718 Do enemy aids make one this?&lit comp. anag. (make) *DO ENEMY AIDS -ONE6.50  4  
2727 Horrified diners insipidly served messy and yucky egg dip startersInial letters of Diners Insipidly Served Messy And Yucky Egg Dip6.51  4  
2740 Ridiculing my ideas after start of debate made me sad.(d)ebate + my ideas (anag)6.50  2  
2745 Son might have passed out in fear (8)Def:IN FEAR; son=S, might=MAY, passed=DIED => DI(S MAY)ED6.51 
3114 Designated driver carries a single seamy drunk in disarray.dd holds anagrind (drunk) of i+seamy; def = in disarray60  2  
3120 Feeling distressed that my tailless ass died wanderingFeeling distressed = DISMAYED = anagram of MY + AS (tailless ass) + DIED, wandering being anagram indicator61  5  
3313 Depressed,took a month off ?Depressed=definition. Dis(may)ed= play on words =removed May= took a month off.5.52  4  
3338 Perhaps turned color, as I'm upset inside?!And Lit. using a container – D(ISMA)YED. Upset = anagram indicator for "as I'm"5.51  2  
3350 Upset as rejected vegetables perished outsiderev. of yams in died5.52  1  
3648 Taken aback one's mother put in shade by daughteri's ma in dye + d=daughter50 
3734 Mashed yams died broken heartedMashed – anagram indicator; yams died = dismayed; broken hearted = definition4.50  2  
383 A month inside, upset and dead unhappy.A month – MAY , in(SIDE), upset* >> DIS(MAY)E , and dead (D) + def.3.50  3  
3821 Gloomy dacoit leader is crazy about you (8)Definition: gloomy Wordplay: D (dacoit leader) IS MA(YE)D (crazy {mad} about you {ye})3.50  2  
3824 Hell! The old girl's got Ed in a right state.Dis + May (archaic form of maiden) + Ed, def. 'in a right state'.3.52 
4133 Intimidated, Sid left yapping maid (8)Direct = intimidated. Sid = dis (left = inficator), maid = mayed (yapping = indicator)30  1  
4141 Shaken (or stirred initially) when darling buds are withered all aroundDef: shaken. s + may (= when darling buds are) both surrounded by died – ref Shakespeare & H E Bates30  1  
438 Back inside you made yams – I devoured with alarmIt is a reversal indicated by 'Back inside' contained within 'made yams – I devoured'. 'With alarm' meaning dismayed1.51  2  
4353 Upset when Southern girl stopped to drop off diamonds (8)upset = dismayed, di{S+May}e+D1.52  1  
4546 Spenser's distressed by misprinted "did ysame"Uses distressed as Spenser's definition of dismayed, as well as another of Spenser's words in the anagram.0.52 
4551 Upset in one of the Norfolk Broads spoken ofDiss maid homophone broad = young woman0.51  3  
4552 Upset? Onset of much existentialist despair, and I'd say.Def/anag (m+e+d + I'd say).0.50  1  
484 Alarmed that Diana, the first is perhaps chief (8)Diana, the first=D is=IS perhaps=MAY chief=ED00  6  
485 Appalled old maid educated following Diana Dors' finaleAppalled = defn, MAY + ED following DI + S00  2  
4815 Dis May Ed was saddened. (8)Dis (slang term for the word "THIS") + MAY + ED gives the word DISMAYED (saddened).00  8  
4816 Disappointed in yob, girl and boy.Disappointed defn., then yob = boy backwards : dis = sid backwards; girl = may; boy = ed00  7  
4825 Homework includes review of an original paper on drugs. Daughter's not impressed (8)rev (A MS) in DIY E D – a down clue if you only like "on" that way.00  2  
4837 Once heart-stricken, I'm sad, edgy, upset. Not good.(IM SAD ED[G]Y)* – Chambers def. 'heart-strike' – 'once' indicates archaic use & 'when'.01 
4839 Perhaps with this applied, could be sad (8)maybe minus may i.e. maybe dismayed = be00  2  
4847 Syrian leader might be going into breakdown! Is Assad finally horrified?S(yrian) + MAY(might) in DIE(breakdown) + (assa)D01  1