The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC June 2009 competition results

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55 clues entered. 47 votes cast (40 competitors, 7 others).


133Don ManleyNovember — then what? Carols being blasted, pounds being spentphonetic alphabet, anag. less L53  2  
215Ian HarperFlying across southern deserts? Change once, in Alice Springs(ACROSS – S)* def Chambers (3) change = cash46  3  
339Eddie LoobyPrize puzzle: across clues' last element missingAnag ACROSS less S36 
47Jenny MackenzieAward no markO/scar35.5  2  
51Richard Heald——— time creates excitement in actorscomp. anag. incl. t, & lit.34  2  
621Michael DoyleInitiate of solitary confinement at Reading?First letters "of…Reading"; & lit. ref. Wilde.33.5  3  
79Margaret IrvineBusy actors taking time out to get awardanag 'actors' minus T32  1  
817Rod Harling'Godfather' award withdrawn from Brando's career?hidden; Brando famously refused an oscar for Godfather31.5 
94Phil TurnerAward fashioned from cast-iron, not tin*castiron – tin26.5  2  
1020Luciano WardIn Oz, tin man’s name figured among those of Toto, scarecrowHidden: Tot[o scar]ecrow. Two defs: 'In Oz, tin' (In Australia, money); 'man's name'.25.5 
1114 Extraordinary actors take no time to get this? (5)ACTORS* minus T, &Lit24  1  
1228 Missing out on it, actor's distraught?*AC(T)ORS, &lit.23.5  1  
138 Award Pacino's carried home?Hidden, semi &lit. (home = vt. to provide with a home), ref. Al Pacino, Best Actor 199221.5  1  
1343 Rower holding state award (5)o(SC)ar; rower=oar, state=South Carolina (SC)21.5 
1530 Namely one gold-platedSC + A in OR &lit17  1  
1619 Honour is so scarce herein (5)Honour = Definition. sO SCARce15.5 
1742 Row about second century gold statuette.Row – OAR, second – S, century – C14  2  
1746 Statuette cinema academy toppers are given in gold? (5)Gold = OR, Statuette cinema academy toppers = S C A. O(SCA)R, &lit14 
1916 Frenetic orcas dash, dash, dash when communicating.(Frenetic) Anagram of 'orcas'; 'O' as in OSCAR, in the phonetic alphabet in Morse code is 3 dashes12  1  
1922 It may be noticed at the start of October, announced following November and presented in FebruaryO (after N) in Int. radio alphabet; Oscar award ceremony in Feb12 
2152 Very large vehicle – a successful actor may have more than oneOS + car11.5  1  
2255 You will need a Stretch limousine,perhaps to collect it.OS -Outsize(stretch) limo -car10.5 
2327 Might be the last we hear of NATO, so to speak!&lit; O(in NATO phonetic alphabet) = OSCAR7.5 
2347 The award has no mark.award-(oscar)— no-(O), mark(scar)7.5 
2518 He's seen after November with Papa trailing afterCode words N = November O = Oscar P = Papa5.5 
2548 The leading lights of screen crave a rare honourInitial letters; &lit5.5  2  
2549 They say Ronaldo deserves one for diving – into stretch limo?Def (ref footballer's playacting attempts to con referee)/o/s (=outsize); limo = car5.5 
2811 Cash award for god-like champion3 mngs – see C. first name section for the latter one5 
2934 O! A statue!O = Oscar in the NATO phonetic alphabet.4.5 
3051 Very large racer dropping queen off then returning for trophyOS + rac(er)rev4 
3145 Sought-after Hollywood figure, very laid back, about to take … this?so rev, ca, r (= recipe, take)3.5 
3223 Jack and Charles are strapped for cash[O(rdinary) S(eaman) (ie, Jack) "strapped" (together with) Car. (Carolus/Charles)]3 
3238 Oh boy!Oh is to my surprise all right for O (see Chambers under O(2)); Oscar — International Radio Communications/boy's name3  1  
3441 Readies Australian stretch limo, perhapsReadies = cash = OSCAR in Australia. Stretch limo = OS(outsize)CAR.2.5 
3444 Small statue of old English God (5)Double definition. Oscar&#8194;–noun 2. a male given name: from Old English words meaning “god” and “spear.”2.5 
3613 Endlessly coarse, roughly ready for Oz of old*(coars); obs. cash in Australia2 
3625 Love Mark or Cliff ahead of Papa?0 + 2 meanings of scar, O and P in NATO alphabet2 
3626 Marcos, after initial failure, regroups to achieve award.Drop initial M, "regroups" indicator for scrambling remaining letters.2 
3632 No small citation for driver across the pond!O+S+CAR (& lit.) [Ref. Oscar-nominated actress Minnie Driver; Citation is a popular American car]2 
4010 Cartographers in France, for award'Cartographers'=O.S.; 'in France, for'=CAR.1.5 
4036 O for short vehicle after works parking suspended!o(p)s car; O for Oscar1.5  1  
423 Award every other character in Oz such auraalternate letters1 
425 Award for playing and soundly beating GermanSounds like Oskar(Tin Drum hero).1 
4212 Corsa scrappage yields cash for New PlymouthAnagram of Corsa. Oscar is NZ slang for cash / New Plymouth a NZ town / Plymouth a car marque. Surface ref Govt's car scrappage scheme (well £2k can't be bad for an old Vauxhall Corsa!)1  1  
4235 O for ham and bread down under.(radio) ham; Aus. slang for money (2 defs.)1 
4253 Wilde estate.Wilde is defn. Estate is a large car, i.e. an OS (outsize) CAR1 
4254 With ultimate in ostentation it could be a crown's alternative?Comp.anag.&lit; W+N+(it)OSCAR = A CROWN'S1 
482 A hungry actor might bring this home: doughnuts and fish, not wrapped up (5)A hungry actor might bring this home: = definition/ doughnuts = Os and (+) fish not wrapped up (finished) = CARp0 
486 Award in hero's car? That's fishy!Oscar is the name of the academy award, as well as a fish. The word is hidden in hero's car.0 
4824 Large number of cars held up for a citationLarge-OS, number of cars-RAC (Royal Automobile Club), held up-rev. indicator-CAR, a citation-definition (also means a traffic violation ticket)0 
4829 Move a source lacking European Union awardanagram of "a source" without EU, award = oscar0 
4831 No scar here, reward involvedhidden. oscar=reward involved indicates it's hidden.0 
4837 O! O! Mark!First "O" = def. O mark = o scar0 
4840 Reaccustom, but oddly miss, in retrospect, the auteur's commendationThe even letters of REACCUSTOM in reverse.0 
4850 Unmistakeably first on, first off. So cool and reasonable![definition: Unmistakeably O (ie first letter of on) is Oscar in NATO phonetic alphabet], followed by OSCAR being spelt by the initial letters of the rest of the clue.0