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Satyen Nabar has 31 clues

CompClue wordClueExplanationPosPoints Merits  
2021 Annual Competition33  
January 2021DISTAFFWhat I'd turn fast to spin a bit of flax?I'D <— + FAST* + F(-lax); semi-&lit340.51  6 
2020 Annual Competition59  
Christmas Special 2020A Christmas List (see instructions) (Anagram)Jeans, T-shirt, Lobster, Pizza, Scotch, Gin, More drinks.2464  4 
November 2020SUBMARINESandwich in bar menu is fantastic(BARMENUIS)*, defn= sandwich637.51  2 
July 2020CAESAREANOpener for Australia inside batting crease, facing an unorthodox deliveryA(-ustralia) in CREASE* + AN, batting= anag ind (as in batting/fluttering eyelashes), defn= unorthodox delivery429.53  4 
May 2020ELDERSFound in retreat, gorgeous red leafy shrubsReverse hidden word; defn= shrubs7273  5 
March 2020WARTIMEWrite a novel about end of Nazism in period of conflict(WRITE A)* around (-nazis)M430.53  3 
2019 Annual Competition510  
Xmas Special 2019Christmas Cocktails (Right & Left)Bubbly winner's date drinks new liqueur with funny reaction for all to seeBubbly= Champagne, CHAMP + AGE around N (new), liqueur= Cointreau, REACTION* + U (for all to see)423.51  2 
November 2019GENTLEMANElegant name regularly used for refined fellowanag of ELEGANT N(-a)M(-e)425.53  3 
September 2019ASTER (PRINTERS DEVILRY)Boris Johnson's humble in ParliamentBoris Johnson's haste – rumble in Parliament524.51  1 
June 2019FLUTTERFollowing mess, Conservative leader quits leading to speculationF + CLUTTER – C; Following= F(abbrev), mess= clutter, Conservative leader quits= delete C, leading to= link, speculation= defn.339.50  4 
May 2019MERCURYAn element of compassion embodies maturity essentiallyMERCY around (-mat)UR(-ity)9181  3 
April 2019SUCKER-PUNCHCock-up! He's run out scoring zero – an unexpected blow(COCKUPHESRUN)* – O9210  3 
March 2019NARCISSUSSilly Republican ass in US beginning to crow, he's self-obsessed(R+ASS IN US+C)*5280  2 
2018 Annual Competition412.5  
Christmas Special 2018TURKEY (STONES) (Wrong Number)Complete failure rocks EU! Try to accommodate UK finally(EUTRY)* around (-u)K; rocks= extra defn and anag ind, complete failure= defn10173  2 
November 2018HUMMINGBIRDOne hovering in prison after fixing husband for goodGUMMING (fixing) with H for G + BIRD (prison)429.53  3 
September 2018JOANNA LUMLEYActively liberal English gal many love, heartily announcing, 'Justice for Gurkhas primarily!'(L + E + GALMANY + O + UN)* with J for G, &lit; actively= anag ind, heartily anno(UN)cing= central letter selection, J for G(-urkhas)=substitution. Ref: Describing Joanna Lumley and her activism on behalf of Gurkhas.8210 
August 2018FAIRY/POINT (Right & Left)Suggest twist in plot, killing many just before end of gory kind of tale(INPLOT)*- L(many), defn= suggest; FAIR (just) + (-gor)Y, defn= kind of tale10173  1 
June 2018UNIONEndless innuendo destroyed marriageanag of INNU(-end)O271.56  3 
May 2018IRELANDWhere tipsy islander wanting last drop of Guinness might be?ISLANDER* minus S; semi-&lit. Tipsy=anag ind, wanting= deletion ind, last drop of Guinness= S (last letter of Guinness)626.54  6 
February 2018DRUNKENNESSUndress sloppily having no awareness in tipsy stateAnag of UNDRESS around N + KEN9180 
January 2018ARGENTSilver ring lost? No great shakes(nogreat)* – o2342  2 
2017 Annual Competition512.5  
November 2017FATHER-LASHEROld man, sea, marlin? Essentially Hemingway's top novel on fishFATHER + (SEA+RL+H)*; Down clue. Ref: Ernest Hemingway's classic 'The old man and the sea'818.53  3 
September 2017MAIDENWanting husband, I had men in a tizzy?(IHADMEN – H)* &lit4321  1 
July 2017FIDDLEROne involved in dubious deals, Jared's ultimately protected by loud vain Republican(-Jare)D in (F IDLE R); Topical ref to recent investigation into Jared Kushner's dealings7193  3 
June 2017COLLOP/SURTAX (Right & Left)Not a cool lap dance! Roll of fat almost certain to impose additional burden(COOLLAP – A)*; SUR(-e) + TAX326.52  2 
April 2017CORVUSAt the borders of Virgo and Crater, roughly turn south to find me!(VO + CR)* + U + S; semi-&lit… Ref: Corvus is bordered by the constellations of Virgo & Crater to the northeast and west5201  3 
March 2017TRUMPETERPerhaps mutter softly with hesitation? Not this chap!(MUTTER + P)* + ER; Semi-&lit6334  2 
January 2017CASHMEREA schemer spins a fine yarn(ASCHEMER)*168.53  6 
2016 Annual Competition192.5  
November 2016TURNOVERPie chart of company performance?DD7216  2 
October 2016CHOCTAWBrave cat rips into dog(CAT)* in CHOW (dog)519.51  4 
September 2016GREASEPAINTWhat's worn in a pre-stage transformation?(INAPRESTAGE)* semi &lit5281