The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC April 2019 competition results

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48 clues entered. 36 votes cast (32 competitors, 4 others).


Congratulations to Paul Coulter who bags his first win since 2010! A well-worked anagram that created a very plausible surface reading.

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
119Paul CoulterDoctor runs checkup – you get unexpected jabRUNS CHECKUP anag.460  1  
241Terry NealeSweet alcoholic drink delivering an unexpected wallopSweet = sucker (inf Chambers); alcoholic drink = punch; delivering = link word; an unexpected wallop = definition39.51  1  
317Luciano WardDoctor runs check-up; result delivers unexpected blowRUNSCHCHECKUP anag; def = unexpected blow360  3  
425Steve RandallJab unexpectedly delivered as doctor runs check-upanag (doctor) of RUNSCHECKUP33.51  1  
528John DoylendMug seaside entertainer in surprise attack (6,5)Mug = sucker: Seaside entertainer (MR) Punch.29.50  2  
631John FidlerPunk crouches awkwardly and with nothing to lose delivers unexpected blow.Anagram minus 'o'.261  1  
739Peter Moore FullerSurprise bash?Cryptic definition241  3  
827John AppletonMötley Crüe's punk choir is a surprise hitAnagrind = motley; (CRUESPUNKCH)*. Ref. to rock band Mötley Crüe.22.51  2  
912Satyen NabarCock-up! He's run out scoring zero – an unexpected blow(COCKUPHESRUN)* – O210  3  
1048Nigel LackWithout warning, hit and shoot abusive husbandWithout warning hit – verb of sucker punch. Shoot (plant shoot) /sucker, abusive husband/Punch as in Punch and Judy20.50  2  
1122 Heck! Car spun out of control around bend, taking a hit you didn't see coming (6,5)(HECK CAR SPUN)* around U – A, Def = hit you didn't see coming, Anagram indicator = out of control, Deletion indicator = taking A, Bend = U15.51  1  
1220 Dummy with a mixture of fruity flavours is a surprise hit.Dummy = (1)Baby's dummy (2)sucker….Punch/Fruity mixture140  2  
1245 Unexpected plug giving support to the Listener magazine‘succour’ + Punch; plug = punch140  1  
146 Audience support given to hook-nosed, slapstick character produced a surprise hitAudience (homophone ind) support = SUCCOUR/SUCKER + famous puppet character, PUNCH = a surprise hit (def, and play on word “hit”)120  1  
1421 Eccentric check up nurse scratching one's back is an unexpected hit (6-5)[CHECK UP NURSE – E (onE's back)]* anagram ind. – eccentric. Definition – an unexpected hit121  2  
1426 Maybe user of straw with drink will give unseemly blowsucker + punch, ref. childish bubble-blowing120  1  
172 A parasite, short and thick, Trump's a surprise hit?SUCKER (parasite) + PUNCH (short and thick) (Chambers). Trump is an American, and SUCKER-PUNCH is American slang. Trump claims to be taller than he is.11.50 
1810 Charlie Pierce may surprise you'Charlie' = credulous person/sucker (Chambers) & 'Pierce' = make hole/punch | surface: CP is an American sportswriter & lead political blogger for Esquire magazine (Wikipedia)101  1  
1933 Run checkups — dreadful blow from behind.RUNCHECKUPS anag of SUCKERPUNCH.8.50 
1943 The Marquis of Queensbury would not consider such a belt to be the pride of a ChampionMarquis of Queensbury boxing rules forbade a sucker-punch = belt (def), but also a trophy belt8.51 
215 Attack from behind: shoot with dash and zest.Def/shoot = sucker (on a plant)/dash = hyphen/zest = punch.81  2  
2230 Mug with bit of wit at church is a surprising hitSUCKER+PUN+CH7.52  1  
239 Caught unawares, the bowler awkwardly checks run upCaught unawares – def at sea – anagrind checks run up – fodder70  1  
2311 Checks run-up..damaged? It's an unexpected blow! (6-5)Checks run-up* anagram fodder/ damaged is the Anagrind/ it's an unexpected blow is the def. Cricket reference70  2  
2314 Consumer drink for Noel Coward's playconsume = suck; punch is a common Christmas drink; & lit71  2  
2318 Doctor runs check-up to reveal possible cause of pain to unwary victimAnagram 'runs check-up'70 
2716 Description Judy gave of consort’s surprise deliveryDD (1) Description Judy gave of husband. (They are seldom on good terms). (2) Surprise delivery: A sucker-punch … or a gift?5.50 
287 Blow from behind disturbs checkups run across the pond (11)(CHECKUPSRUN)* ; “across the pond” indicates US usage50  1  
2915 Cowardly Yankee blow. Don't blow queen slug.Cowardly Yankee blow (DEF). Don't blow (SUCK) Queen (ER) slug (PUNCH)40  1  
303 Adopt this violent and shock uppercut?& lit. comp. anag. violent* (AND SHOCK UPPERCUT) = (ADOPT) + SUCKER-PUNCH.3.50 
3036 Straw with drink produces unexpected blowCryptic clue, unexpected blow is the def.3.51 
3042 Sweet drink – a slug that's surprisingsweet = SUCKER, drink = PUNCH; a slug that's surprising = definition3.51 
338 Canuck, though not a pusher, arranged lightning strike in Detroit*C(A)NUCK + PUSHER; def. lightning strike in Detroit30 
3346 Unexpected wallop of spectacular hunks sadly knocking out wobbly AtlasSubtractive anagram {SPECTACULAR HUNKS}* less ATLAS*31 
354 American box unexpectedly turning up in checks run randomlyUP< inside CHECKSRUN*20  1  
3513 Confused, UK essentially spurns EC’s introduction of customs handbooks- it is an unexpected blow (6-5)Def: it’s an unexpected blow Anagram (confused ) of (UK+-sPURN-s+ECS+C+H)22 
3523 Innards of striker punctured running with such boxing surprise attackSUC(striKERPUNCtured)H, “running” used as adverb in sense of “together” enabling innards of ”strikerpunctured” considered as one entity.20 
3538 Suddenly lick asshole (6-5)Ass = Sucker (foolish person); Hole (v.) = Punch; Suddenly lick = Def21  1  
3947 Unwanted stem refreshment – shocking blow.'Unwanted stem' = sucker, 'refreshment' = punch (the drink), 'shocking blow' = sucker punch1.50 
4032 Ren upchucks from violent hit. (6-5)ANAGRAM [renupchucks] = hit = SUCKER-PUNCH11 
4035 Sounds like Czechs run up breaking strike without warning! (6-5)Anagram of 'CHECKS RUN UP; anagrind = breaking10  2  
421 A goat is given goad or a dog shot?A goat (SUCKER) is given goad (PUNCH) which is a dog shot, a synonym of SUCKER-PUNCH00  1  
4224 It sounds like it's an honour to draw the Queen wearing that surprising clobber? (6-5)(PUN has CH next to SUCK) = SUCK PU CH | ER inside that lot| def: surprising clobber – "?" = the def's cryptic. No extra charge for the dangling modifier:ie Who's wearing the "surprising clobber" – HM or the implied artist?01 
4229 Mug shot of gloved hitman's foul !Mug = sucker , shot = punch + definition (foul committed by boxer)00 
4234 Shoot to get herd in the Wild West in surprise attackSUCKER(shoot) + PUNCH(herd cattle as a cowboy)00 
4237 Such an upset reckon is caused by throwing this at nose? (6-5)Composite anagram with & littish def. Sucker punch is an upset defeat and also a knockout punch like one thrown at nose. (SUCKERPUNCH+ATNOSE)* = SUCH AN UPSET RECKON : is caused by = link , throwing =anagrind,00 
4240 Surprising blow little whale to apply with forceSUCKER=new-born whale+PUNCH=to apply with force00 
4244 Unexpected blow from puppet after lollipopsucker + Punch01