The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC November 2016 competition results

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46 clues entered. 34 votes cast (32 competitors, 2 others).


A very close-run competition this month sees Colin Thomas secures his second victory of the year with a nice topical clue that proved difficult to trump. Congrats Colin.
Similar topicality was the key in second place as well – and a definition that particularly took my fancy – Toby continues his excellent year with his 6th podium of 2016.
Barry switched electorates for his own piece of topicality and maintained a recent run of podium successes.
David bags 4th spot with a clue based on another popular recent subject matter.
Finally, Anthony bounces back to the top 5 after his win a couple of months ago.
Many thanks for another fine month – on to Christmas!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
136Colin ThomasRun vote corruptly, installing Republican? There might be two sides to this storyRUNVOTE* around R (= Republican); definition refers to front page news story that goes onto another page (Chambers' def. 4 of 'turnover').39.51  6  
26Toby RobertsonBallot box stuffed in vote rigged by Republican business figureURN (Chambers: 'a ballot box') in VOTE anag. (rigged) + R; def. business figure. [Oxford: stuff the ballot box (US) = place bogus votes]37.51  5  
333Barry SolomonsRerun vote after European exit in order to reverse result?Rerun vote (anag)… after (E)uropean exit.352  6  
410David McKieChange channels to see what could be served up on Bake Off?TURN OVER and definition (pastry)320  3  
511Anthony NanniniChanges in Jobs' plans for Apple ?Double definition. Turnover in jobs and apple turnover292  4  
68Steve RandallBusiness needing dough foldeddouble definition221  3  
729Satyen NabarPie chart of company performance?DD216  2  
825mark webberleyMovement of people upset productionTriple definition181  1  
915Kenneth HorneFor all the money taken, see no potential in artistDef + no potential ( 0 volts) in artist (TURNER) >> TURN(OV)ER14.51  3  
926Russ CookNewspaper article features crazed voter grabbing ballot boxVOTER* round URN (Chambers definitions include TURNOVER as NEWSPAPER ARTICLE and URN as BALLOT BOX) – 'features' = link word14.50  3  
115 Artist captures old Victory rollingo V in Turner; rolling noun; HMS Victory141  3  
123 A well-placed "please" might merit such afters?&lit; i.e. turnover for afters/pudding; ref P.T.O.112  2  
1319 How to get semi-revolver to produce a semi-revolution?ie turn over to get revo(lver), action of turning over is through 180 degrees only, not 360 required for full revolution9.50  4  
1428 Pass six balls, one to the other sidePass = turn (per Chambers), 6 balls = over; in football, basketball, etc., a ball passed to the other side is a turnover92  1  
1442 The man leaves the container open after dispatching the last pastryt(he) + urn + over(t)90  1  
1634 Revenue from samosa, say (8)Double def – Samosa is an example of turnover (pastry) made in India. Turnover also means revenue8.51  1  
1644 Vase found in trove. Byzantine yield?URN in *TROVE ind by Byzantine (complex/of ancient empire); trove=treasure-trove8.50  1  
181 A flipping silly TV rerun involves cop in Oxford? Try another channeldef. turnover = a turning over = a flipping (Ch); dble wordplay: O in anag TV rerun, cop = head; turn over vb; Morse or Lewis83  2  
197 Bridie groomed our navy vet.Bridie=Scottish turnover;Anag(groomed)our+rn+vet7.51  2  
1913 Flip the dessert (8)flip = turnover; turnover = dessert7.51  2  
1917 Go on, regain posessionGo (TURN) on (OVER) – regain posession (sporting definition)7.52  1  
1921 "King" Trump (not a representative of the people) is giddy about November upset!("ER" + "TRUMP" – "MP") ANAGRAM AROUND "NOV"; TURNOVER DEFINITION = "UPSET"7.52  3  
2324 Mounting excitement about star, we hear, in Hollywood production?RUT ('Mounting excitement') reversed + NOVA homophone; ref. celebrity baker Paul Hollywood61  2  
2440 Small folded pie sadly run over edge of trayRUN OVER T(ray)*5.50  1  
254 Apple user configuring new router to head off virusDefinition: 'Apple user'; Anagram of N+ROUTER+V ('head off virus'); Anagram indicator: 'configuring'51  4  
2618 'Goo' for dessert!'goo' = 'go' (turn) and 'o' (over)4.50  4  
2735 Rob's incomeDouble def.42  1  
282 A small pie oven cooked in trade union's Rolls-Royce.Def + Anagrind (cooked) of oven in turr. (There are microwave ovens designed for cars.)3.50  2  
2845 Voter shifts involving the ballot box deliver this to the White Houseurn(=ballot box) in voter*3.50  2  
3014 Flip Wilson lost soccer ball to Beckham (8)Double def. : Flip = turnover; Wilson lost soccer ball to Beckham = turnover (in sports)30  3  
3037 Run voter down for taking advantage of a bad lie (8)anagram of "run voter" (down = broken: see Chambers): def as in rugby tackle.30  2  
3043 Touring Dover and Turin without identity for an apple pastry?Anagram (touring) of DOVER and TURIN less ID (identity) gives TURNOVER (an apple pastry)30 
3046 What sales were worth a crisis? I expect an answer.Def: what sales were worth. Turn=crisis. Over as in two-way radio.32 
3416 Fortune teller sees artist getting naked adorationTURNER about [l]OV[e]; turnover = wealth indicator = fortune teller21  3  
3423 Lie on your other side, when you've coughed up the pill.Def x2 ("turnover" = loss of possession of the ball (pill) in rugby, etc).20 
3430 Pie made by the artist, with love essentially (8)Definition: pie (as in an apple turnover) wordplay: TURNER (the artist, English landscape painter JMW Turner) around (with) OV (love essentially)20  2  
379 Chance to get complete businessTURN(chance)+OVER(complete); 'business' = def (ie total volume of sales) ref Chambers & Oxford1.52 
3827 Overturning routine, fire up oven with baker's last pieRUT< + OVEN* (fire up = excite) + (bake)R10  1  
3831 Rare habit, about to consume cooked oven pieR/RUT < (about); cooked oven = NOVE; pie = definition; TUR<NOVE>R10 
3838 Six deliveries by Warne? (8)CD10  3  
4112 Confused voter given run-around: surrender's the resultT(URN)OVER voter*, run*0.51  1  
4220 I'm one word so may use mille feuille if I were two I would need only one new leaf to start again.Reference to TURNOVER and TURN OVER00  4  
4222 Leaders of the union now recommend striking over staffing rateFirst letters (anag) plus 'over'01  4  
4232 Relinquish the stolen ball!Double definition ("turnover ball" in rugby)02  1  
4239 Slices of goo pie!TURN (go) OVER (o) – def pie – eg apple turnover01  2  
4241 Somerset, it’s reported, go downSomerset = somersault (as one word) = def..; it’s reported = justifies ‘hearing' two words, go = TURN, over = DOWN.01  2