The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC July 2021 competition results

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69 clues entered. 57 votes cast (53 competitors, 4 others).


A first-time winner this month – in fact Joe only started competing in April and has hit top spot already with a neat anagram clue whose component parts formed a really good surface story – well done Joe!
John Appleton was a little way back in 2nd place, a comp. anag. giving him his first podium of this year.
Simon Griew wastes no time in following up his maiden podium of last month by grabbing third spot with a clue that has a nicely deceptive definition.
Another competitor who only started this year has gained a maiden podium – congrats to Adam Vellender – may it be the first of many.
Final placing goes to Satyen gaining his second podium of the year with a semi-&lit clue.
Well done and thanks to all…on to August!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
167Joe ReesTuck, Marian and co made merryanagram of MARIAN+CO Tuck=food=def (Ref Robin Hood and the Merry Men)52.50  1  
268John AppletonUse this, cooking a main course?Comp. anag. &lit; USEMACARONI* = AMAINCOURSE40.51  2  
346Simon GriewMicra on rank accepts a fare in RomeA in (MICRA ON)*; def = fare in Rome401  4  
432Adam VellenderI'm an orca worrying a penguin (8)(IMANORCA)*33.56  5  
520Satyen NabarDish, a Roman one, mixed with a bit of cheeseanag of A ROMAN I C(-heese)30.54  2  
63Mark JordanA main or starter of cheesy cooked pastaAnagram (indicated by cooked) of A MAIN OR + C (first letter of cheesy). Defined by pasta (and the clue as a whole).301  3  
64Seerat HazirA man oddly chic or affected? (8)Anagram &lit: A-MAN-C(h)I(c)-OR*302  3  
823Chris SpathisElbows on kitchen table, maid carved onions in half (8)CD referencing pasta shape; MA(id) CAR(ved) ONI(ons)290  4  
950SimonBlowNew Romantic: A timeless dandy (8)* ROMANTICA – T (timeless) Dandy = definition26.52  2  
1018Jeffery RobinsonDandy French leader pinching a rabbi's bottomMAC<A>RON/I23.51  2  
1130 I am a corn derivativeAnagram and all-in-one222  7  
1247 Missing intro, harmonica played medley(h).. ARMONICA* anagrind=played def=medley21.52  2  
1269 Use this pasta to set up a main course (8)Composite anagram (&lit) [use MACARONI (this pasta) = amaincourse*]21.54  3  
148 A Romanic dish?anag. & lit.196  1  
1543 Losing Juliett in Majorca badly affected young manLosing Juliett (J in Nato phonetic alphabet) in Majorca (anagram fodder) badly (anagrind) affected young man (definition)18.51  3  
1615 Could Armani & Co make Yankee Doodle's cap?(ARMANICO)* Armani fashion designers etc, Yankee Doodle nursery rhyme, …."put a feather in his cap and called it macaroni."183  2  
171 A dandy Italian dishDouble meaning: A dandy = Italian dish (macaroni)15.52  1  
1757 Penguin feather in dandy's cap? (8)Definition / Cryptic definition. Penguin – def. Feather in dandy's cap? – cryptic def ref 'Yankee Doodle dandy' who 'stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni'.15.51 
1935 Image-conscious guy running a Micra? No*A MICRA NO; Def. Image-conscious guy152  3  
206 A manic or terribly affected man(A MANIC OR)*; "affected man" = macaroni (defn)145  1  
2110 A timeless, romantic, delightful dish (8)AROMAN(-t)IC*12.54  4  
2238 It provides orca with main mealanag (provides*) ORCA + MAIN (&lit). Main meal (from high seas = main)122  5  
2351 No time for a romantic, freshly prepared Italian mealAROMANTIC* – T (time), anagrind: freshly prepared, def: Italian meal11.53  2  
2421 Dish from Romania, cooked with a bit of cheese(ROMANIA + C[heese])* cooked111  1  
2555 Pasta is a Marconi inventionAnagram of "a Marconi"10.52  1  
2641 Krafty Italian dish created by Marconi, a screwball.Krafty Italian dish (def. Krafty mispelled to evoke Kraft Foods); Marconi a (anag fodder); screwball (anag ind)100  1  
2664 Spanish shrimp I prepared for an Italian dishSpanish shrimp=camaron + I anagram for macaroni101  3  
2819 Dandy French President, one to squash leader of Angleterre?A in Macron I9.52  1  
2837 It is served in Roma with a cheese topping 8)Anagram of {INROMA+A+ C(heese)} Anag indicator (Served – ref : Chambers Crossword dictionary ). . Defintion: whole clue &lit9.54  2  
2849 Mum roughly broke iron dishMum = MA, roughly = CA, broke iron = RONI = a dish of MACARONI9.51  1  
312 A Macron trip to Italy goes down well in Rome?A Macron (anag)..I = Italy.92  1  
327 A Roman innovative chef originally cooked ——— (8)(A ROMAN IC)* &Lit8.51  2  
3329 French President imports top grade Italian pasta.Anagram -Macron ( French President ) + Ai( top grade )80  1  
3340 It's in the category of spaghetti western music (with an unusual use of ocarina)It's in the category of spaghetti (i.e. pasta)= def.; western music = M(usic) + OCARINA*; ref. _The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly_ theme music.81  4  
3525 Fancy fellow seen reading LeGuin or a Camus in reverseReverse telescopic. leguIN OR A CAMus. Definition: fancy fellow7.52  4  
3545 Mad American love for energy food (8)[American + o – e (love for energy)]* indicated by mad. Direct – food.7.52  2  
3566 Swell time away having a romantic tripAROMAN[t]IC*7.51  1  
3816 Dandy comic ran a funny edition without copyright (8)Anagram of COMI(c)RAN A73  3  
3862 Source of carbohydrates in Romania, possiblyC in ROMANIA*. Possibly – Anagram indicator. &lit.73  1  
4039 Italian food regurgitated in Spain, or a Cambodian delicacy?spaIN OR A CAMbodian reversed6.50  1  
4128 French leader picked an Indian dish (8)Macron around A + I61  1  
4142 Listless romantic ails, mad for Italian dishAnagram of [ROMANTIC AILS] minus [LIST], mad is the anagrind, Italian dish is the definition.61  1  
4165 Suffering corona, am I losing oxygen in confusion?Anagram CORONA AM I losing O; confusion = definition63  2  
4413 Claim a car on insurance going around Italian courseclaiM A CAR ON Insurance; Indicator: going around; Def: Italian course5.50 
4427 For starters , maybe a cheese accompaniment reminiscent of Northern Italy (8)For starters = take initial letters + definition5.51  3  
4636 In turn I’m fashionable or an eccentric perhapsin or a cam, rev., & lit.; eccentric = type of cam (in mechanics)51  1  
4714 Computer with artificial intelligence point is an alternative to being held back by tubesMac + A (reverse N + or) I3.50  1  
4826 Food coming in tubes held over mouths fed to manic nutsrev of ORA(mouths) inside MANIC*; def: food coming in tubes31  2  
4831 I am crazy about veteran French actress’s pasta(IAM)* about CARON32  1  
4863 Spaghetti western; camera: one-shot; noirSpaghetti = MACARONI | western camera = MAC | one = A | shot noir = anagram of noir = RONI30  2  
5111 Arts degree leads to failing comic strip in DandyDef: Dandy. MA (Arts degree) leads CARTOON-TO ("to" failing "comic strip", failing=deserting), in=I’. Ref: "The Dandy" comic2.51  2  
5117 Dandy French actress Leslie plunged into her springMA(CARON)I2.51  1  
5124 Extravagant man from second part of eighteenth century having a primarily feminine and modish cut[MAN FROM I C]* (I = second part of eIghteenth; C = century from Chambers) surrounding A, less F & M. &Lit2.50  2  
5433 I'm gyrating around a famous danseuse, which is dandy for someone about 300 years old!MI reversed around A + CARON (ref Leslie Caron); def = dandy (from 18th Century; see Chambers)20  2  
5452 Old dandy could become crazy erotomaniac if didn't have broken toe(EROTOMANIAC – TOE)*20  1  
5460 Piece of film: a car on inner tubesHidden word; definition = trubes21  1  
5734 I'm on a noisy overbearing carriage affording tube fare (8)Anag (noisy) of IMONA containing (overbearing) CAR (carriage). Definition = tube fare1.52  4  
589 A Romanic mixture, possibly served with cheese.11  1  
5848 Mother Hubbard and I make brief comical appearance in Dandy (8)MA RON (Hubbard)and I insert C(omical) A(ppearance); MACARONI is a US equivalent for Dandy – a fancy or foppishly dressed man – Dandy is or was also the name of a UK children's comic. Mother Hubbard features in a nursery rhyme. Ron Hubbard was a US SF writer who also founded Scientology.10  1  
5853 Pasta delivered by Citroen, perhaps, running in Parisian spring."MACARONI" from ["PARISIAN SPRING" = "MAI"] enveloping ["CITROEN, PERHAPS" = "CAR"] + ["RUNNING" = "ON"].11  1  
6122 Dish of Italian ice cream one has after churning this cheeseComp anag0.50  2  
6154 Pasta – French President consuming ace rations essentiallyMACRON around A(ce) + (rat)I(ons)0.51  1  
6161 Short tube train I'm on, squeezing inside one carriage(I'm on)* including a car; train = vb. imperative0.51  4  
645 A Manc man on rood; cannibal primes some pastaDefinition "some pasta". AMANCMANONROODCANNIBAL's prime-number-position letters. (Prime numbers are called "primes".)01  2  
6412 Camera shot without energy – love new one taken with "cheese"? (8)Definition: taken with "cheese"?; SHOT = anagrind; (CAMERA – E (without energy))* + O (love) + N (new) + I (one)01  1  
6444 Lush needs no end of booze with Americano cocktail!*Americano (ind by cocktail) less e; lush=extravagant/alcoholic00  2  
6456 Penguin and I follow article in Jupiter.Macaroni penguin. Jupiter is nickname for Emmanuel Macron containing "A" followed by"I".00  1  
6458 Penguin mass a drunk driver's rammed into with side of FerrariPenguin: CAR in (M, A, ON) + I00  2  
6459 Pie in the sky to make this kind of dough?DD. Pie in the sky (something fanciful) and kind of dough (pasta) = macaroni (from Chambers)01  1