The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC January 2017 competition results

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57 clues entered. 40 votes cast (38 competitors, 2 others).


A new year and a new name at the top. Congratulations to Satyen, who achieved a couple of podium finishes last year, but this is the first time at the top of the pile! A simple but effective clue that engineered a nicely misleading definition.
In second place we have another newbie. First time entrant Michael Kindred scores with another misleading definition – a well-worn classic, butt it went down well! Welcome Michael and well done!
Last year's champion Dave P gets straight on the scoreboard with some typically nifty wordplay. Another strong year beckons?
Steve's a regular podium visitor and he kicks off the year well with a surface reading that deflected from the material we were actually looking for.
Toby completes the podium which means that is his fourth in a row – perhaps he is going to give Dave an even tougher run for his money this year!
Well done to everyone for a good start to 2017 – on to February!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
12Satyen NabarA schemer spins a fine yarn(ASCHEMER)*68.53  6  
28Michael KindredCream he's churned for butterAnagram of 'cream he's'. Anagram indicator ='churned' Butter is definition = goat.471  7  
36Dave ParfittChain stores like nothing more than a desirable fabricCH (chain) around AS (like) + MERE (nothing more than)45.50  6  
47Steve RandallCountry singer sticking to simple material(Johnny) CASH + MERE (simple)312  2  
548Toby RobertsonTo keep me loose 50% of cereal has to be fibreME in CER[eal]HAS* ('loose'=anag.) [Cashmere is a natural (animal) fibre]261  4  
626John AppletonLegal argument surrounding Her Majesty the Queen – it's woollyCASE around HM ER22.53  2  
714Todd KonkelFine wool used to alter hems with care(HEMS + CARE)*19.52  1  
857Tim MooreyWoven merchandise no doubt Indians originally exportedanag less n D I &lit; woven = fabricated, contrived172  2  
954David McKieWoolly merchandise India's exported?Comp anag (MERCHANDISE less IND) & lit.141  5  
1034Anthony NanniniMoney, nothing more, is the fabric of society (8)Cash+mere a material for the better off13.51  3  
1116 Hair dishevelled? Search me!Hair = definition, dishevelled = anagram indicator, Search me! – anagram fodder12.53  1  
1123 It's the hair cream he's worried about.Def. "hair" anag "cream hes"12.54 
1130 Material Archimedes translated I'd unfortunately overlookedArchimedes* minus I'd*12.53  1  
1431 Material from suit worn by queen a couple of timessuit = case. CAS (HM ER) E. material = definition123 
1432 Mercer has an array of this, right?Anag + R121  5  
164 An outline of Cecilia followed by the Sound of Silence: pure, soft stuffca + sh + mere (pure) with disinformation from apparent musical reference to Simon and Garfunkel112  1  
1655 Worry about ridiculous hems exposing something hairyanag. in care112  1  
1839 Only after folding will this keep you warm? (8)MERE (only) after CASH (folding) – def:From "Will this keep you warm?" "this" keys the answer.102  2  
1938 Notes simple material for sweatersCharade: Notes=CASH, Simple=MERE. Material for sweaters=definition9.51  1  
2015 Goat's down: hairy, sheer, cozy material tops llama's ultimately.Def; anag (hairy) of sheer + c(ozy) + m(aterial) + (llam)a80  3  
2040 Only after money for sweater.only=mere after money=cash81  2  
2218 Has council’s first swimming pool worn down?anag. HAS+C[ouncil] (swimming = anagrind) + MERE (pool); worn down? = cryptic definition;7.51  3  
2219 Hermès knit, answer to cold northerly?*HERMES + A (answer) + C (cold), rev.; Down clue7.52  4  
2427 Let's give M & S a cheer after designing these fine woolly jumpers?M + S a cheer (anag)…cashmere/fine wool71  4  
2520 I can blanket Her Majesty The Queen in case her same cold appears anewHM ER in CASE, anag with c, & lit; ref recent royal indisposition62  3  
2533 Money, just a cold comfort? (8)(Money) CASH + MERE (just) a cold comfort?= definition.64  3  
2536 Mum and me objectively care about nanny’s outward material wellbeingCA (SH + ME) RE, nanny(goat)60  2  
2813 Fine wool obtainable with ready money only (8)CASH+MERE5.53  1  
2942 Scream? He did, for it was extremely hairy!anag SCREAM HE (do for = ruin in Chambers)50  1  
2943 "Search me! I don't know what wool!" (8)"SEARCHME" ANAGRAMMED ("I DON'T KNOW WHAT" IS ANAGRAM INDICATOR) , DEFINITION WOOL = CASHMERE.51  2  
3111 Fine cloth to wrap dead body, concealing remains (male)CERE round ASH M40  2  
3112 Fine clothing for the Queen now, and again when lying in stateHM (the Queen now, as things are) + ER (the Queen again) in CASE (state)42  1  
3146 Sweater, perhaps, salvaged from cream she spilt.Anag + cashmere=garment.40  1  
3150 Without doubt, meerschaum can be moulded into a very fine soft product.MEERSCHA*(UM)41  2  
359 Fabric box conceals two queens (8)CASE conceals HM + ER3.52  1  
3522 I'm warm and fuzzy and bursting with charm, seeanag.3.52  1  
3551 Wool fuzzy? Search me!(8)direct = Wool; cashmere = anagram of "search me": fuzzy = indicator.3.50 
3828 Lolly, trivial stuff that some grown-up kids may give up?CASH (lolly) + MERE (trivial)32  4  
3844 Shaky man, lacking nerves at first, starts cutting sheer goat's hair.anagram(shaky) of ma(n) +c +sheer; definition30  1  
3849 With no suggestion of doubt, meerschaum's transformed into a soft material.Meerschaum anagram, less "um".30  1  
3856 Worry about second ripped hem in fleece[CARE around S] containing (HEM)*30 
4235 Money, nothing more than that gets you fine wool garment (8)Definition: fine wool garment Wordplay: CASH (money) + MERE (nothing more than)2.51  2  
4241 Plain bread first – could be butter?plain=mere bread=cash first=posind could be butter(=goat)=definition2.51  5  
4437 Notes no more than a fine undercoatNotes (CASH) no more than (MERE); Definition: a fine undercoat; ref cashmere comes from the fine undercoat of the cashmere goat.22  1  
4521 I'm very soft – quietly, I'm put into careCA(SH+ME)RE1.53  2  
465 Came about square bit of hessian, concerned with materialCAME (about) S(=square) H(essian) + RE=concerned with def=material12  1  
4610 Fake tan with this fabric might be accepted in Manchester(TAN CASHMERE)* =(MANCHESTER + A)*12  2  
4624 It's used to make material or money. It's not importantmoney – CASH, it's not important – MERE10  1  
4629 Male in suit is wearing a certain female's soft woolly knickers, etc.H(M)ER in CASE; suit = case (lawsuit); def = soft woolly knickers, etc.10  3  
501 A schemer arranges for the fabric got from the goat's woolAnagram of A+SCHEMER arranges (anagram indicator) is CASHMERE, which is the fabric got from the goat's wool00  2  
503 America blocked for Middle East where the chips are down (8)CASH: the chips; are: ARE; A: America; ME: Middle East; down: Defintion; Surface related to recent immigration restrictions.01  3  
5017 Harem's chief clobber? Take off if hot!*HAREMS+CHIEF ind by clobber(clothing) less *IF+H(hot); Kashmir being chiefly Muslim then harem dress could be cashmere00  2  
5025 just enough for a popular method of paymentmere= def.just enough, popular method of payment=cash.Cashmere.2parts00  6  
5045 Sounds like Led Zep material?Kashmir is one of the band's best-known songs; material = fabric02  3  
5047 The wrappings of Cassandra’s present, Mark interposed, evoke an expensive fabricM(ark) in (C(assandr)AS+HERE)00  1  
5052 Woolen bought with readies. Simple!Charade – cash + mere00  2  
5053 Woolly fabric regularly hems end of nape&lit referring to material of cashmere scarf [Woolly = vague/hazy as anagrind; fodder = (f)A(b)R(i)C/HEMS/E]02  2