The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC May 2018 competition results

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58 clues entered. 51 votes cast (43 competitors, 8 others).


Congratulations to Pete Milne who came out on top this month with a wonderfully topical clue! That's his second podium finish of the year.
Second place goes to Nick Smith who found a very original angle utilising the poetic name for Ireland.
In third spot was another Smith – Andy – with what would be a tricky clue to parse in a crossword but nicely slots in Ireland's nickname.
Shyam came home in 4th with what I thought was the most ingenious clue and certainly made me chuckle!
Barry Solomons grabs the final podium berth with a neat semi &lit.
Well done to all – good luck with UNION!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
132Pete MilneIdiotic hardliner wants borders hereAnag of (h)ARDLINE(r). Wants can mean lacks. Ref Brexit. &lit761  4  
217Nick SmithDaniel Radcliffe's first fancy? Erin!DANIEL + R anag; he has been engaged to Erin Darke since March 201766.52  7  
319Andy SmithEmerald Isle – fanciful name for me(Emerald + I)* with n replacing me410  2  
445ShyamOur neighbour is flying Aer Lingus – 50% off to Germany!flying (anagram indicator); anagram of AER+LIN and Germany (D)35.51  1  
513Barry SolomonsCountry I learn about, with the capital of Dublin?I + learn (anag) + D(ublin)290  3  
62Steve RandallA country flat where one's gone for styleIRONED, replacing ONE with ELAN26.51  1  
658Satyen NabarWhere tipsy islander wanting last drop of Guinness might be?ISLANDER* minus S; semi-&lit. Tipsy=anag ind, wanting= deletion ind, last drop of Guinness= S (last letter of Guinness)26.54  6  
824Peter BennettFirst signs of impala repopulating antelope countryFirst signs of… = I R/ eland is an antelope/ country is definition225  1  
844Luciano WardOne would briefly take in Larne when moving here?would briefly = 'D'; I and D take in LARNE anag ('when moving'); def = here (ref. Larne being the ferry destination for many travelling on to Ireland)221  3  
1011Tony HarkerComposing Preludes for Piano might have been purpose of him.PRELUDESFORPIANO angram of PURPOSEOFIRELAND. Refers to John Ireland (1879-1962), composer of Preludes for Piano.21.52  5  
1042Shirley CurranMyself, kin and countryI + REL + AND21.52 
1241 Led rain dancing? It's not usually necessary here!*LED RAIN193  1  
131 A blight here affected large acreage with dire and extreme starvation.*l+a+dire+n; &lit182  1  
1340 Kerry's here, dancing in a red lace top(IN A RED L)*; Kerry being an Irish county.182  1  
159 Are high hopes for Brexit solution fading here? That could make one come down to earth againI + re-land174  2  
1650 Republic held by billionaire landlords (7)Ireland is a republic (so google told me!) Container clue: billionaIRE LANDlords; indicator = held by161 
1715 Country where perhaps I learned no English (7)Definition: country; Wordplay: [I learned – e (no English)]* anagram indicator perhaps152 
1843 Nation of Iran led astrayIRANLED*142 
193 A Dubliner upset, not oddly, about leaving this country (7)ADUBLINER – anagram fodder// is upset – anagrind// not oddly about leaving -> b-u (even characters of aBoUt)// leaving – deletion ind// this country = def// ADUBLINER* -BU -> IRELAND Whole clue being an extended def of Ireland131  2  
2018 Delta follows linear arrangement leading to Emerald IsleD (delta) put after IRELAN (anag. of linear). Definition = Emerald Isle110  2  
2035 Iran led revolution to build a nation.Iran led anag; revolution indicates changing letter order.112  1  
2221 End rail trip in the country (7)anagram of ENDRAIL92  1  
2312 Cook ran deli in Cork's countryCook = anagram indicator of "ran deli": Cork's country = Ireland8.50  1  
2322 Erin spread around darn lie (7)"Erin" is a name for Ireland; "spread around" indicates "darn lie" an anagram of the answer.8.51  2  
256 An idler loafing in HiberniaAnag (loafing) of An+idler81  2  
2610 Composer’s alight with rage at firstdef = composer (John Ireland); alight = land; rage at first = ire (put at the start)7.50  1  
2629 He was familiar with bars having vigour and style in one small wayDefinition = 'He was familiar with bars' (bars in music). 'vigour and style' = ELAN, which goes inside 'one- = I (Roman numeral) and 'small way' = RD (road shortened).7.51 
2847 Paddy fields? Paddy's at home here!ire land; paddy = rage70 
2936 Irate country? (7)Wordplay and definition (IRE + LAND) = IRELAND6.50  2  
2955 The state of Paddy! Anger, lust and nervous depression, just for starters!Def/Ire + l + a + n + d.6.50 
3123 Female, out of passion, to settle in country (7)[f]IRE+LAND60 
3146 Paddy fieldPaddy=rage(IRE)/irishman and field=(LAND)/country61  3  
3334 Impediment retarding EU leavers' agenda? No deal initially . . .I(mpediment) R(etarding) E(U) L(eavers) A(genda) N(o) D(eal) &lit.51  1  
3339 Island where religious teaching takes over society?ISLAND, RE takes over S; &lit?53  1  
3351 Revolutionary Iran led as religious RepublicIRANLED*51 
3625 Fled rain touring here, after rejecting France?*(F)LED RAIN; &lit. (with apologies to Irish Tourist Board)4.50  1  
3716 Country’s passport maybe having different real name (7)Def – Country, ID << REAL*+N41 
3726 Foolishly, to read French and here?IREL (from LIRE or to read in French; foolishly being the anagram indicator for LIRE) + AND (and) giving IRELAND (here, indicating the place or country)40  1  
3733 I'll shortly get around backing queen and country.I'll shortly = il ; get around is containment indicator ; backing queen = re : so il gets around re to give i re l ; with and we have irel and ( country )42 
3748 Place of anger, we hear, becomes a colder, more remote island after RC conversion"Ire"land to Iceland, cryptic clue40  1  
3749 Real freedom in independent European nationI(RELA)ND (real)*42  1  
4230 Heads of European island republic entreat for alternative name?Heads of European island republic entreat = EIRE. Alternative name for Eire = Ireland.3.50 
4328 He composed a pointless telegram to European city-state.DEF He composed (john IRELAND). pointless telegram (wIRe), European E, city LA, state ND30  2  
4331 I rearranged Elgar lullaby for beginners with an English composerI REL (first letters) AND (=with). Ref: composer John Ireland (d 1962) There's a lullaby by Elgar in "From the Bavarian Highlands" – worth a listen.33 
4338 Island nation rejects Cnservative for Republican (7)Def: Island. Nation is ICELAND with R (republican ) for C (Conservative)30  1  
4356 'Two Nations' is forgotten name Disraeli coinedN D(IS)RAELI anag33  2  
477 Angry country?Cryptic def2.50  2  
4737 Is divided about dire article 5O ?Is divided …? Divided island = definition. About= anagram indicator. dire + an(article)+ l (5O) = anagram fodder.2.50  4  
4753 Rocks realigned to form, e.g., this isle? (7)anagram of (realigned) -> (e.g., Ireland), &lit – Ireland was formed by the realignment of two huge land masses about 440 million years ago2.51  1  
5020 Emerald Isle formed Erin ladIRELAND (Erin lad anag.)20  1  
5114 Country number penned by one lead singer finally releasednumber (n) penned by one(i) (lead + singe(R) finally)*, released – anag. indicator, penned by – containment indicator11 
5127 Gem setter will broadcast a poetic notion of the countryEmerald – I will (I'll, broadcast = Isle) poetically Ireland11 
534 Airman pays for his whiskey, not us.Defs: 1) 'air' man = (John) IRELAND. 2) PAYS = country (Chambers). HIS WHISKEY, thus spelt in Ireland and U(nited) S(tates).00  2  
535 An idler is getting mellow — they love their crack here(An idler)* Crack = craic = enjoyable activity and conversation, often in a pub.00  2  
538 Angry neighbour? (7)CD00  2  
5352 Rid violently, filled with enthusiasm for this countryrid violently, filled with enthusiasm = IR(ELAN)D; def (Collins) 2. republic comprising the S provinces of this island & three counties of Ulster province: established as a republic in 1922; the surface refers to Ireland's struggle to free itself of an unwanted oppressor and become an independent country.00 
5354 Sadly board liner after Rob left – for a Tir na nOg neighbour apparently((BOARD LINER) – (ROB))* (Mythically Tir na nOg is off the west coast of Ireland)00  1  
5357 Where one might encounter lots of paddys?IRE + LAND00  1