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John Hood has 19 clues

CompClue wordClueExplanationPosPoints Merits  
2020 Annual Competition67  
July 2020CAESAREANAustralia's opener occupying crease undone by an incisive deliveryA(ustralia) inside (CREASE)* anagrind=undone + AN def=incisive delivery178.51  2 
February 2020ATONEMENTSatisfaction is getting out of dilapidated maisonetteAnagram of (MAISONETTE – IS). Def=satisfaction.427.51  5 
2019 Annual Competition213  
September 2019ASTER (PRINTERS DEVILRY)Cheshire Council hasten a Crewe cycling facilityCheshire Council has ten acre waste recycling facility3335  3 
2018 Annual Competition251  
April 2018SOLITAIREAmerican card game's confusing to IsraeliTO ISRAELI *534.52 
2017 Annual Competition311  
October 2017EQUIPOISEMaintain balance to provide for one moving between French banksEquip + Oise (French river)1017.51  1 
February 2017FURPHYHarbouring a degree of sourness, vengeful woman creates rumourPH inside FURY621.51  2 
2015 Annual Competition390.5  
November 2015LOCK STOCK AND BARRELTwisting set back rock and roll completelyChubby Checker's legacy? Def=completely. (SET BACK ROCK AND ROLL)* anagrind=twisting8171  3 
2013 Annual Competition125.5  
February 2013SPIDERMANMissing top of roof, reprimands shoddy construction workerREPRIMANDS – R(oof) *8281  1 
January 2013PIPSQUEAKContemptible person's clever remarks point to SpoonerQUIPS (clever remarks)+ PEAK (point) to Spooner = PIPS QUEAK1492  8 
2012 Annual Competition321  
Olympic/Paralympic Challenge 2012DIALOGUE, MONSTER, SCHOOL (DLM)Team GB exchange dud goalie for very large oarsmen to train in those cool shirts..ud goalie, def = exchange / ..rsmen to, def = very large / cool sh.. def = train8210 
July 2012JUSQU'AUBOUTISTEMaybe one going down with Titanic dancing subaqueous jitterbug after striking wretched bergstriking=deleting so (SUBAQUEOUS JITTERBUG)* – (BERG)*827.50  6 
2011 Annual Competition272  
January 2011DUVET DAYEvade duty at work – term for employee not going in?&lit: (EVADE DUTY)* minus employe(E)4350  6 
2010 Annual Competition135  
Christmas Special 2010NATIVITY (Letters Latent)Titian very easily painted stable sceneLL='Y': (TITIAN V)* : def='painted stable scene'425.50  4 
March 2010MONEY (CLASS) (Wrong Number)Form one youngster pockets cashfor(M ONE Y)oungster : form325.50  2 
2009 Annual Competition69  
Xmas Special 2009CRIMBO (Misprints)Mary's first in manger of mule'M' in CRIB + O(f) … def = YULE1440  2 
April 2009MOONSHINE (Letters Latent)It's still produced illegally – and could be in me soon!(LL=H) anagram of "IN ME SOON" = MOONSINE / def moonshine, illicit spirit produced in a still626.50  3 
March 2009FIRST AIDA potential life-saver is adrift at seasimple anagram of "is adrift"339.50  2 
January 2009TOKAYWine's extremely tasty when eating cheese.extremely tasty = T…Y, containing OKA (a Canadian smoked cheese)626.50  3 
2008 Annual Competition134  
Christmas Special 2008CRACKER/VINTAGE (Right and Left)I get Van playing classic Coltrane creation – for which credit goes to clarinetistAnagram "I get Van" = vintage (= classic). Coltrane (Robbie, not John) creation is TV detective Cracker .. clued as CR (credit) + ACKER (Bilk, famous jazz clarinetist)2470  4