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Vinit Wankhede has 20 clues

CompClue wordClueExplanationPosPoints Merits  
2020 Annual Competition115.5  
April 2020OPENFree from Europe now?EurOPENow : "?" is for surface (Is Brexit really a full severance? Is full severance really feasible?) and for distraction (hidden clues are otherwise easy solves)135.52  2 
February 2020ATONEMENTWhat one mentally embraces as self-punishment (9)wh-AT ONE MENT-ally8211  3 
2019 Annual Competition88  
Xmas Special 2019Christmas Cocktails (Right & Left)Victor and Agnes mostly drink liqueur at our nice clubVictor = CHAMP + AGNE (Agnes mostly), drink = defn // liqueur = defn at our nice = ATOURNICE = fodder, club = anagrind520.51  4 
July 2019NEVER SAY DIEOne needs a very flexible attitude for success (5,3,3)One needs a very = I+NEEDSAVERY – fodder ; anagrind- flexible ; def – attitude for success3400  3 
January 2019PINKGay groom runs away (4)Gay – definition, groom – PRINK , runs – R , away – sub ind.; PRINK – R2360 
2018 Annual Competition156  
Christmas Special 2018TURKEY (STONES) (Wrong Number)UK treaty on the rocks – not a time for Christmas feast (6)Christmas feast – definition, UKTREATY – fodder , on the rocks- anagrind , not a time – deletion of AT, UKTRE(-at)Y*819.51  1 
July 2018VINDALOOVery popular curry – old and quintessentially Goan! (8)& lit…. V (very) + IN (popular) + Anagram of OLD+ (g)OA(n). Curry as verb = anagrind. This cross-cultural dish originated in Goa which was then a Portuguese colony.4300  4 
June 2018UNIONNo fun essentially in arranged marriage (5)NO+U(fun essentially)+IN anagram arranged=anagrind marriage = definition358.53  5 
April 2018SOLITAIREFree love? Is it real or just a game one plays? (9)(O+ISITREAL)* Free = *ind, love = O, OISITREAL = fodder, just a game one plays = definition. Solitaire is played by a single person. Ref. Free Love belief or practice. Definition from Chambers : free love (noun) the practice of having sexual relations with people regardless of marriage or fidelity to a single partner.  6302  2 
2017 Annual Competition281.5  
August 2017HALFPENNYCheap foreign banks help any criminal (9)FN+ANY+HELP anagram Ref. "The Global Laundromat” money laundering scandal involving Russian mafia and Moldovan banks.  1 
July 2017FIDDLERFraud clerk pocketing couple of notes (6)FILER (clerk) containing (pocketing) DD (couple of notes)7191  3 
May 2017MICKEYErgonomic keyboard with a virtual mouse (6)ergonoMIC KEYboard ref Mickey Mouse719.53  3 
2015 Annual Competition232.5  
October 2015MONTGOLFIERHigh flier's time for long trips (11)TIMEFORLONG*922.53  3 
January 2015GREEDY GUTSHe gorges, yet grudges waste (6,4)YETGRUDGES*429.50  6 
2014 Annual Competition391  
July 2014SHOESTRINGSmall amount adjusted in the gross (10)INTHEGROSS *10160 
February 2014REALITY TVMany view it as totally hollow and vile art form! (7,2)TY+VILETART *7231  1 
2013 Annual Competition370.5  
July 2013PEAR (Printer's Devilry)Rarest of the parliamentarians, Tory of the year!Undevilled version: Rape arrest of the parliamentarian, Story of the year!: Ra(PE AR)rest. Ref. arrest of Nigel Evans728.50  3 
2012 Annual Competition88.5  
September 2012GUESTIMATEGet me a suit fit for a round figure (10)GETMEASUIT* , Fit as a spasm; round figure can be guestimate in sense of approximation635.52  3 
April 2012LIVELONGComplete jerk in love with heartless gal (8)inlovegl*251.52 
January 2012PERCHSeat in upper chamber (5)upPER CHamber2361  2