The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC October 2015 competition results

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58 clues entered. 46 votes cast (42 competitors, 4 others).


For the second month running we have a new name at the top of the leader board – well done David! And just a few months into your CCCWC "career"!
The rest of the podium is filled by some more familiar names. Second place – for the second month running – missing out by just a single point this time is Luciano. After his win in August that's 3 podiums in a row – could be going for Dave P's record run!
Good to see Simon back in the frame with his first podium this year, back in third – an amusing anag. & lit.!
Margaret also scores her second podium in a row, achieving 4th spot with a very different surface reading.
Finally, CCCWC stalwart Warren grabs 5th place – first podium for a couple of years – with another interesting surface.
Well done to all – on to LOCK STOCK AND BARREL next!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
15David McKieBalloon first made by inventive foreign lotM + anag43.52  8  
29Luciano WardConveyance I get on from ground with line securedConveyance = def; L (line) in IGETONFROM* (anag indic = ground)42.50  7  
352Simon ShawThis might arise if you've left mooring loose !anag. &lit.33.53  4  
454Margaret IrvineTwinkling girl of ten pops balloonmo(ment)=twinkling + girl of ten*320  5  
549warren fraserScratch golfer I'm not, but I am full of hot air!anag "golferimnot"+def (A scratch golfer has a handicap of zero or lower i.e., is an excellent golfer.)28.51  3  
643Roslyn RougvieMy French flier got highMy French = mon + fliergot*; &lit27.52  4  
714rose birdFoolish for long time and full of hot air!anag(foolish)"forlongtime" + Def26.52  4  
834Peter CargillInflate me with hot air? Right, go on, lift me high!*R(right)+GO+ON+LIFT+ME ind by 'high'241  2  
928Vinit WankhedeHigh flier's time for long trips (11)TIMEFORLONG*22.53  3  
1056Gerard WileyWhat might give men lift or go highAnagram and lit.21.51  3  
118 Balloon left mooring unexpectedlyleftmooring*212  5  
1132 I am up in the air for long time (11)Anagram of FOR LONG TIME indicated by "up in the air"; & lit213  4  
133 Across the channel my flier got transported (11)Across the channel my= mon, flier got = anag fodder , transported= anag indicator. Whole clue = definition182  4  
1412 Disoriented frogmen toil to find floater(frogmen+toil)* , Defn: floater17.52  7  
1544 My! In France, there's a row about a German car: there's much hot air in that!My in France = "mon" + "tier" (= row) around [VW] Golf (= German car, centre of the "emissions" hullabaloo)/def.12.53  3  
1548 One smoothly ascends Order of Merit on embracing golfMERITON anag. around GOLF; Order of Merit = golf rankings12.51  3  
1725 Got small mass on fire and left ground — in this?Anagram of GOT+M(small mass)+ONFIRE+L(left). Anagram indicator = ground.124  2  
1740 Lifting off first in Annonay, what could be up for a long time?Whole = both anag. less A (up: excited) & lit. (maiden flight was in A.)121  2  
1945 Nervous groom left in flying balloon (11)direct = flying balloon; anagram of "groom left in"; indicator = nervous.10.51  4  
207 Balloon left mooring in ruins.(Sorry — too obvious — short of time!)9.51  6  
2016 French inventor left mooring in disarray(11)Definition + Anagram9.50  6  
2039 Left mooring insecure, resulted in balloon going up?(anag) left mooring9.52  5  
2320 Frenchman regularly bound to turn out with troubled flier in his hot-air contrivanceM + (b)O(u)N(d)T(o) + GO + FLIER*90  2  
2331 Hot-air balloon's mooring felt uncertain(MOORING FELT)*93  2  
2527 Hesitation after moon flight without hydrogen confused aviation pioneer.*MOONFLIG[H]T + ER8.50  4  
2611 Didn't fret looming over the countryside? (11)ANAGRAM "FRET LOOMING" to spell MONTGOLFIER which is defined by "hot air balloon" which is inferred by "looming over the countryside".7.50  5  
2619 French name on the rise – flier got transported(FLIER GOT)* after NOM< (&lit and a DOWN clue, hence 'on the rise')7.50  2  
2815 French balloonist's footling about in summer, lacking height (11)Anagram of FOOTLING in MER (SUMMER – SUM)70  1  
2937 Its flames rise up, accidentally melting roofAnag. 'melting roof'6.52  4  
2938 It's slipped mooring and left ground altogether?comprises anags. of mooring and left, & lit.6.52  4  
2950 St Andrews man has a row about his game — goes right up in the air and gets heatedMon-t-golf-ier6.51  4  
3221 German car, one controlled by corrupt motormen no more, is a vehicle full of emissions? (11)GOLF+I in (MO)TORMEN*; ref VW emissions scandal; a balloon being 'a vehicle full of emissions?'61  5  
3226 He operated the first mega balloon, without, alas, the first brotheranag.[thefirstmegaballoon(-the-alas-b)]* (anag. indicated by 'operated' and deletion by 'without') def: entire clue – Only the younger Montgolfier went up on the first hot air balloon61  4  
3233 In this thing, slipping mooring then lifting off&lit Comp. Anag. IN MONTGOLFIER THING / MOORING THEN LIFTING61  4  
3247 Old aerostat mooring felt shakyOld aerostat = def (montgolfier is obsolete term for hot-air-balloon=aerostat). MOORINGFELT*61  2  
3641 Men go or lift in air-borne contraptionAnagram -Men go or lift; Air-borne contraption = def of montgolfier5.50  4  
3658 Zeppelin performs for long tineDirect = Zeppelin, anagram "for long time" indicator – performs5.51  5  
3823 Ghenghis Khan has time to fire around a balloon(Well known) Mongol containing t, with fire anagram and meaning.51  3  
3830 Hot-air balloon pioneer family seen working for a long time without initial approval.Hot-air balloon pioneer family (MONTGOLFIER) seen working (anagram indicator); anagram of FOR A LONG TIME minus A (without initial A of approval).50  6  
3855 What could crash on Rome flight after losing height?anag less h & lit52  4  
4157 Woods perhaps concealing first of ice on French mountain – seen from here by P. Fogg?MONT + (GOLFER around I(ce)). Ref. Phileas Fogg's balloon flight over the Alps in Around the World in 80 Days4.50  5  
424 Airmen identified with hair extracted from the original sampleCompound anag 'from the original – hair'3.51  5  
4229 Hot air balloon left mooring, floated aroundHot air balloon – definition (left mooring)* – fodder floated around – anagram indicator3.50  4  
442 A light craft airmen go in for a floatanag.[go + (a)irmen + flo(a)t] & Lit30  4  
4410 Crack golfer I'm not – birdies are beyond me as I launch powerless to drift with the wind(golfer I'm not)*31  6  
4642 More confused about floating around without a floating device (11)Definition: floating device Wordplay: more* (more confused) about [(floating)* (floating around) -a (without a)]21  2  
4646 Nice way to get around, though high inflation's customary20  2  
4813 Floating more without first ascending shocked the hot-air balloon inventor family.Anagram of FLOATING MORE minus A (without first letter A of ascending) shocked (anagram indicator) the hot-air balloon inventor family (MONTGOLFIER).1.50  5  
4818 French name going back to fragile original, flown by first of aviatorsNOM (rev.) + *TO FR(A)GILE; &lit.1.50  4  
4836 It left mooring transported by hot air(LEFT MOORING)*1.50  4  
511 A hot-air balloon is tiptop in an Asian firestorm.Def + (T)iptop in an Asian (MONGOL) (FIRE)storm* >> MONTGOLFIER11  4  
5124 Go to film at sea with half of Warner Brothers(GO TO FILM [war]NER)*; def = Brothers.10  6  
5135 Inventor to climb heartlessly as one enters woodsSyn of climb = Mount-U (heartlessly) = Mont. Golfier = One(i)enters woods(golfer)10  5  
5153 Too much hot air here has wobbly roof meltingdef: too much hot air here; anag. of 'roof melting'; anag. indicator: 'wobbly'; def. has wordplay10  4  
5522 German car that is right on a French mountain provides air transportMont (French mountain) +Golf+ie+r, def. air transport0.50  2  
566 Balloon, flipping cat inflates in Tom and Jerry occasionally burstFLOG< inside (IN TOM ER)*00  5  
5617 French mount game That's right a French gasbag.French mount (MONT) game (GOLF) That's right (IER) DEF gasbag.01  6  
5651 The first to take off orders longer motifAnagram of 'longer motif'.00  4