The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC September 2023 competition results

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48 clues entered. 35 votes cast (33 competitors, 2 others).


PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
14Pete MilneChewed on gum and felt wasted?Anagram of ONGUM. The wasted wool that could have become part of the felted cloth.37.51  2  
229Dave WilliamsPulled from loom, ungodly mass of fibres for reusehidden: loo(m ungo)dly281  1  
35Vinit WankhedeChewing gum on fabricGUMON*26.53  3  
41Simon GriewAny cycling leaves young man knackered it’s often feltAnagram (knackered) of YOUNG MAN – YAN (ANY cycling); def = it’s often felt22.53  2  
530Todd KonkelRecycled bits of used gabardine – old made new?(UGOMN)*; &lit. Mungo can refer to the waste of tightly woven fabric such as gabardine (Chambers) or material made from such waste (Collins).220  3  
619Luciano WardLow-quality fibre leads to one making ugly gastrointestinal noises, unfortunatelyanagram ('unfortunately') of first letters ('leads'); low-quality fibre = def191  4  
628S.SreeniPoor young men longing to get free, cheap cloth from millAnagram (poor) of {YOUNGMEN – YEN(longing)}* (to get free is the deletion ind ). Def: cheap cloth from mill192  3  
643Peter Moore FullerWaste from ungodly trousers (5)Waste – def; froM UNGOdly; trousers – hidden indicator190  2  
97Nathan TownshendFashionable young men with no desire for inferior threadsFashionable = anagrind (Can be fashioned) young men = fodder; with no desire = delete YEN; inferior threads = def182  3  
920Roger GascoigneManchester United's new goalscorer's off-target headers felt substandard."headers" indicates initial letters of 5 preceding words (M-U-N-G-O). Substandard felt (felt substandard) is a definition of MUNGO.183  3  
1123 Mug with no pants, gets cheap fabric (5)Anagram of MUG+NO (pants is anagrind), def = cheap fabric172  4  
1240 This waste is recycled into e.g. woman's suitComp anag &lit, (MUNGOWASTEIS)* = (EGWOMANSSUIT)*16.52  2  
1310 Felt united by charityFelt = definition, united = Man United, by NGO = charity130  3  
1427 Obligation to turn what's essentially wasted into new materialMUST + GO substituting N for [wa]ST[ed]12.51  1  
153 Cheap cloth manufactured under new government order, at firstDef. cheap cloth from beginning letters (at first) of Manufactured Under New Government Order11.53  2  
168 Felt fabric salvaged out of humungous pileHidden word huMUNGOus111  3  
169 Felt tawdry playing Among Us endlessly (5)Def: Felt tawdry (Felt that is tawdry); anagrind: playing; (-a)MONGU(-s)110  3  
1816 Humungous core made from waste woolCore of huMUNGOus10.50  3  
1912 Flock to leave behind number in retreatdef: flock(waste wool); MUN(rev. of NUM, number) GO(to leave)103  2  
1921 Mongoose family takes a moment to surround retreating wildebeestDef = mongoose family. gnu reversed in mo = m(ung)o101  3  
1946 Waste produced by doctor eating flipping antelope ! (5)Waste = definition , doctor = MO , eating = insertion indicator , Flipping = reversal indicator , antelope = gnu = ung102  2  
2213 Greek character heads relief program for Glaswegian patronMU+NGO9.51  2  
2339 This Glaswegian on a mission was no mug, but flawed.St Mungo, missionary, bishop, and patron Saint of Glasgow. (NOMUG)*92 
2415 Gun's shot a second round leaving residueanag. in mo.; shot = ruined81  2  
2435 Scraps from mill, unused no good offcuts?First letters &lit.81  1  
2444 Waste little time around lounges essentially (5)Def: Waste, MO (little time)<<(-lo)UNG(-es)83  2  
2722 Monsieur cut a French green fabric of little worth? (5)Monsieur cut = M: A French = UN: Green = GO:5.51  3  
2831 Recycled cloth is primarily made using nice garments only (5)Recycled cloth = semi &lit definition; Primarily = starting letters of M[ade] U[sing] N[ice] G[arments] O[nly]52  2  
2945 Waste mill upcycles: new goods output at first.Def: waste. First letters, with &lit overtones.4.50 
2948 Young man without any letters to his namecomposite anag (youngman) minus any4.51  4  
316 Exploding gun muffled by covering of merino wool and cottonExploding – anagrind, GUN*- fodder; muffled by – containment indicator. covering of M(erin)O = MO. Wool and cotton – definition41  2  
3134 Reused material among us, stripped and recycled(aMONG Us)*43  1  
3318 Letter from Greek welfare group named Glaswegian saintletter from Greek = mu, welfare group = NGO3.52  2  
3341 Um Bongo cocktail (after taking a shower) for the Glasgow manAnagram of UM BONGO (having washed away BO); Mungo was the founder of Glasgow3.50  3  
3514 Gun shot old maiden dressed in cheap clothing (5)((GUN)* indicated by shot+ O (Old)+ M (Maiden, as in Cricket))* indicated by dressed; Definition: cheap clothing.31  2  
3526 Not oddly, impugns good cloth wastediMpUgNsGoOd31  3  
3533 Recycled material produced from mill, unmistakably nondescript, generally old at firstM/U/N/G/O extended definition32  1  
3547 Wool from ungodly part (5)Hidden word with wool as definition, froM UNGOdly = fodder, part = hidden word indicator33 
3911 Felt waste in beaker contains nitrogen and oxygenMUG around N + O; defn: felt waste21  2  
402 Beano felt a wasteBean – mung – o (wordplay) felt a waste – mungo is a waste product in the production of felt (def)1.50  2  
4025 Must travel abroad for cheap fabric ( 5 ) Travel =Go“Mun” is old English for “Must” Travel =Go Mun+Go= cheap fabric1.50  4  
4232 Recycled material once more clothes antelope from the east.MO (=more, archaic hence the 'once') containing GNU reversed11  1  
4236 Scraps obtained from mill used nevertheless to manufacture waste product& lit; (m)ill (u)sed (n)evertheless + go (urinate/manufacture waste product)11  3  
4237 Second loads shotgun with woollen material (5)MO holding UNG (gun, fodder. Shot, anagrind). Woollen material, def.11  1  
4542 Van, hurling from New York, driven by man from Paris: an escapeDefinition is "Van, hurling, from New York" (Van Mungo, a baseball pitcher on New York teams). "Driven by" is the connector. "Man" = M. "from Paris: an" = UN. "escape" as a verb = GO.0.51  3  
4617 Jerry Park?A couple of famous Mungos00  1  
4624 Must broadly speaking bash on producing poor materialMUN (=must, dialect (broadly speaking)) with GO (have a go/bash at) on, producing def. Maybe there really is no point though.00  1  
4638 Singer of 'In the Summertime' must, locally, be ranked with othersMUN + GO00  2