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Anthony Nannini has 13 clues

CompClue wordClueExplanationPosPoints Merits  
2020 Annual Competition173  
August 2020OXHEAD"Axe nothing !" Denis Healey initially ordered. Silly Billy !Axe o + dh (Denis Healey initially)= anagram fodder. ordered = anagrind. + definition. Silly Billy became an impressionist's catchphrase for him.824.52 
July 2020CAESAREANA case near Barking demanding delivery for medical reasons (9)A case near = anag fodder, Barking = anagrind, + definition5231  3 
March 2020WARTIMETwo armies ultimately wanting to be deployed now (7)Tw(o) armie(s) = anagram fodder , ultimately wanting = last letters' removal indicator, to be deployed = anagrind, now = definition. Andlit722.55  3 
February 2020ATONEMENTReparations reconciled people at end of conflict (9)Reparations=definition, at one = reconciled, people = men , at end of conflict = +t.5231  1 
2019 Annual Competition213  
November 2019GENTLEMANLow-down lover adopting a touch of trickery ? Not he !Low-down = Gen (information) , lover = leman , adopting = inclusion indicator , a touch of trickery = t + definition Gen(t)leman333.50 
2018 Annual Competition222  
March 2018SEAWATERFrom time to time I see narwhal. They're in their natural surroundings (8)From time to time = alternate letter indicator (I)s(e)e(n)a(r)w(h)a(l)t(h)e(y)r(e) + definition430.55  2 
2017 Annual Competition311  
June 2017COLLOP/SURTAX (Right & Left)Company head to back cut for extra duty on French sticks, we are told (6 6)Co + poll reversed + definition "cut", for = result indicator, definition "extra duty" on French= sur, + homophone (we are told),tacks=(tax) sticks.715.51  3 
January 2017CASHMEREMoney, nothing more, is the fabric of society (8)Cash+mere a material for the better off1013.51  3 
2016 Annual Competition96  
November 2016TURNOVERChanges in Jobs' plans for Apple ?Double definition. Turnover in jobs and apple turnover5292  4 
September 2016GREASEPAINTFaulty gene is a part of one's make-up (11)Faulty = anagram indicator , gene is a part = anagram fodder + definition1501  2 
2015 Annual Competition281.5  
November 2015LOCK STOCK AND BARRELCompletely secure funds with bank on-line ? (4 5 3 6)Completely= def, secure=lock, funds=stock, with=and, bank=bar + on=re line= l8174  2 
May 2015MARKET (SPONGE) (WRONG NUMBER)Take box in opera house or stalls? (6)Take=sponge Take box in opera house= M(ark)ET , or stalls?= definition5300  2 
2014 Annual Competition430.5  
Christmas Special 2014MOUSETRAP / HERMITAGE (Right & Left)After a short time take back some cheese that lady put on with German mature wine (8 8)A short time= mo , take=use, back some = trap (part reversed),cheese= definition that lady = her, put on= follow with, with German= mit, mature=age (vb), wine= definition.7172  1