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Andy Smith has 11 clues

CompClue wordClueExplanationPosPoints Merits  
2020 Annual Competition84  
May 2020ELDERSThe Spanish reds supply body of a superior vintageEL + REDS*; supply (adv); body = group of associated people238.51  3 
2018 Annual Competition118.5  
July 2018VINDALOOHave wind, bloody guts churning from this!Anag of (AV + IN + LOOD). Experiential &lit.9191  1 
June 2018UNIONEndless innuendo wrecked marriage(INNU[-end]O)*1743  3 
May 2018IRELANDEmerald Isle – fanciful name for me(Emerald + I)* with n replacing me3410  2 
2017 Annual Competition125.5  
August 2017HALFPENNYOld Meg's fifty-fifty odds of pregnancyHalf + alternate letters. See mag3/meg in Chambers625.52  2 
March 2017TRUMPETERBlowhard President on Twitter taking everyone, ultimately, for a foolTrump + [Twitter, with e for twit]. Blowhard = U.S. def'n + literal activity of a trumpeter.149.51  1 
2016 Annual Competition251.5  
July 2016BANJULELEJubilee Line removes one busking without an instrumentAN in *(JUBILEE, with L for I); remove=displace; busk(2)=prepare/dress526.51  3 
June 2016TECHNOJUNKIEDisarray in the UK once Johnson's premier? I'm obsessed with it from a capital perspective!(IN THE UK ONCE J)*; uncapitalized def'n (it => IT)8162  3 
2015 Annual Competition390.5  
January 2015GREEDY GUTSCrash dieter, extremely self-sacrificing guy? Not I (6,4)Anag (dieter sg guy) – i8192  6 
2009 Annual Competition390.5  
September 2009BONESThe source of boxcars and snake eyes.b+ones, &lit. In gambling slang: bones = dice, boxcars = double six, snake eyes = double one.6280  2 
2008 Annual Competition340.5  
September 2008SWATSAims to undo flies in seconds, with a tug initially.Initial letters (w,a,t) in s+s7320  1