The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC July 2016 competition results

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46 clues entered. 36 votes cast (32 competitors, 4 others).


A very close competition this month, and very well done to Colin Thomas for just squeaking ahead of the chasing pack! A maiden win for Colin in his first season with us!
Colin wasn't the only entrant to spot the possibility of a Bowie themed clue – just back in second was our podium regular – Dave Parfitt. Just that slight variation in construction made the difference and prevented Dave from a second consecutive win, but maintains his amazing run of form.
Russ Cook is another in his first season of competition and secures his maiden podium back in third by a distance of just half a point! He exploited the bunjee anagram – and welcome to the lofty heights of the podium Russ!
David McKie was another bunjee jumper and scores his first podium since last year in 4th place.
Andy Smith takes the final top 5 spot which is his first ever podium placing, so congratulations Andy!
On to another month – let's look forward to what that brings.

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
141Colin ThomasProducer of music – Blue Jean and, originally, Let's DanceAnagram of BLUEJEAN+L[et's]. Anagram indicator = Dance. Reference to David Bowie singles Blue Jean (1984) & Let's Dance (1983)510  2  
21Dave ParfittA maker of music from Changes to Blue Jean across half a centuryBLUEJEAN anag. around L (=50); ref. David Bowie470  7  
35Russ CookAll bunjee jumping is something that has strings attached!(ALL BUNJEE)*46.50  4  
429David McKieIt requires a lot of pluck, all bunjee jumping!All bunjee (anag). Bunjee is in Chambers as alternative to the usual bungee. I suspect others will spot this one!341  2  
533Andy SmithJubilee Line removes one busking without an instrumentAN in *(JUBILEE, with L for I); remove=displace; busk(2)=prepare/dress26.51  3  
631Margaret IrvineJack unable to shift extremely large instrument(J unable)* l(arg)e25.52  1  
635Bhalchandra Pasupathy"Live without working all June?", one frettedBE(live) outside (ALL JUNE)*25.52  1  
810Toby RobertsonBlue jeans comically large for small vaudeville music-maker?anag. with L for S251 
96Luciano WardAt hootenanny I'm often plucked from bar, drink unfinished, and led away finallyAt…plucked = def; from = link to wordplay; bar = BAN; unfinished drink = JULE(p); led away (gone, absent) finally = LE(d)212  1  
1032warren fraserJean Lambert's blue cuckoo plucked by George Formby.anag(cuckoo)of jean+l+blue +def (JL is London's Green MEP and it could have happened!)14.50  4  
118 "Blue Jean" played with long stringed instrument (9)BLUEJEAN* with U; "played" is the anagrind, "long" is L, "stringed instrument" is the definition13.51  2  
1130 It takes some pluck to play a Capital side, having lost the last threea Capital >> BANJUL , side >> ELE(ven) having lost the last three13.50  1  
1324 I’m small, but gutsy and instrumental in arranging the finale of the June Ball(TH)EJUNEBALL*. “instrumental” = “acting as an instrument” (Chambers).12.52  1  
1418 Formby regularly picked me to accompany himCryptic def; Chambers has pick = "to pluck the strings of".122  1  
1446 Young French have a ball playing a musical instrument. (9)NOTE: "Indirect anagrams" ARE ACCEPTABLE FOR MORE THAN JUST "COMMON WORDS". That being said, ( "JEUNE" (FRENCH FOR "YOUNG") + "BALL" ) ANAGRAM INTO BANJULELE (A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT).120  4  
1625 Instrument to forbid the French having a sweet drink endlesslyForbid(BAN) the French(LE),having a sweet drink endlessly JULE(p)9.50 
1628 It has strings attached to stop the French guzzling nearly all the drinkBAN + LE guzzling nearly all JULE[p]9.51  1  
1814 Curse this month: wellies needed regularly — and this, at music festival?BAN + JULy [lucky timing of competition!] + (w)E(l)L(i)E(s)92  2  
1844 Swinging Blue Jeans cut short opener in Leeds to perform instrumental novelty itemAnag. 'Blue Jean(s) L'90  2  
2036 Modelling blue jeans, having to swap Small for Large may take some pluck?(anag) blue jean/s…swapping S for L8.52  2  
2143 Small instrument Lee played beside Gambian capital.Gambian capital = "BANJUL"71 
223 African city rejecting the French scheme, ultimately, as it has strings attachedAfrican city = BANJUL + rev of LE + (schem)E5.50 
2215 Elected leader, "Jane Bull", possible name for this plucky one?*E+JANE+BULL; rather than John Bull; ref to Theresa May?5.53  1  
2427 Instrument used to veto the French twice after Johnson unites initiallyban + le le after J U52  1  
2437 Note able Julian Bream initially plays this a bit? No!note able Julian B anag = anag banjulele a bit no; J Bream, classical guitarist; &lit51  1  
264 All bunjee jumpers got special little guitar (9)direct = special little guitar; anagram of "all bunjee"; jumpers = indicator4.50  3  
2620 Formby's capital instrument here? Feel jubilant, 'happy-go-lucky' when it is pluckedComp. anag. & lit. with fbanjulele = anag. of feeljublan, ref. George F's song Happy Go Lucky Me. GF's instrument acc. to Wiki was a 'banjolele'4.50  2  
2838 Over half of jelly unable to explode, yet still heard in Mr Wu's Chinese Laundry in LimehouseAnagram of JEL UNABLE and reference to Limehouse Chinese Laundry Blues by George Formby, who played the banjulele.40  2  
2922 Gambian funeral singer misses the gist – it sounds like George Formby!Banjul ele(gist); banjulele was G.F.'s instrument3.50  1  
3012 Curse around incomplete project the French left — it has strings attachedBAN{JU(-t)+LE + L}E31  1  
3034 June Bella tiptoeing through the tulips with stringed instrument similar to Tiny Tim's! (9)direct=stringed instrument similar to Tiny Tim's June Bella = anagram of banjulele: indicator = tiptoeing through the tulips (ahem!)30  1  
3042 Producing this small instrument you, it's said, shaped jelly bean, removing centreanagram of U (heard) JELL[y]BEAN30  1  
3339 Plucky old thing, Verne almost followed Newton into troubleBA(N+JULEs)LE2.50  1  
3340 Poison found in unfinished julep beside Latin stringed instrument.found in poison (bane) is (julep-p + l) then definition2.50  3  
357 Belle and Juan played small instrument using gut (9)Anagram of Belle + Juan21 
369 Blue jean worn over large string (9)BLUEJEAN* around L. String – defn: String in surface refers to g string underwear.Hope the surface facilitates easy visualisation of some famous ads of well known denim brands.10  1  
3645 This comes with strings attached, linking Spain and the French to African capital.Def/Banjul (capital of the Gambia)+ E + le.11 
382 A mishmash of one unloved instrument with another (though not of this country) was a source of much consternation to Jeeves.BANJo + ukULELE. In P.G. Wodehouse's 1934 novel Thank You, Jeeves, valet Jeeves is driven to resign over his employer Bertie Wooster's decision to take up the banjulele.02  3  
3811 Contrived instrument to stop heartless French game, the French follow repeatedly (9)Definition: Contrived instrument Word play: BAN (to stop) JU (heartless French word for game jeu) LELE (the in French le, follows twice, that is repeatedly)00  1  
3813 Curse nearly half the invaders and the French – twice gut instrument.Curse (BAN) invaders (JUtes) the French LE – twice. DEF gut instrument.00  1  
3816 Exclusion for half of July over two railway lines gutted music-makerBan + ju + el twice reversed + definition00  1  
3817 Formby played this City State University, before the French, again.(George) Formby played this = definition – City (BA) State (NJ) University (U), before the French (LE) again (LE)00  2  
3819 Formby used to be changeable around late June and most of July – stormy on the front, by George! (9)def (after manipulation): By George Formby used; link: to be; WP: anag (change) of ABLE around anag (stormy) of (ju)NE JUL(y) – ie ABLE* around NEJUL*00  3  
3821 Formby's instrument to forbid bellies appearing regularly around summer month[BAN<Jul>(b)E(l)L(i)E(s); banjulele was George Formby's instrument; Formby is a seaside town in Merseyside]00 
3823 George Formby's instrument found at beginners English language evenings on outskirts of Gambian capitalBanjul + ELE;00  1  
3826 Instrument used by Banjul electronica artist? UnlikelyA rather self-explanatory container clue (sorry, lacking inspiration this month)00