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Robert Vere has 12 clues

CompClue wordClueExplanationPosPoints Merits  
2021 Annual Competition174.5  
August 2021BIBLIOMANIAI am in Bilbao madly collecting books(I am in Bilbao)*243.52  1 
April 2021ODYSSEYEverybody's Seychelles tour includes a long and eventful journeyhidden10221  4 
2020 Annual Competition390.5  
January 2020TWO-FACEDDuplicitous few do act badly(few do act)*822.52 
2019 Annual Competition311  
February 2019RAINBOWNoah's arc?Cryptic clue. A rainbow is circular and therefore an arc. From Genesis, the rainbow symbolized God's mercy and the covenant He made with Noah (representing mankind) not to destroy the world in such a way again.6270  4 
January 2019PINKRare colourCryptic definition10223  3 
2015 Annual Competition390.5  
May 2015MARKET (SPONGE) (WRONG NUMBER)Where original maker finds excited takerm + (taker)*, Taker=sponge1015.50  4 
2014 Annual Competition194  
April 2014MESMERISE (Letters Latent)Hypnotise while I remember with partial recallS: Def = Hypnotise; (memerie)<429.50  3 
March 2014EXCALIBURIt was set in stone that former captain would receive burial at seaEx C burial*4291  1 
2013 Annual Competition370.5  
August 2013CRUMBSA cry of dismay as scrum collapses upon ball's introduction(b)all in scrum*. In rugby the scrum half "introduces" the ball into the scrum.741.51  7 
2012 Annual Competition262  
October 2012POSTICHEHairpiece itches terribly after initially putting onp(utting) o(n) itches*8263  2 
May 2012ROSBIFFrench name for Englishman's order of ribsdefinition=(French name for Englishman), link= (is), wordplay= (*of ribs*)5381  2 
February 2012BISSEXTILEI belt sixes all over the place in this year's additional one-day feature.*I belt sixes*827.51  2