The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC October 2012 competition results

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50 clues entered. 47 votes cast (41 competitors, 6 others).


PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
111Pete MilneFalse echo tips batsECHOTIPS*, ai = bats562  3  
227Tim MooreyOne's seen in chambers on the defending counsel's head?i in pos + c in the & lit; defend = guard, protect400  5  
318R.E.BootHistorically false, badly shot epic(shotepic)*39.50  4  
439ShyamThe cop is sporting a wig (8)Anagram (Sporting) of THE COP IS34.53  2  
548John AppletonWig model acquiring nasty itchPOSE (model) around ITCH*; def = wig.32.51  5  
646Dave ParfittWhat's parking on oldie's head and itches, possibly?P + O + ITCHES anag. & lit.281  2  
73Adrian HarrisAdded locks after I caught the manPOST (after) I C(aught) HE (the man)270  3  
816Robert VereHairpiece itches terribly after initially putting onp(utting) o(n) itches*263  2  
914Roslyn RougvieFresh hot pies with a bit of custard over the top.Anag. hot pies + c; def. over the top24.51  7  
921Mike BakerIt could create awful itches on heads of players on-stageitches* on PO, & lit.24.50  4  
1129 Prosthetic? Right, this could be&lit. (RT + POSTICHE)* = prosthetic (an artificial part of the body)22.51  4  
1234 Spurious line of verse penned by Manx poetstich in poe(t); Collins explicitly gives postiche=spurious19.51  4  
1344 Wapping's syrup and hot spice concoction?Wapping's syrup = wig (rhyming slang "syrup of figs") + anagram of hot spice indicated by concoction18.51  3  
1430 Replacement locks found in the post, I checked."post I checked" contains postiche. "Replacement locks" (of hair) def.181  3  
1535 Stir hot spice into East End syrup?Stir (anag ind) hot spice = postiche = (def) false hairpiece (rhyming slang – syrup of fig…)17.52  2  
1624 Mailman admits church is a shamPOSTIE admits CH -> POSTI<CH>E170  3  
1710 Counterfeit top is initially convincing on bloke&lit (wig) = (TOP IS)* + C(onvincing) + HE150  3  
1828 Pitches thrown holding ball underhanded (8)P(O)STICHE* underhanded = defiinition13.50  3  
1945 Weave a line of verse between three characters in poemdef = weave / 'a line of verse' = STICH between PO and E120  4  
2037 Substitute hot spice soup (8)Direct = substitute; hot spice = postiche (soup = anagram indicator)111  2  
2047 What's set on one chap’s head, hirsute only at the sides?POST (set) + I + C(hap) + H(irsut)E; &lit112  3  
2231 Rug that posh eccentric regularly rearrangesAnagram of POSH -C-E-T-I- (rug – slang for wig)10.51  2  
232 A line in e.g. Sassoon's work, showing a cut?stich in poe(m) & lit.; Vidal/Siegfried Sassoon100  2  
238 Cop this new mane if down to the last strandanag. + e (strand = component part) & lit.100  2  
2523 Little guy's devoured by model in false hairpiece.Tich in pose/def x2.92  2  
2632 Sit properly on chamberpot, dear, right off rug!SIT* after PO + CHE[r]70  2  
2649 Wig of the cop is rumpled (8)THECOPIS* (It really applies to wig-using uniformed cops!)71  2  
2826 Nut burying bird in Peru runs away to New Barnetostrich (buries head in sand!) minus r in PE; [P(OST(r)ICH)E]. Barnet = hair.6.51  5  
2833 Spice with hot ginger syrup*SPICE+HOT ind by ginger=enliven; syrup=wig6.51  5  
3043 This translator, subverted, became the last conspirator – Brutus perhaps.compound anagram (postiche + translator)* = (the last conspirator)* Brutus (a kind of wig) = def60  4  
3112 False, involuntary movement repressed by smart drug (8)(involuntary movement =)TIC; 'repressed by'is container indicator; (smart =)POSH; (drug =) E; =>POS [ TIC ] H + E 'False' is the definition50  3  
3113 False lover of Lenore entertained loose chitsPO(STICH)E chits anag.50  2  
3120 Inappropriately placed in charge, he follows behind.Inappropriately placed (admittedly a bit of a stretch, but see below) is the direct – ic (in charge) + he following post (behind)51  2  
3141 The imitation copies the brief incorrectlydef{The imitation} anag{copies the – e(brief is last letter deletion indicator, incorrectly is anagram indicator)}51  3  
3519 If wanting a bit of a roborant, what could provide third of vitamin C? Rosehip syrupanag. incl. t, C less r; syrup = wig4.51  2  
366 Chip got wise and unraveled this wiganagram of chip got wise is postiche wig. "this" s/be italicized.40  4  
3615 Front part of special toupee is revolutionary, and inappropriate? (8)Front = initial letters of "part of special toupee is" revolutionary = che &lit clue where postiche is an inappropriate hairpiece, indicated by ?40  4  
391 A hair extension possibly giving tiny person outward appearance of modeltich in pose30  2  
3917 Hairpiece worn after op rejected itches atrociouslyOP rev + ITCHES*31  2  
3922 Jerry's caught a tiddler deploying last of dynamite. A case of gilding the lily?PO'S + TICH (see Chambers) + (dynamit)E. "deploy" = "bring into use"30  2  
3950 Wig wearing East German shot 250 (8)OST in PIC + E30  3  
4325 Mailman swallowed chestnut syrupCH in POSTIE; syrup = def.2.51  2  
4336 Stop getting upset about top of head being frozen, wearing this should help?Stop (anag) ic(h)e…ice about (h)ead = wig2.51  3  
459 Counterfeit Heroin found in cops tie very disturbing (8)Counterfeit = confirmation H found in cops tie (anagram)very disturbing20  2  
4640 The cops are suspicious – I’ll be put inside for false pretences.'I' in anag. ‘the cops’: def. of postiche in Collins = ‘anything that is false; sham or pretence’0.52  4  
474 Artificial flower given to a female earns scant creditPO = flower (river); SHE = a female; around TIC(K) = scant credit; def. 'artificial'01  2  
475 Charles II leaves the First Earl of Shaftesbury's party with a rug.(The First Earl of S. (A A Cooper) founded the Whig Party and he was not, at times, fond of Charles II.) Whig – H + def00  7  
477 Conceivably Rooney's weave itches after plastic surgery.DEFINITION: Conceivably Rooney's weave:- anagram of ITCHES after plastic surgery OP>PO00  4  
4742 The tennis player, good at imitation, wins with an epic shot!Ana: epic+shot00  6