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Kathy Martin has 18 clues

CompClue wordClueExplanationPosPoints Merits  
2019 Annual Competition175  
July 2019NEVER SAY DIENew Year's Eve din? Grin and bear it!"new' indicates different arrangement of "Year's Eve din", then phrase meaning clue.150.52  3 
2017 Annual Competition350.5  
April 2017CORVUSCrow or raven? Viewers usually stumped. Beginners provide an answer."Beginners" a clue to first letters – crows and ravens are both of the corvus family.715.51  2 
2016 Annual Competition154  
April 2016LEONARDO DICAPRIOI can do role, paid or otherwise, reveals Oscar winner."I can do role paid or" is anag., with "otherwise" suggesting rearrangement.2395  4 
2015 Annual Competition390.5  
February 2015RED-HOTCommonly stolen in five-starred hotels."stolen"= "red-hot" in common language:red-hot contained in "starred hotels"916.51 
2014 Annual Competition233.5  
Christmas Special 2014MOUSETRAP / HERMITAGE (Right & Left)Three magi arranged to present vintage wine; as more put out, cheap cheese is revealed!Three magi anag of Hermitage, an expensive wine. "as more put" anag. of mousetrap, "out" indicates rearrangement, mousetrap slang for cheap cheese10151  2 
February 2014REALITY TVBizarre try at live entertainment?"bizarre" indicator for anag.332.51  3 
2013 Annual Competition301  
November 2013PROLIXIt's tedious for one under sixty!It's tedious: def., for:pro, LIX: 59.5295  4 
2012 Annual Competition203.5  
September 2012GUESTIMATERevised ETA? I use GMT to give a rough indication.Anag. of "ETA I use GMT" and def.4392  1 
Olympic/Paralympic Challenge 2012DIALOGUE, MONSTER, SCHOOL (DLM)Aged Louis, talking of past Olympics, recalled a most renowned, mega cool show, a place to learn sportsmanship."aged Loui" anag. of "dialogue" (talking) "most ren" anag. of "monster" (mega; Oxford gives huge as synonym for monster) "cool sh" anag. of "school" (a place to learn)916.50  1 
July 2012JUSQU'AUBOUTISTEA bouquet is just not in order for this Gallic hardliner."A bouquet is just" anag.728.50  10 
January 2012PERCHRod,or what it catches perhaps?"Rod, pole or perch" was a unit of measurement in pre-metric days.822.52  2 
2011 Annual Competition135.5  
Christmas Special 2011PARTRIDGE in a PEAR TREE (2 defs & letter mixture)Pathetic urge to go after cheap fuel.Bird: tit (small songbird, Concise Oxford); Tree: peach: peat/itch (peat – cheap fuel, itch – urge) Mixture: Pathetic619.50  2 
June 2011FAULTRafa ultimately admits error on court.Rafa is Rafael Nadal's nickname. "Admits" can mean "makes room for" or "accommodates" (Concise Oxford Dictionary) implying containment in preceding phrase.723.52  1 
April 2011Anagram of 38 letters (Anagram)We're at magical day in London – Will takes bride.262.50  6 
March 2011SPRINGTIMERising temp? Doctor to find remedy for winter ills.anag.of "springtime", "doctor" indicates rearrangement6173  3 
2010 Annual Competition311  
June 2010Any "Double" Word (6 or more letters) (A Game of Two Halves)Silly mistake, and Beckham's scornful response. (6)BOOBOO: Beckham's: boo=scornful response723.50  2 
March 2010MONEY (CLASS) (Wrong Number)Some Form One youngsters making dough.Form = Class. "Form One youngsters" contains "money" (dough).6210  3 
2009 Annual Competition390.5  
November 2009Any FireworkHeathen relic we convert to saint's fiery symbol.Firework: Catherine Wheel Clue: Anagram of "heathen relic we"628.50  4