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Ramki Krishnan has 7 clues

CompClue wordClueExplanationPosPoints Merits  
2020 Annual Competition240.5  
May 2020ELDERSSeniors making runs in Leeds ground (6)R (runs) inside LEEDS* (ground as anagram ind), def = seniors9231  3 
2019 Annual Competition145.5  
August 2019STERNUMNurse starts to treat man's fractured bone (7)NURSE + T-M (starts to treat man's) = anagram fodder. "fractured" = anagram indicator. Bone is def1701  8 
June 2019FLUTTERAgitation in Florida state(7)Def = agitation, FL (Florida) + UTTER (state)625.53  3 
2018 Annual Competition330.5  
August 2018FAIRY/POINT (Right & Left)Cook's enthralling, excellent brownie fudge in top spot (5,5)Right/left separation: Cook's enthralling, excellent brownie // fudge in top spot LEFT: Cook's enthralling, excellent brownie Cook = FRY, enthralling = container-ind, excellent = AI, def = brownie RIGHT: fudge in top spot fudge = verbal anagram ind, in top = fodder, def = spot (POINT) Surface reading: Cook's dessert of brownie fudge getting 1s722.50  2 
2017 Annual Competition144.5  
October 2017EQUIPOISEFit and sound leader, off to achieve stability (9)EQUIP (fit) and (-n)OISE (sound leader off), def = stability724.51 
May 2017MICKEYKing among rodents – Disney's ultimate character (6)K (king) in (among is the container indicator) MICE (rodents) + Y (Disney's ultimate character) Whole clue intended to be a definition for Mickey Mouse256.51  3 
2016 Annual Competition261  
June 2016TECHNOJUNKIESilly ethnic joke about a French person who loves gizmos (12)Silly = anagrind for ETHNICJOKE, about => container indicator, a French = UN, def = person who loves gizmos (ETHNICJOKE* around UN)527.51