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VHCsHCs Hons
C. J. Morse5303560435278625Aug 1947Nov 201568y 3m
 Clue wordAwardClueExplanation
2257BUST-UP / PIT-PAT (Right and Left)VHCRepair station’s rightly placed for quivering jalopy getting driven back for scrappit + pat; bus + put (rev.)
2244AVANT-GARDISTEVHCI get excited with V and A’s art: he prefers Saatchi’sanag.
2235CHOCK-A-BLOCKVHCFull measure of drink they had of old including wine with meal as a perkhock in cab + lock2
2222OBJECT LESSONVHCWorking on select jobs, endless working – that’s a learning experienceanag. & objectless on
2220A twelve-letter ‘Christmas cracker’ (Christmas Cracker)VHCFabled Wise Men pursuing one goal found finally in one Being true selfhoodIMAGINED/IDENTITY; IMAGIENDTITY; I + Magi + end; (foun)d in I entity
2209(O)CT(O)BER (Letters Latent)VHCWhen a tree reddens, it’s caught by last of light, not morning amberc + t + (am)ber
2205CUMBERSOMEVHCDifficult leading actor leaves set to take on an unspecified part(Benedict) Cumberbatch with some for batch
2196SEMANTRA / TRABEATE (Overlaps)VHCRevolutionary design calls for vibrant bars in churches, mostly topped with horizontal beamsart names (rev.); beate(n)
2191PLUGThirdThis I might change to get lights upcomp. anag. & lit.
2187WESTVHCThe States and Europe world’s leaders? That’s overfirst letters (rev.) & lit.
2183SANGRAILVHC‘Impossible’ goal split barsang rail
2178PARISONVHCEach one could make a glass – and a siphon if moulded with carecomp. anag. & lit.
2174CHARET (Printer’s Devilry)VHCFour-letter words? Ingrid’s having no un/ruly child’s play 
2170SAYONARAVHCButterfly’s last word in echo-sounding, circling for ever round and aboutay in sonar + a; ref. opera, Madama B.
2168CENTURY (with missing C) (Missing Letter)FirstFive sore backsides to physic grieve Matron – not you, Dr Busbyscore; last letters; ref. the Rev Dr Richard B., famous flogging headmaster of Westminster 1638-1693
2165OUT OF ORDERVHCOxford University to make crossing through Queen’s prohibitedOU to ford ER
2161FARRAGOVHCRout (that’s dropped out in distant past)r(out) in far ago, & lit.
2157MELODRAMATICFirstOverstrained, semi-declamatory? Yes, that it could becomp. anag. & lit.
2148ZOLLVEREINVHCCross lines I never crossed? Single market gives me thatzo ll + anag.
2144INFERNO (Spoonerisms)VHCForehead higher to imply nous? Not halfhorrid fire; infer no(us)
2135LOBVHCYou can get bowled by this for a duck(b)lob, & lit.
2131DIVES / MALIK (Right and Left)VHCOne richly endowed goes down, a figure of authority. Almost maternal?2 meanings; ma-lik(e); ref. death of Lady Thatcher
2126DESPERATEVHCDepart with See in disarray? That could be recklessanag.; ref. former Pope’s resignation
2118BLOKEISHVHCA bit of kindness gets ‘bolshie’ turning round to become ‘matey’k in anag.
2116YULETIDE (with jumble of COMEDO) (Christmas Devilry)VHCDietal uey – could good come of a ——?comp. anag. & lit.; goof vtr; see Webster for dietal
2113PICAROONVHCThieving sort – an abandoned character, by the sound of itPica + ‘rune’, & lit.
2109THICKETYVHCWith crumbling yet to come, pest imports the end of ash densely plantedh in tick + anag.; ref. threat of ash dieback
2100A STITCH IN TIMEVHCQuick needle-and-thread job – or it’s machine time wasted covering itit in anag. incl. t
2096TRICKVHCWhere Bolt runs, I for one take in a bit of magictrack with I for a; 2 meanings
2091SNIFTERVHCOne strong draught to make you snuffle: another to pep you up3 mngs.
2083BEWITCHVHCThe internet’s regressive with a persistent urge to spell badlyWeb (rev.) + itch
2074BENNETVHCSigns of black earth, new and clear evidence of drought in S. Englandb, e, n + net; ref. hose-pipe ban
2062APPLE-KNOCKERVHCThe makings of a pen-pal in a thousand? On the contrary, a boor from overseasi.e. k in anag. + ocker, & lit.
2058ROBUSTVHCStrong currency left by EU in ruins(EU)ro + bust
2045CATENATESecondForm a chain with ‘lynx’ (e.g.) growing out of ‘links’cat enate
2040EASTER (Printer’s Devilry)VHCTh/is kiss – o me! – how suggestive of an oath being sworn! 
2027THRENETICALVHCPut line under unsound 13 ac. – it’s woefulanag. + l
2019OVERAWE / HENOTIC (Right and Left)VHCThere’s nothing ‘ethnic’ about making one cow cover a week’s sandwichesanag. incl. 0; hidden
2012BLOATINGVHCI’m tabling nothing exotic or fattening: shed the rich showy stuff and discover cerealanag. incl. 0; bloating less bling = oat
2010A COMING OF AGEVHCA ‘21’ event? Nothing before and after one would match Azed’si.e. 2(0)1(0)
2000TWO THOUSANDFirstOut now, Azed’s latest – hats off!anag. incl. d, & lit.
1997FADOVHCIt’s the plagal cadence you want for a sad songi.e. fa-do
1992FOULARDThirdI often cover conjuring tricks, and I could expose an old fraudcomp. anag.
1984ORWEL(L)IAN (Doublethink)VHCAlias Blairite? But this would confuse it with New Labourcomp. anag.
1979FAR-OUTThirdUnsociable, not revolutionary, and trad, not rad – I mean rad, not tradfarou(Che) + t(rad)
1971WATERMANSHIPVHCWhen ship breaks down within reach of the south coast, rowing craft comes outman in Watership; W. Down in Hampshire
1962ANADEMVHCWhat frump would wear this, even in vain daydreams? Maenad, possiblyalternate letters, anag.
1960NGANA (3 defs + letter mixture) (Parcels)VHCBum’s hurting again, damn – a gluttonous animal’s ailmentDAMAGING ANAL
1958HANGDOGVHCExhibit in gallery with towering deity looking downhang + god (rev.)
1949PALFRENIERVHCI care for horses: one I like’s mostly let go on loose reinpal + fre(e) + anag.
1945PRISONVHCYou’ll find no reformed rips returning hereno + anag. (all rev.), & lit.
1936LITMUS TESTVHCLiterature and music bear witness to some deeply revelatory eventlit. + mus. + test3
1932NINE-TO-FIVEVHCFollowing ‘Spoonerisms’ it’s nice to have a stab at this ‘plain’ type of jobcf. fine to knive; ref. AZ puzzle types
1927TONSURE (Spoonerisms)VHCClare hipped by Francis’s followers stirring unrest about head of Orderhair clipped; O in anag.; ref. controversies surrounding St F.’s successor Brother Elias; hip5
1893EARTHYVHCHaving the substance needed for growing plants, they are pruned and then trainedanag. less e
1888RASTER (Printer’s Devilry)VHCTail-ender in speedboat race had dropped fa/nfan = propeller blade
1879LITTER BASKETVHCIt takes bits of light rubbish, bottles, everything that’s brokenanag. incl. first letters, & lit.
1875GOUTTE / UPREAR (Right and Left)VHCClimbing can give a lift to activity above almost sheer dropup rear; go + utte(r); can, rear = lavatory
1871FAIRY GOLDSecondWhat’s capital in El Dorado? Should I go for that, it might become faded gloryanag. with I for E D, & lit.
1866BINGEVHCImbibing excessively, that’s part of it – and grabbing eatshidden twice, & lit
1862UNALIKE (Spoonerisms)VHCEdmund’s virtuous lady love is keen not to be a Sloaneseen … clone; Una like; ref. ‘Faerie Queene’
1853ANTIQUITARIANVHCWith first signs of any new tenet I’m off, following older doctrinea n t + I quit + Arian, & lit.
1849AUXESISVHCTo the French their art is an extension from the Greekaux es (Fr.) + is
1836POSTHASTEFirstStop getting tanned, abhor catching sun and treat heatspots immediatelyanag. + S in hate, anag.
1823KISSFirstX in ‘billet-doux’ and the ilk is silenti.e. sign for kiss in love-letter, hidden
1810HARE / POSEUR / SERINETTE (DLM)VHCI mustn’t run down pop music again, having heard a pretentious fellow claim that some obscure opus for barrel organ was of more interest than Presley. 
1801RUSE DE GUERREThirdIt’s running rings round enemy, as their leaders swallow practised English fiddleused E gue all in r, r, r, e, & lit.
1788ETHEREAL OILSVHCHerbal distillates heal it, or else doctorsanag.
1779NEWIE (misprint of U) (Misprints)SecondNot as it was, Women’s Institute wants end to ‘housewife’: this is jest of the momentjust; ne WI e; ref. recent WI announcement
1775ROUGH-AND-READYVHCBully and greens is nice enough (but not refined)rough and ready
1762DUDDERYVHCDude wanders in without sympathy hereanag. in dry, & lit.
1753DIAGONALVHCI’m a line that joins and I go aslantanag. + a l, & lit.
1741LORD NELSONVHCForemost of landmarks, with Londoners milling beneath, exhibits mel + anag., & lit.
1737ANIMUSVHCWhat match play between America and ourselves can generatenim in A us, & lit.
1724MONEYBAGSVHCDrunken man goes by – he’s rollinganag.
1719ANHELATIONFirstHappiness starts with an H – a rough breathing to the likes of Hippocratesan H elation: ref. Greek ‘h’
1715RELEASE / RASPING (Right and Left)VHCExodus from prison – about 50 loose: one inside sprang faulty gratingre L ease; I in anag.
1711MINUSVHCDeficient in sumanag. & lit.
1702WORDSMITHERYVHCWith dime’s worth tumbling, you should double your small coinageanag. + yr (rev.); ref. weak dollar
1698CROSSTIEVHCIll-tempered match, with clubs sticking to different stories, leaves supporter thwartedcross tie, C + anag.
1685MINO (Printer’s Devilry)VHCUnder neat-ho/use vents lies a foul plot 
1676CRINGE-MAKINGVHCCrown jewel hiding in pocket, leading to a top royal’s shamingin in cr. gem + a king
1672IMPASTOS (Spoonerisms)VHCI’m dad to returning boozers, generously dubbed ‘callers’daubed colours; I’m pa + sots (rev.)
1667CLARINIVHCSee Gunners in one-nil reverse, and trumpeting stopsC + RA in I-nil (all rev.); ref. Arsenal’s aim to complete League without defeat
1663ARMAMENTARIAVHCAir force equipped for war switches to deliver medical kitsaria armament switched
1654CRESCENT / ENTHRALS (Overlaps)VHCA heart exuding love, perfume, a curved shape – charms take in an artistc(0)re + scent; r in Hals
1650SAPHENAVHCDrain man’s extremities of nourishing plasma? I help to do thatsap he n, a
1648MAGIC LANTERNVHCI entrance with glam slidesanag. & lit.
1646BLACKVHCBritish want unofficial support to keep the poundB + lack, L in back
1641GADGETEERSecondRagged tee shot leaves one with ‘gimmicky’ approachanag.
1637AMNESICVHCQu. What’s unlike elephants? Ans. Mice, sillyanag.; ‘e. never forget’
1628ENCOMIONVHCThe leader apart, people with case for commendation will get it(m)en + com(mendat)ion; ref. Prescott’s vain plea for recognition of Blair’s achievements
1624BELAYVHCTake tip of boulder and lock on it with a turnb + Yale (rev.), & lit.
1611LEISLERVHCWith high squeak and round bat’s tail, it gets mistaken for pipistrelleanag. less pip and t, & lit.
1596GENISTA (Definition of Anagram)VHCThe way Magi went home with information is half legendeasting; gen is ta(le)
1593MANSUETEVHCUsed to men and all clipped and trainedanag. less last letters, & lit.
1589JOKESMITHVHCAll right in most of his humour, you can pull him up about the rest!OK in jes + t in him (rev.), & lit.
1585SHIATSUVHCThere’s pressure on key points from Asia – has it turned America backanag. + US (rev.); ref. Iraq crisis
1580MARGENT def. BEETLES (Wrong Number)VHCAccording to makers, edging on front of mallets should be whitemallets; m + argent; maker = poet
1572SHIELD-MAYVHCMailed she – sounds cross-dressedSpoonerism & lit.
1554PEARLFirstWith this gem, is setting done? No, coral would add further lustre2 mngs.; coral anniversary = 35 years, lustre = 5 years; ref. AZ series
1550MEMORITERVHCWithout book, brief summary by author lacks a bit of weightmemo (w)riter
1546TRANSPARENTVHCTime’s long since passed to leave leaders of new terrorism unpunished, that’s cleart + ran + spare n t
1544PATROL (with jumble of RAPTORES) (Christmas Devilry)VHCBrief Arab plot to arrest Potters: ships and aircraft on watchanag. incl. Ar.; ref. Harry P.
1537CAFTANVHCSomething containing to hide wobbly fat about and behind oneanag. in can, c. + aft an, & lit.
1533MASTER-MARINERVHCRams team languishing with former outside right as captainanag. + rine r; ref. Derby County’s woes under Craig Burley
1524INGRATITUDEVHCGerman and British gunners in duet exploding round it – that’s what Amiens complained ofit in anag. incl. G RA; ref. AYLI 2,7 and WW1 bombardment
1519CARRY-ONFirstWild love affair like this could give you coronaryanag. incl. 0, & lit.
1515SNIDEVHCIll-natured, insinuating – this reflects the core of itcentral letters rev., & lit.
1511DEEP-SEATEDVHCOcean growing rough? Not on the surfacedeep-sea + Ted
1500GIT (on board ship) (Ship of Fools)VHCAfter docking to load I sail a changed courseCARGITACK; carg(o) I tack
1494MARATHONVHCMajor run to hell’s mouth and beyondma. r at h on, & lit.; see OED for abbr.
1492The year that Columbus discovered America (Anagram)VHCIt led me to chart such a brave course, my idea. 
1489FRONT-BENCHERVHCLeading MP applies Robespierre’s language about top-heavy consumption to our queenon TB in French + ER; ref. current republican stirrings
1485BOURSE / TIFOSO (Right and Left)ThirdFor a supporter there’s nothing very convenient about British treatment of Euros as foreign exchange0 si fit (all rev.); B + anag.
1476LIGNIPERDOUSVHCIt’s typical of active termite to wind up soldieringanag.; ref. soldier-termites
1467CANAPÉVHC‘Keep an ace back’ encapsulates this method of biddinghidden rev.
1463REVERSIONALSecondAs Rover line is rejigged, it’s making a comebackanag.; ref. sale of carmaker
1454GET-UPVHCTo make out at college, you need outfit and you have to cramget up, 2 defs.
1450PRETENDANTVHCPress release resurrected whopper to discourage old-style candidatePR eten dant; ref. spin against Ken Livingstone
1446NEWSPAPERDOMVHCWe’d spare no MP going astrayanag. & lit.; ref. sleaze
1441Word containing MM displaced by a bug (Millennium Bug)SecondTo start year of historic significance, I’m having a bustmammate / ked; make date
1439JOHN CANOEVHCHis Christmas revels could make Jamaican’s head ache on and onanag. incl. J
1424HEISTVHC‘He is one who believes in God’ – that’s your prig twice overi.e. he is theist
1415MANATI (Printer’s Devilry)VHCEarly railways had steam-e/ngine missions that would be banned today 
1411LOOK-SEEVHCGander needs to go slow keeping right on goose’s tailOK in lose + e
1402PENTOSE (Definition of Anagram)VHCModel, with cleavage, went topless inside greatcoatposteen; (w)ent in pose
1387Dylan Thomas: A Child’s Christmas in Wales (Anagram)VHCDid Santa charm this small Welsh scion? Ay 
1385PANTRIESVHCCooking article examines where to find butlerspan tries
1380RAPPORT (Misprints)ThirdWith right blend of art and pop, this band’s a sensationbond; r + anag.
1372MASTERSTROKEVHCCoup needs leaders up front to make it a real coupmasters + troke; coup2
1367SANBENITOSThirdTo be in wrong, without admitting it: these robes might signify thatanag. in sans
1363MAVIN def. THONG (Wrong Number)VHCStrip side-branches to trim a vinery? That’s for the expertstrip; hidden
1355DIACATHOLICONVHCFrom a cold to endless aching I constitute the answeranag. less g, & lit.
1342ALIENS / RAPINE (Right and Left)VHCTake a long spoiling lie in on ancient Sabbath – that’s for otherworldly typesr a pine; lie in an3 + S
1338SMART ALECVHCCould this posturing fool make a master-class? Possiblyanag. less ass, & lit.
1336STOCKINGVHCIt’s the end of clocks sounding like clocks: mine are ornamentals tocking; see clock2
1334CATACHRESTICVHCCharacteristic – her word for it? – of Mrs Malaprop’s parlancei.e. Malapropism of ‘catachrestic’
1329PITHOSFirstGreek character, liberal host – this could be his potpi + anag., anag., & lit.
1322CARPETSecondConsider jute practical backing for thishidden rev., & lit.
1316FINGERLICKIN’VHCFabulous models link in grief to bury foremost of couturiersc in anag.; ref. Versace funeral
1312REST-CUREFirstWhat makes stressed better is sure cert coming unstuckanag.
1303PONIARDVHCPut a prod in viciouslyanag. & lit.
1300OXFORD (extra O) (Extra Letter)VHCThe aging steer towards centre of goodly universitygodly; ox for d; ref. gathering for AZ dinner
1294TRANSENNAVHCThis could be spread round a representation of St Anne – or vice versaran in anag.
1290NITERIEVHCPlace one has evening out in and is then ruined?alternate (evenly spaced) letters, & lit.
1286CHALETVHCCabin service to be cancelled after not very refined teacha let
1284STALE (3 defs. + sub. ind. of wrapping) (Parcels)FirstUnique gift from God, centre of Christmas story, is housed in a stallSTA(BLES SING)LE; s + tale
1281ABLUTOMANEVHCI wash all the time by hand in a laundering liquidto man in a blue
1277NOVE(M)BER (Letters Latent)VHCDismal season? No, spring (as Horace said) is about to happenno + be in ver (L.); ref. Horace Odes 4, 7, 9
1273SIPOREXThird‘DI IN SEX ROMP’ could furnish material for artist with twisted mindcomp. anag.
1268ARGIE-BARGIEVHCIf Barbara leads you to BR, the row you want is ARi.e. Argie bar gie = Ar
1264TREDRILLE / FERVOROUS (Right and Left)VHCLet Rugby League’s beginners ride rough in game played with pack of 30 ardent milling over-foursanag. incl. RL; anag.; t. played with 30 cards
1260OUT-AND-OUTVHCMight one see Open University project bar beginner as ‘unqualified’? Definitely!OU +(s)tand out, 2 defs.
1255CATAFALCOThirdVehicle of death – might Tomahawk come under that genus in USA?i.e. cat-a-Falco; ref. US missile
1250SONEOCARDIA (STENOCARDIA) (Ten to One)VHCTo identify this disease in a blurred radio-scan is a chancy gameEO in anag.
1238ELASTIN (Printer’s Devilry)First“As a non-worker,” the faithful drone, “does the Queen be/g favours?” 
1234AVANT-PROPOSVHCCantona’s introduction makes a forward line work in flawed sporta van + op in anag.; ref. Eric C.
1232The world is too much with us; late and soon (Anagram)VHCO how ‘I want to sell’ hounded out Christmas! 
1229GRUPPETTOVHCItalian crew turn up in port and get drunkup in anag., 2 defs.
1220CASSANDRAVHCForecaster who spoke unbelievably about ‘sun, sun and sun again’ca. S S and Ra
1216CHAPERONFirstTo accompany small children, adult individual, leader of school outingch. + A per(s)on, & lit.
1212HILDINGSecondNithing’s nothing different, so I’m holdingi.e. as nithing differs from nothing so does hilding from holding, & lit.; hold = assert
1207EPOCH-MARKINGVHCI’m revolutionary: I’m pro change with a bit of killing involvedanag. incl. k
1203CLERICALISMVHCFalse claims about relic partly reflected too much church influencerelic with rel rev. in anag.
1194DONETVHCSad end to Kennedy’s great early exampleanag.; ref. K.’s Latin Primer
1190DENARIUSFirstPlautine piece, ten times as rude as in burlesqueanag.; d. = 10 asses
1181SLADEVHCDown here it’s damp: up North you’d have glided over the ice – and tobogganed, we hear‘sleighed’, 2 defs.
1180COLD TURKEYVHCWould prison official have power to bar centres for drastic drug treatment?co(u)ld tur(n)key
1178BOOTLEGVHCWhat traffickers do is profit by limited legal protection for calvesboot leg.; ref. concern over transport of live animals
1174DINGLE-DANGLEVHCSwinging Princess has England agog with endless delight (or depression)Di + anag. + gle(e) or gle(n)
1165YAPSTERVHCPet, stray, mongrel – such would fit this to a Tanag. less T, & lit.
1161ADIAPHORONVHCIn Atherton’s case one sees semi-transparent bit of rubbing between balls – one doesn’t have to believe it rightdiaph(anous) + O r O, all in A, n; ref. Mike A., alleged ball-tampering in Test match
1152PARACETAMOLVHCWith a bit of pain take one – and another one in mortal sufferingp a + ace in anag.
1147MAYDAYVHCIn my lifetime, a socialist celebration has become a cry for helpa in my day, 2 defs.
1143DEATH (Printer’s Devilry)VHCFemale body-builder advised to go for a lean/er beef 
1139BENJAMINVHCWhat tropical tree with sweet sticky stuff inside yieldsben jam in, & lit.; benjamin2
1134TOVARICHVHCNureyev’s ‘friend’ typically could be actor with HIVanag.
1130AGRESTALFirstAce filly laps remainder of the fielda + rest in gal
1128CHRISTMAS PRESENTSecondA thin spectre? – Mr S’s turned out otherwiseanag. & lit.; ref. Scrooge in ‘A Christmas Carol’
1113EMPLASTRUMVHCApplication to check corn sample damaged by blast after croppinganag. + trum(p)
1104BURYING-PLACESSecondAngry public revolts, wanting heads of English selectors. Ashes belong here!anag. + E, s
1095STINKVHCKaradzic’s initial footing isn’t working: it’s the end of his high-level ping ponganag. incl. K, s + tink; ref. Radovan K., Balkan conflict
1091SAPSAGO (Spoonerisms)VHCTo get possibly leaner choose juice and something like tapiocalunar cheese; sap sago
1084PIERCEABLE / SALESGIRL (DLM)VHCWhat price a bleeding heart? ’Neath thy soft sale
No shop-assisant thou. Tigress, all hail!
1076PARLOUR GAMESVHCWhat house-party gets up to might make super alarm go offanag.
1074DEMIREPVHCGross woman with no name to lose pounds per diemanag.
1069(P)OSTICHE (Headpieces)VHCWithout resource, hospital held in reserve, an unwanted extraL; lost + H in ice
1065TANDOORIVHCIndian camp short of a cook before one’s found – with this skill?tan(a) do or3 I
1056ENTRAIN def. ASTHORE (Wrong Number)ThirdFrench life styles are not ‘in’ without lovelove; anag. less 0 + in
1048GALLOPADEVHCYou need some acceleration to bound round a tiny bit of dance-floor in thisgal2 + a d in lope, & lit.
1043PESTO (Printer’s Devilry)VHCMaybe Marie’s to/o kind: Ian’s exposé’s for realMarie Stopes
1039TOLERABLEVHCTo entice the mob with just one bit of bribery is fair – Liberal balloteertole rab(b)le & anag.
1034BURLAPVHCArchetypal Rubens turns up – there’s a coarse canvas for youhidden rev.
1026LET-OFFVHCFiesta’s spare part, exhaust-pipe perhaps3 mngs.
1024PRESENT (3 defs + sub. ind. of wrapping) (Parcels)VHCImmense crackers, given time, always deliver a maximSEM(PRE SENT)IMENT; anag. + t
1021BEARDVHCIn a brush one has to confront and overthrow, not concedebear d(own)
1017SCHAPSKA / PEARMAIN (Right and Left)VHCMan spattered with a ripe item from fruit-stall asks wryly about local customer in capanag.; chap in anag.
1008SPORTSCASTER (Misprints)VHCPlay actress recreated Swanson’s former roleSwanton; sport + anag.; ref. E. W. S.
1004OIL PAINTINGSVHC‘What plain folk are not’ isn’t plain – I go for riddlinganag.
1000ONE THOUSANDVHCHow much Azed has contributed to the Observer – and Oxford University hasn’t done badly, tooanag. incl. OU
982ALMANACVHCCalendar has dancing-girl on front of cover – and one insidean in alma + c
974AVANT-PROPOSVHCFrench scholar wanting opening for elevated work has short ——(s)avant pro + op (rev.) + ’s, & lit.
972Anagram of 28 letters (Anagram)VHCA hit unfit? No trouble, changeable! 
961WAVESONVHCAs things are coming up round a half-sunk ship, this is what you seea ves(sel) in now (rev.), & lit.
956SPEAR-SIDEVHCOn the surface rape’s wrong – that’s the male lineanag.+ side
952STAR (Spoonerisms)VHCMark, for instance, occupying force’s horrid indications of Saddam’s truly awful regimehorse’s forehead; first letters; ref. Iraq
947SHOULDER-SLIPSecondMake super-solid left hand smash – not with this you won’t!anag. incl. lh
943BARAGOUINVHCYou’ll find Beduin, for example, aspiring to extend their half intelligible languageArab (rev.) + go + (Bed)uin
939A-PER-SE / ESCROC (Right and Left)VHCReformed soccer cheat an Oxford blue? That must be uniqueanag.; a perse
934LACE-UPSVHCYou need to sit with head down putting us on(p)lace + p in us, & lit.
922REFORMADOVHCProgressive judge briefly imprisoned mother in gold swindleref + ma in or do; ref. Pickles controversy
920CHRIST-CROSS-ROWSecondThere’s something basic to be learnt about Romania in this extraordinarily angry disturbancec. + R in anag. + cross row; ref. revolution in R.
900(C)HARLATANIS(M) (Letters Latent)VHCHey, suggestion of aureoles shimmering ain’t penned by Tusitala – that’s humbugha + a + anag. in RLS; ref. AZ clue to ROSE-LAURELS and pen-name of R. L. Stevenson
891CATVHCBits of commentary amount to enough obfuscation to make a chap sickfirst letters, hidden, 2 defs.
887MONSTERVHCIt requires some distortion to make Mrs T oneanag. & lit.
882DOSSIERVHCOne carries the papers in case one’s hanging aboutI in dosser2
878MOUSEPIECEVHCIt’s primitive to paw woman showing tasty piece of legmouse piece
874BLUESTOCKINGVHCName given by sportive university types to coterie’s first ‘queen bee’ long agoBlues to c king, & lit.; see king in C.
869HOLD-UPSVHCWhat bras provide for bosoms? —— and pads, in the old days2 mngs.; pad2
866NECTAREOUSVHCUn-acetose, right? That’s another way to put itanag. incl. r, & lit.
857REDCAP / NICETY (Right and Left)FirstRefuse to salute and he’ll reprimand you with half-ironic yet misplaced delicacyred4 cap; (iro)nic + anag.; ref. MP
844THEOLOGASTER (Misprints)SecondAs to those large cracks, a divide may appear (but not a deep one)divine; anag.
840SONDEVHCDevice that might have saved Icarus weighs on Dedalus’s hearthidden
831COOLABAH (Spoonerisms)VHCAB in inverted ring cipher follows C, triggers Ddiggers’ tree; C + AB in halo 0 (rev.)
827MICKEY-TAKINGVHCMike-grabbing Irishman’s attractive – and annoyingi.e. Mickey taking; ref. T. Wogan; M. offensive sl.
823SARBACANEVHCChastising rod, applied to rioting Arabs, can deliver a fatal blowanag. + cane
818EMBUSQUÉVHCLoafer lying in wait to board coach ahead of more than half the queueembus que(ue), 2 defs.
814SPOUSAGEVHCOld custom – and without having children beforehandsp + o + usage, & lit.
801LINCHETVHCDividing balk that absorbs little spaceinch in let, & lit.
796UPHOLSTERYVHCCovering trade winds southerly and softanag. incl. p
792DISTHENE (Printer’s Devilry)VHCWhat mend is covering o/ver failing light? 
783CAMPESINOVHCI’m a peon, Sc. distressed peasantanag.
764CHILDERMASVHC‘This day is loveless Herod’s claim confoundedanag. less 0, & lit.
757ETHEROMANIAC (Misprints)VHCThis one’s badly cooked – the nice aroma disguises ithooked; anag.
753SHEEPDOGVHCTimid type’s male, protective type usually femalesheep dog
744SKIRL-IN-THE-PAN / COFFEE-DISEASE (Right and Left)SecondFried dish, Spooner’s gem in the examination, transposing initials of ‘dried fish’, see – i.e. case of the blight drinkers dreadi.e. pearl in the scan; anag. incl. d f; ref. also drinkers’ mumbling
740ESCADRILLEVHCSquadron using correct procedure for power in flightescape with drill for P
735MALIGNVHCMcEnroe’s first to get in a row – and run down as a resultM + align; ref. John M.
727WELL-TO-DOVHCSpring to finish warm? So people saywell to do; warm colloq.
714MOTEVHCBattered tome may come down from Shakespeare’s timeanag.; mote2; ref. current vogue for finding Shakespeareana
701BALUSTRADEVHCReduced balance on American business: protection on the way upbal. US trade
696ANTIMNEMONICVHCHaydn’s last Tema in C minor, endlessly varied, leading to fugueanag. less r
692FIDIBUS def. PRICKET (Wrong Number)ThirdCheap lighter in sailors’ bar is about half a buckbuck; fid + bu(ck) in is
688CUCURBITALVHCIt’s circular and tube shaped, but tails off – like e.g. a cucumberanag. less r e
675CONSTERNATEVHCFitful rest one can’t disturbanag.
666Any word; subsidiary indication omits an animal (Beasts)FirstHaving no sense of guilt some require lessonsre(morse)less; hidden
662BARGE-COUPLEVHCPush on to bring two parties together. Thatcher’s work begins and ends therebarge couple; ref. miners’ strike
644EASY STREET (or STAPELIA)VHCAddress worth more than one star – yet see, star is misplaced!anag. & lit.; ref. error in competition
635ROSEMARYVHCI’m noted for remembering – so rare my lapsesanag.
610DOUBLETHINKVHCLine judge makes a habit of inconsistent opinionsdouble think; double, heraldry
607CARNEYVHCRustic humour, as displayed in American Art2 mngs.; ref. Art C., US entertainer
600Into the jaws of Death / Into the mouth of Hell (Anagram)VHCHow that famous ‘thin line’ jolted the hot foe!ref. W. H. Russell’s ‘thin red line’, see ODQ.
594DOINGSVHCNo role playing in travesty of Gondoliers – American extras murder G & Sanag. less anag., do in G S
590MINEVERVHCIs this ermine vermin? It would be without its coathidden & lit.
585FLABELLIFORMVHCFeminine indeed!, cry I: feminine or masculine, all fans look like thisf la! bell I f or m; ref. unisex pop-fans
572SNAKE-OILSecondDuck in lake’s camouflaged: quack might draw your attention to itanag. incl. 0
559EMBASEVHCAmbassadors wanting to yield under pressure, and what Mrs T would do to themembas(sag)e; ref. PM’s contempt for F.O. re Falklands, etc.
556SWEAL (Misprints)VHCEnough of Misprints we all muttergutter; hidden
552NOURICE-FEEVHCAfter negative vote, original freeze ends with fairy money for health serviceno + ur-ice + fée; ref. nurses’ pay dispute
534DODGEMVHCEarly poll to get Maggie back? That promises a bumpy ridedod + Meg (rev.)
525PABOUCHEVHCYou’ll get the slipper if dad’s stopped while workingpa + bouché
521ATTITUDINISEFirstStrike poses a tricky test involving row between one small trade union and another oneI TU din I in a + anag. of test
517IMMORTELLEVHCI’m Helichrysum, cut to last, or suchlike (French)I’m m or telle, & lit.
513ETYMOLOGICONVHCI’m not infatuated with ecology, I’m just devoted to rootsanag.
491SEVENTY-EIGHTVHCObserve and you’ll find exactly one trough in it (not this many!)even tye in sight, & lit.; record groove
486JUMPED-UPVHCShuffle at halfway stage: Walker promoted – that means over-promotedjum(ble) + ped up; ref. Peter W.
482BODY-SNATCHERFirstStiff collaring: that’s my trade – shows what can be done by starchanag.
473HERRING-BONEVHCNon-U neighbour besotted with semi-modern style of fancy stoneworkanag. incl. (mod)ern less U
469APLUSTREVHCDecorative finish added to a ship’s sterna + p + lustre, & lit.
464SIMKINVHCStrong drink corrupted Puritan familysim kin; see Simeonite
460SWOOPVHCWarning to go slow in steep and sudden descentwo in sop
452DISSENTERISMFirstMitredness is wrong? That’s what it saysanag. & lit.; i.e. rejection of bishops
439LINGA (Printer’s Devilry)VHCBad fee/t, old hams, hocks hardened – sporting hacks!ref. journalistic outcry at trouble at recent Oldham-Sheffield match
434JARDINIÈREVHCTwo rows I cultivate as of old, one with vegetables in and one for flowersjar din I ere2
430TEGULAVHCFiddle wrapped in tissue: Nero must have had one loose!gu in tela
426MISL(E)ADING (Letters Latent)VHCWhat dim signal could beanag. & lit.
423ACCOUTREVHCTUC & Co. are jolted by current suitanag.; ref. court injunction against 14 May strike
419RAMILLIESFirstMarlborough’s second crusher in conclusive quartet of victoriesa mill in (victo)ries, & lit.
414UNBOSOMERVHCBunnies’ leader with enormous bust reveals what some would hide!anag. incl. B; ref. Playboy clubs
410CUL-DE-SACVHCShort cut gets learner boxed up – could be thiscu(t) + L + cased (rev.), & lit.
401GO-AHEADVHCActive, explosive, bursting to move forwarda HE in goad, & lit.
388ALEXIPHARMICVHCSandy hair flying conceals P.M. in charge of counter-measures against snakesAlex + anag. incl. P + M i/c
384OUTSPREADINGVHCExpanding pound’s a tiger let looseanag.
375SPREATHEVHCChap from Devon mixed with dissolute company in Thorpe casecomp. anag. incl. co.; ref. Jeremy T., Norman Scott
366MONKEY-SHINEVHCGee, this makes a good rag for wax polishmonkey shine; monkey, wax = anger; gee4
362SEA-SOLDIERThirdI’m jolly worn out, society slacker admitsold in S easier
358UPSTART def. NON-TERM (Wrong Number)VHCUpper-class leave when street goes in for nouveau-richeleave; U + St in part
354SHEER-HULKVHCShe’s said goodbye to her last sailor – he abandoned her in a huffhe + anag., all in sulk
349ODDCOMESHORTVHCRum issue curtailed – not much leftodd come short
340BOOKSIEVHCCertainly to be included in the designation of Lord Alfred DouglasOK in Bosie, & lit.
336ELF-ARROW / CUTHBERT (Right and Left)VHCOld flint, symbol of long distant strife, shaped to cut and butcher early saintel far row; anag. + t(o); el = l = long
314MERIL (Spoonerisms)VHC‘Geese that pose in triple rows’ – from naughty limerick (end censored)piece that goes; anag. of limer(ick)
249RUDOLPH THE REINDEERVHCThe peril under Herod spoilt Christmas’s friendly character for childrenanag.; ref. slaughter of the innocents
247FLIVVERVHC‘Floruit 4 & 5 Qu. Eliz.’ might describe Morris MinorFl. IV V ER
243OLYMPICVHCMonopoly (sic) might make this rating sooncomp. anag. & lit.; ref. proliferation of ‘Olympic’ events
234HOROSCOPISTVHCScorpio occulted by sun – I’d get excited about thatanag. + S in hot, & lit.
229METRICATESecondSwitch to Olympic distances satisfied – i.e. track shortened and remademet + anag. less k
225VALETAVHCWorld leaders in two-hundredth anniversary dancevale + t a; ref. US bicentennial
216SCANTITYVHCCover with beaming girl’s the ultimate in sexy barenessscan tit + y
212SURCINGLESVHCSounds as if schoolmaster is selecting straps (for thrashing)‘Sir singles’
203BOGYVHCFare rises, having all round multiplied into something terrifyinggo (rev.) in by
200The Extra Guest (minus CC) (Letters Latent)VHCEnticer’s victim? She was oneLucrece; luree
195SHILLY-SHALLYVHCStupid swaying – drunk and soberdrunken pronunciation of ‘silly sally’
190CASSANDRASecondIn Paris’s case, the foremost of sisters – also pursued by the Sun-gods in cas (Fr.) + and Ra, & lit.; ref. Paris of Troy
187POWDERING-TUBVHCSpecial bath that helped sufferer with broken rib get up and downanag.
183PICKLEVHCBrat in distress having to eat a little cabbage4 mngs.; cabbage2
174EPEOLATRYVHCIn which – to adapt early poet – ‘words’ are ‘truly hallowed’anag.; ref. Henry VIII ii, 3, 68
169THUGGEEVHCYou see Ulster’s foremost urge reflected in the sectarian killingU + egg (rev.), all in the
152ENAMORADO / ESCLANDRE (Right and Left)VHCRomeo and a mismatched sweetheart – some of Montague’s clan dreaded a scandalanag.; hidden
146CHARADESVHCWith puzzles like these Azed heartlessly interrupts the houseworkA(ze)d in chares, & lit.
139PIEPOWDERVHCIn place of the market’s rough justice we have confusion over what’s hidden in a compactpie2 + powder; ref. Social Compact; Court of P.
135GABIONADEThirdOne container piled up on top of another – a segment of defenceI bag (rev.) on a de, & lit.
127FRITHSOKENVHCWhat’s this for, roughly? A place for criminals to resort toanag. + ken2, & lit.
123SCATTERGOODThirdTax a Tory’s capital – then, gad! he’ll spend itscat T ergo od!; ref. wealth tax
110GALLOWS-RIPEVHCReturned convict loose in Gorbals, about to do some slashing – must be thislag (rev.)+ rip in lowse, & lit.
97TREBUCHETVHCTraces of early bombardment in ruins of Utrecht? Made by this, perhapse b in anag., & lit.
92BRAINWASHVHCIntellectual oppression – something the Women’s-Libber doesn’t mind losingi.e. bra in wash
88BLOOMERYVHCA place for flowers? – where they smelt, anywayi.e. bloomer-y
84MIRLIGOES / ILL-OMENED (Right and Left)VHCSome girl I wronged in a giddy spell – most unfortunate – has done me wrong after wronganag.; ill + anag.
75GROCETERIAVHCIt could make catering more complicated if it had no bits of merchandise namedanag. less m, n, & lit.
66NONSENSEVHCIt’s absurd the President putting out his second and third interpretationN(ix)on, sense; ref. Watergate
53ALEXANDERSVHCDig that arrangement for sax learned in Berlin band!anag.; ref. Irving B.: A. Ragtime Band
45NEMORALVHCShooting men have spoken of a wood or an elm covertmen (rev.) + oral and anag.
43A neologism (Neologisms)VHCANTONYMIATEC
36CRUSADERVHCFor someone like Mrs Whitehouse, sex-appeal’s getting more blatant all roundSA in cruder; ref. campaigner Mary W.
27VINEGARVHCSeason starts with a bit of violence, then anger explodesvi + anag.
18EPIGONEVHCSuccessor, when heroic strain peters out, is weakepi(c) gone, & lit.; successor, i.e. that which follows
14Terrapin, hermit, elephant, armadillo, rhesus (Anagram)VHCAnimals in peril pair up at threshold marked ‘shelter’ 
5SCEUOPHYLAXThirdA cox helps you at sea – missing nothing, he keeps an eye on vesselsanag. less 0
Ximenes competitions
1162BEAM-ENDSVHCRadio failures are a feature of ships in distress—airline does betterbeam ends, BEA mends: radio, beam, vbs.
1158ELEPHANT-SEALThirdTake a pea, shell ten and sort for the biggest in the podanag.
1145GENIPAPVHCMother’s half-baked, Dad’s not all there—and my cousin’s maddergeni(trix) + pap(a)
1140CALLOUSVHCIt’s hard to bid with America behind the ringcall o US: ref. Velázquez painting sold for $5.5m
1135HILAIRE BELLOCVHCVersifier, first-rate one who rises in uncrowned eminenceA1 rebel in hilloc(k)
1131CAROUSER (Misprints)VHCRooster—the countryman’s first alarmroister; c(ountryman) + arouser
1127TRAYBITVHCI go twice to tester—for test involving one minutea in try + bit; tester2 = 6d.
1119RONDE (Printer’s Devilry)VHCFirst-class ba/ck won’t admit “hands” 
1115FLESH-POTTERYVHCThe ultimate in luxury, with bodily appetites and dalliance put firstflesh potter2 + (luxur)y, & lit.
1110IMPERSONATEThirdPose as ordered naughtily by some painteranag.
1106LEXICOGRAPHYVHCAge and pox richly dressed was Webster’s specialityanag.; ref. lexicographer, playwright—“much possessed by death”
1100BEAU(C)LER(C) (Letters Latent)VHC“The Scholar”, a rebel and leader of university riotinganag. incl. u
1091WENCESLASVHCPurveyor of seasonal meat—fresh, dry and salt, all done to a turnnew, sec, sal (each rev.)
1084ANGEL-FOODFirstTen-bob coin row is all very old-fashioned: in America they’d swallow itangel food2 (= feud); ref. introduction of 50p coin in Oct 1969
1080ANDROMEDAVHCPut us under Heath and we’d be done with drama on reshufflinganag.; us = shrubs
1076NEFAST (Misprints)VHCLeaders of nudist experiment must have secure hideouthideous; n, e, fast
1071ORACLE (Printer’s Devilry)VHCMistress sketches outré bust of lo/ver-boy 
1062CALLING-CRABVHCFiddler’s reckoning to sidestep business depressioncalling crab1, calling crab3
1058Aragon, Boleyn, Seymour, Cleves, Howard, Parr (Anagram)SecondVery scared group, Hal’s royal women—bar one 
1049SLANGWHANGERVHCAn orator like Paisley combines cant with extremes of wrath and passionslang w(rat)h anger; Ian P.
1045SPLIT / MOUTH (Right and Left)VHCThere’s a bit of flotsam out here in the estuary—wrecked on the Adriatic coasthidden; 2 mngs.; Split, Yugoslavia
1041TEA-LEADVHCI’m attached to bare chests and get elated about a bustanag.
1019DISCORD (Misprints)VHCEarring, circular shape with point, old-fashionedjarring; disc ord
1006CHROME-PLATINGVHCOpen car might upset with learner in it—in which case this would sufferL in anag.
1000THOUSANDFirstUp-to-date product of X and C10 × 100; Ximenes, Chambers
993JONATHANVHCFor the Americans, Johnson’s lead forward to Hanoi has petered outJ on at Han(oi)
989GRENADINEVHCSmall West Indian Islands produce singularly fine material for batting in explosive surroundingsin in grenade; Grenadine(s), WI
987THING (Printer’s Devilry)ThirdDo babies in? Swa/b and sweep less? Ask snappy weary mother!swathing-bands, nappy-weary
984Word containing a first name (Anonymous)VHCIt’s a critical time to go slow with recovery barely beginningCLIMACT-ERIC; Ambler, author; amble r
975HALEVHCWith a hogshead you should get beer to draw well—and strongh(ogshead) + ale; 3 defs.
971MAGOTPIE / ANECDOTE (Right and Left)VHCMother procured mixed-up type for bird in Elizabethan style travesty of a decent love storyma got pie; anag. incl. O
962PALINGVHCWHITING might be clued: “The first of playwrights and a cousin to the cod”p + a ling; ref. John W., fish
958DRY MEASUREThirdAs a test of capacity, you’ll find being off drink a straindry measure
941HYPODERMICVHCDrug-taking is often the basic force linking depression with random crimeod1 in hyp + anag., & lit.; hyp = hypochondria
936MINI SKIRTSVHCWith these you have to lift up and, disregarding the awful risk involved, sit askewnim (= steal) (rev.) + anag. of risk, sit , & lit.
935MALAPROPVHCMum having an argument in liquor was notorious for her vocabularyma + pro in lap
933COTTABUSVHCWhat kept young Athenians amused? First cutting off tyrants’ heads, then ostracismsc, o, t, + tabus: ref. Gk. hist.
916DIAPASONVHCDepression surrounds one with the pound being supported by a full-scale stopa in dip + a S on; reimposition of £50 travel allowance, 1966
911DRAGONVHCDrake, with an eye on treasure, would set sail into the Spaniard’s midstrag in don; drake2
907SORITES (Misprints)VHCA string of prepositions, such as backward learners put on the end of sentencespropositions; tiros (rev.) + (sentence)es
900PARAMECIA or PAREOEANSThirdAmerica’s crazy to follow our “pops”—they’re one of the lowest forms of life!paramecia; pa + anag.
898POCHARDVHCBird that might be clued as fish if included among a number of aquatic creatures like whales!char in pod
894WITENAGEMOTVHCTory leader with new image to upset Harold’s advisersT + anag.; ref. Harold I and H. Wilson
890DEBENTUREVHCBond has to live in an artificial set that comes out at night!be in denture
884MASHER (Printer’s Devilry)ThirdDebarred from jazzing up, Pa? No, ra/rin’ to go, says gossip columnistNed Sherrin
882SNAPDRAGONVHCIn which one has to seize and pull a little bit sunk in liquorsnap drag on, & lit.
878ENTOMOSTRACAVHCInferior versions of the Shrimp—enough to break the heart of every Ascot matron!anag. incl. (ev)e(ry); ref. model Jean Shrimpton at 1965 Melbourne Cup
847FRENETICALVHCReinflate with the crisis only just beginning—that’s crazy, absolutely crazy!anag. incl. c; ref. Labour economic policy
843PRISTINEVHCSanctimonious talk’s what used to vex people about Farrar’s sixth formerr in pi’s + tine; ref. Frederic F., ‘Eric, or Little by Little’
839GINGER (Printer’s Devilry)VHCTo whom does it fall to comb the bookstalls? Cave! N/ot I,—Cato the Censor!scavenging erotica
829FAREWELLThirdWhat makes the cost of travel keep on rising for so long!fare + well
825COACHESSecondTrains and buses are what one might call associated forms of continuous discomforti.e. co-aches; 2 defs.
821SOMERSETVHCSomewhere to go to ground after a little bit of rough and tumble: Alfred found it sosome r set (= badger’s burrow); s. = somersault; ref. Athelney Abbey in S., founded by King Alfred after taking refuge there
817WYLIE-COATSVHCClever sounding Shakespearean quotes: one of them comes in the sleep-walking scene from “Macbeth”i.e. wily coats; coat2
812ABRUPT / TISANE (Right and Left)SecondMedicine in yoghourt is an excellent unexpected way to make a naughty brat swallow uphidden; up in anag.
808WAGONERFirstMy style of driving’s old-fashioned—one wiggle, then wallop!wag + oner
804DETRUNCATESecondDexter, except for two blank patches, hooked and cut savagelyDe(x)t(e)r + uncate; ref. Ted D., England batsman
786METAMERES (Printer’s Devilry)VHCClowns distract lion: some anti/c apes its fury 
769PENNYVHCUnit of expenditure—nearly obsolete(ex)pen(diture) + ny (= nigh, obs.), & lit.
764SHIMMY-SHAKEVHCA pulsating romantic role for Valentino (we hear) made the Twenties shiver with delight!shimmy2 + ‘sheikh’; ref. Rudolph V. in film “The Sheikh”
760METAMORPHOSEVHCIn a dissolute atmosphere introduction to models appears to turn men into animals!anag. incl. m,a
750SEVEN-FIFTY / CROSSWORDS (Right and Left)VHCIn Stepney’s confines a regular riotous tiff means more than a big D—in fact 50% bad language, represented by lots of blanks!even + anag. all in S,y; cross words; i.e. 500 + 50%
746INTERMIT (Printer’s Devilry)VHCBeing modern, Swedis/h R.A.s to put up an office blockref. Roman temple unearthed in London
743CHEMISTVHCAnyone following Boyle’s line has stormy times with the middle range of teachers ahead(tea)ch(ers) + anag.; ref. Edward B., Min. of Education, and Robert B.
734NASALITYVHCThe litany meanders about so, it tends to make people drone!as in anag.
730ARCH-PIRATEVHCPre-eminently one of the roving kind—jolly good value for a Paul Jones, according to his enemies!arch pirate, arch pi rate; ref. John P. J., privateer and Paul Jones dance
721KERB-MERCHANTVHCCommon marketeer whose interest is on the verge of flaggingcryptic def.
717STAR-MAN (Misprints)VHCForecaster who studies his horses carefully—he’s only gone wrong once!houses (astrology); 2 mngs.
712RHEUMATICKYVHCWhat’s uncomfortable about the joint? It sounds positively spacious with the top storey included‘attic’ in ‘roomy’
708HEARTSVHCSpurs’ equivalent among the Scottish clubs—you won’t find clubs ranking higher than them!2 mngs.; spurs, vb.; football teams
703SCAPEMENTVHCChronometric device could expose a hundred Piltdown types hidden in half-jestC apemen in (je)st; ref. Oakley’s fluorine test
700SOLOMONVHCSingle at first, he ended by getting married continually!solo m on, & lit.; 700 wives
694OSIRIS (Printer’s Devilry)ThirdFor destroying: important unpublished work, 250-year sag/a, “Accursed Diamond”Story of Newton’s dog, see Brewer
690ASCERTAINSecond“A canter is, when unorthodox”—that could be SECTARIAN, but you want to make sure!anag. & lit.; puzzle offered alternative solutions
686FEMALEVHCEven a woman slightly scorned has to hit back in return!lam (rev.) in fee
678TESSELLATEDVHCChecked when about to deceive one, boy pursues girl after girl—and is still checked!sell a in tested, Tess Ella Ted
676TRELLIS (DLM)VHCYe Olde Elizabethan Grille serves traditional “Boar’s-head” suppers till Twelfth Night 
673ERISTICALVHCControversial article is re-edited—and characteristically loses half its strength!anag.; hidden
669DRUMVHCJust a roll and a bit of cold rumpsteak?—the party must have been overcrowded!hidden, 2 defs.
664MANIPULATEVHCCook gets out of bed in the morning the wrong way—and far from early!up in a.m. (all rev.) + late
656FIDDLESTICKSVHCToy spears and bows,—pooh! You play with them when you’re in leading strings!fiddle sticks; toy, spear, vbs.
638BUREAUCRATVHCThis desk-ruler should help one cope with a difficult form!cryptic def.
634BEDSTEADFirstTo lie still is not enough here; both sides of the sheet must be tucked inbe + s(hee)t in dead, & lit.
630STREAKYVHCOne rare old spree in a real hot spot, and I’m barred!reak (= prank, obs.) in sty2
624PSYCHIATER (DLM)VHCBuy “Beachmaster” deck-type chairs, the 20th century type with couch extension 
621CHASEVHCWith the onset of Christmas you see the male, clutching a pound, go hunting for something to buy without a murmurC + a S in he, (pur)chase
608CUSTOMERVHCThere’s a lot of advantage—as far as I’m concerned—in a little creditus(e) to me in cr & lit.
604APOSTROPHISEVHCAn express cable must include the man’s addresshis in a post rope
595INORNATE / OMADHAUN (Right and Left)VHCThis is just plain gold in a natural setting. Fool! I want a decoration to be decorative, d’you hear?or in innate; OM + ‘adorn’
590STATANT (Printer’s Devilry)VHCXimenes makes our so-called Sunday, re/alising torment solvers feel 
586HEBDOMADARYThirdThe Deadly Sins are a typical example of what you’ll find all over any provincial weekly!hebdomad ary
578GATHERED def. LEVANTER (Wrong Number)VHCNear the front of the Gazette you’ll find what the account of any defaulter is in aggregatedefaulter; Ga(zette) the red; aggregate, adj.
573SCAPEGALLOWSVHCWhy is this picture of countryside with cows (16th century) still unhung?-scape gallows; g.= frightens, Shakesp.
569PROPOSALVHCWhat the young spinster looks for in a mate is the reverse of lethargy!sopor (rev.) in pal [see comments]
564SHE-BEARVHCThe honey that appeals to the mature honey-lover will soon have youngsters wanting a lickcryptic def.; 1st honey = sweetheart
560CONGENITALLYVHCStudy Genesis—then you’ll see how infancy begins in sincon Gen. i(nfancy) tally, & lit.: tally = in concubinage
555JURYWOMANVHCDon with an eye for women circumvents the retreat of a pouting little junior lady examinermow + yr (all rev.) in Juan; pouting, n.
551PITCHERSecondI’m a promising slip, but my bowling action would be banned at Lord’s—in crude terms it’s a flick!‘picture’, 2 defs.
547STORMYVHCThe violent element in escapist or mystery fiction involves the ultimate in sadismhidden, m in story
543NUTRIA / ERMINE (Right and Left)VHCSmart young thing wants to show off getting up in one expensive fur before appearing about midday in another!nut + air (rev.), i.e. young blood; m. in ere + in
538BANISHINGVHCRelegation’s a heavy blow, involving the ego—the footballer’s most vulnerable spot!I shin in bang
534RAIL-SPLITTERVHCWhat American’s interested in fencing?—messing about with sawn-off little rapiers!anag. less e of little
521SOUPVHCGet well to windward! This meat extract is very highso up, twice
517CAROTIDVHCDistort the guttural end of this artery and I’ll sound as if I was garrottedi.e. change initial ‘c’ to ‘g’ sound, & lit.
512NAYLOR (Libel)VHCNo penniless peer for her—only a Rajah’s capital could supply all she needs!nay lor(d), anag. incl. a R
508CUMBERGROUNDVHCThe twisted curmudgeon with heart of marble is no use to anyoneanag. incl. (ma)rb(le)
504LEAD-LINEFirstHere’s this ice-bound water system—and the plumber has to let me down!lead line; lead = channel among ice, line = system
500MOTHERS-IN-LAWVHCThey irritate husbands and bore their wives (or vice versa)cryptic def.; bore = gave birth to
495PARTISANSecondWhat one inevitably becomes when following exciting matches!partis + an, & lit.
486BARACANVHCIt takes a really reactionary bedouin to preserve this old camel-cloth!Arab (rev.) can, & lit.
477SEDATENESSVHCFor the avoidance of confusion, the letters N.S. should be added after revised datesanag. + en + ess; see New Style s.v. style
473LISSOME (Printer’s Devilry)VHCWinnie there be/llowed, “Now he’s less Puck than Prospero!”ref. Winston Churchill
464STRAWEDVHCSpenser’s diffuse—but that’s natural in his periodraw in sted
456PLAFONDVHC“Above-the-line” bridge makes players open short—then get foolish and flop disastrouslypla(yers) + fond, anag.
451MEGAPODEVHCYou’ll find me with a fabricated hatching-place in the earth (Greek form of name)me + a pod in Ge, & lit.; pod = silk cocoon
447TOUSLEVHCComplicated locks use the action of tumblers2 mngs.; tumbler = part of a lock mechanism
443HALF-SEAS-OVERVHCAmazing! Safe solver foully misrepresented—clued as semi-inebriate!ha + anag.; ref. last puzzle [see comments]
438MACARONIVHCLarge bird, good eating—mixture of Leghorn and Minorca with a variegated coxcombanag., 3 defs.; types of chicken; L. = Livorno, Italy
434CARTONFirstContra-revolutionary hero who made the tumbril proceedanag., cart on, & lit.; ref. Sydney C., ‘A Tale of Two Cities’
425TRAVERSEVHCJust one curtain—the gallery’s cross!3 defs.; ref. theatre
421DOVETAILVHCGet fit the artisan’s way—treat first and diagnose the disease afterwardsdo vet ail
417SINECURESecondEstablished Church practice in former days, ignoring original sini.e. sin EC ure1, & lit.
415When the snow lay round about (Anagram)VHCBounty shown on earth we laud 
412SERVIETTEVHCBrought in to help diners, it conceals the outline of the embonpoint!e,t in it in serve, & lit.
408BILLETVHCAn old-fashioned design, these cylinders—but still firing!2 mngs.
400Word with 400 theme (Quatercentenary)SecondThe work of X in x puts all sorrows to rout (9)crossword; anag. in CD
390HESITATE (Printer’s Devilry)VHCAfter one catc/all Ike, it’s related, ducks—soon grows tame 
386CLEITHRALThirdAs a variation, “hermetical” would do with a little latitude for meanag. with l. for me, & lit.
382ABSTAINThirdYou’ll find Australia’s opening bats reformed at the wicket—it’s all to be very soberA + anag. + in
369BERETSecondSmall round object eaten by overconfident Frenchmen? Sounds like wild fruit!‘berry’; “I’ll eat my hat”
364HELLEBOREVHCGreek girl stopped on cross-channel flight was carrying dopeHelle bore; ref. the flying ram (Krios Khrysomallos), who rescued Helle
360WRINKLE / EGG-BIRD (Right and Left)VHCA depression is forecast: also a ridge, a stormy ridge encircling Great Britain—a rare phenomenon around our shores3 mngs.; GB in anag.
356METOPOSCOPYVHCWith me you find a trace of disposition in the surface likenessme + (disp)os(ition) in top copy, & lit.
351LUSTREVHCHoly man beset by temptation to think longingly about material splendourSt. in lure, lust re
347TELEVISORVHCLive set—or showing movement, anywayanag. & lit.
334CHEROOTVHCEven in bed the Great Man produces a cigarhero in cot; ref. Churchill
329HAMADRYADVHCHardy’s varied characters include a wild female “woodlander”a mad in anag.; ref Thomas H. novel ‘The Woodlanders’
1954 (2)
306CHICANE / RAMPART (Right and Left)VHCA stunt finesse may help to defend a hand without a trump trickramp1 art; 2 defs.
304ORLEANSVHCWhere we set rings round the outside of ancient defences to coop up the French for a yearan (Fr.) in orles, & lit.; ref. Siege of Orléans
302MARTINVHCThe entertaining Dean—Swift might be called that by a superficial observer2 mngs.; ref. Dean M. and Dean (Jonathan) S.; swift similar to martin
300COCCOVHCclue not given; 3 changes—23 cocco, 30 Pucio, 33 stogs (old Chambers’s, not new)
297CONTRAPUNTALVHCI’m half stupid after having to learn by heart a catch in the style of Byrdcon3 + trap + untal(ented); ref. William B., composer, b. 1540
295SENSE-ORGANSThirdNasser’s gone mad! We’re the ones equipped to deal with any disturbance from outsideanag.; ref. N.’s pressure on Britain’s to agree cession of Suez Canal
293CABVHCHomer too large a volume? Then try this. It’s for people in a hurry—the modern shortened versioncab(riolet); cab2, homer1
291APAGOGEVHCFor example, the interval between nought and one is plainly not descending—therefore the reverse is correcte.g. + gap in 0, a (all rev.), & lit.
287MANCHESTERVHCCan this be the place to make a chap umpire whose name is linked with the next county?man Chester, & lit.; ref. Frank C., Test umpire, and C. in Cheshire
285PARALYSESVHCThe number the experts take, one less y (variable), performs the function of any numberpar a + anag.; i.e. numb-er
1954 (1)
283SOBERVHCIt’s not like Puck to sadden his Oberon’s hearthidden, 2 defs.; sober (vt.) = sadden
281SCRAPS def. LOCALS (Wrong Number)VHCThose who work hard for exams should get a credit in “smalls”exams; cr. in saps
273COUSINFirstGeneral name for any sovereign or noble about me, as a monarch might put itus in coin, & lit; us = me (royal use)
271TRIPLETVHCCheap excursion service cancelled for three lines with the same terminustrip, let
269ASCENTVHCBeing born without capital and growing up without an allowance—that’s uphill work!(n)ascent, a(dole)scent
265THERMAEFirstGeysers rattle and knock about 3 a.m. (The heater blows up about noon)anag. of three am, m. (= noon) in anag.
259AGANIPPEVHCAs Pope says, something to drink in with wide-open mouthnip in agape; ref. Alexander P., “Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring”
1953 (2)
257PYROTECHNICS (Straight Clue)ThirdIt’s the study that makes the fifth form such an exciting prospect for schoolboys! 
255SCUTTLEVHCA gaping hole in the rear of the forecastlecut in (foreca)stle, & lit.
253DERATIONVHCSince the Doctor’s abandoned self-restraint, let everyone eat as much as he likes!(MO)deration
251UNMETHODICALVHCIrregular and varying much on detailanag.
245GLAMOUR / SOPRANO (Right and Left)SecondParson’s wild with love for a lady chorister. It’s just a passing affair to the heartless girlanag. incl. 0; g(ir)l + amour, & lit.
239GENISTA (Printer’s Devilry)VHCPriam would have thought thee u/ninhibited, wretch!eugenist; P. supposedly fathered 68 sons
235ASPHETERISMFirstIn which the State’s end is to reorganise all mastership around itselfe in anag., & lit.
233SAWDUSTVHCReceived money in the form of chipssaw dust
1953 (1)
227CATEGORIESVHCAristotle first discovered the predicaments that an erotic sage might get intoanag.
225TOUCHSTONESFirstBasanites: a tribe of fools, said to use their bulls as stalking-horses!2 mngs; AYLI V:4:112, T. “uses his folly as a s.-h.”; cf. Psalm 22.12 “bulls of Bas(h)an” [see comments]
223MELODRAMEVHCFor a romantic play, give me the old mixture dressed in the old grand styleme + anag. + ramé
217DEPOSITThirdIt’s difficult for the liberal to save money in the bank!2 mngs.; ref. Liberals’ poor 1950 and 1951 election results and lost d.
215BUCKFASTLEIGHVHCTry to throw quick fifty followed by double four. No, not quite. Dart’s just outside itbuck1 (vb.) fast1 L eigh(t); Dart, river flowing past B.
213LEMONADEVHCMany a Frenchman’s breakfast reading is interrupted only by a drink of fruit juicea in Le Monde
209ELAPSION def. IMPERIAL (Wrong Number)VHCA gliding coral-snake, not quite the animal to beard in its den!beard; elaps (l)ion
207PAGEANTVHCA piece of pantomime about some great period of historyage in pant(omime), & lit.
1952 (2)
205CANTANKEROUSVHCCountersank screws round an axehead liable to fly off the handle unexpectedlyi.e. a(xe) in anag.
204ROSTER (Printer’s Devilry)VHCDoc ai/ms at tract, “London isn’t Eden.” Going to tell us something!Cairo’s terms; ref. Suez crisis, Anthony E., Foreign Sec.
203WEATHERSVHCThe sound of rams goes to the heart of the ewe at her silly seasons‘wethers’, hidden
201AMETHYSTVHCI used to make drinkers stay sober; now I make them stay drunkanag.
200ACCOUNTVHCJudge that criminals should be brought to for a balanced summing-up3 mngs.
199HONESTYThirdJUSTICE might be clued as “A good man surrounded by palatable fluid”St. in honey; also St. in juice [see comments]
197SCALESVHCOne of the Company of Twelve, an all-star group, climbs ladders, balancing dishes and plates6 mngs.
194KNOWLEDGE BOXFirstIt takes skill to hit the coconutknowledge box2; coconut (19C sl.) = head
1952 (1)
188Beware the Ides of March (Anagram)FirstShow Cimber the deaf ear 
186ASHMOLEANVHCPossibly a manhole’s one of the best places for archaeological studyanag.
185STOUTVHCYou have to give a shilling in advance to every French porters + tout (Fr.)
182MISTLETOESecondWith me about, it’s wrong to hinder loveanag. + let + 0, all in me, & lit.
1951 (2)
175HAIR-LINEVHCOne wants a good fly on the end of thisi.e. ends with airline, & lit.; fishing line
174ANACREONTICSVHCVerses made by a Greek who was a prince among jestersa Creon in antics, & lit.; ref. mythological ruler of Thebes
172GARNISHERVHCA short sherry laced with gin is a good one to set dinner offanag. of a sherr(y) gin
169HOUSEVHCOne star’s not good enough for me: I like several, and I get thousands3 mngs.; inn (star rating), audience, astrology
168PIPS (Misprints)SecondTrulls like nestling on officers’ shoulderstrills; 2 mngs.
1951 (1)
166RACHIDESFirstYou can’t strip the skin from them without showing a sign of a sore backi.e. r. less hide = scar (rev.), & lit.
164NEWTONVHCUnfortunately I had that Diamond, or I could have won ten by ruffinganag.; ref. bridge and Newton’s legendary dog called D.; see Brewer or ODQ
162TITANESSVHCPoint gets the bird with a woman like Phoebeness following tit, a; ref. P. Meryll in ‘The Yeomen of the Guard’; P., Titan in Greek myth
159SPANIELVHCNo mean springer? On the contrary. Springs about an inch in an upward directionin. in leaps (all rev.); springer spaniel
156LAVEROCKVHCThe possessor of a delicate tongue leaves for the dining-room before the cocktaillaver1 + (c)ock; lark’s tongues valued as delicacy
155LYTERIANVHCHealing is a word that makes the hymn-writer almost gayLyte rian(t); ref. Henry L., writer of ‘Abide with me’
1950 (2)
153SAMISENSVHCThe Japanese enjoy their music without limiting expendituremise in sans
151OPEN-SESAMEVHCPassepartout, perhaps, but this one went round the world in 1,001 nightscryptic def.; ref. valet in ‘Around the World in 80 Days’, and Arabian Nights
145STEWARTVHCFor packing in haste, war-time invention, a glorified Gladstone, perfect for the familyhidden, St. Ewart (W. E. Gladstone); G. bag; Stuart royal family
1950 (1)
130MODERNVHCIt’s late, but never too late to mar or mendanag.
128AMMETER (Printer’s Devilry)FirstA D/r. Inge vetoed the line, and repeated the errorAdam and Eve
1949 (2)
115MISNOMERVHCA wrong name given in baptism is no mere triflehidden
1949 (1)
103MOSESVHCSuffers from strange disease. Is that why he was given those miraculous tablets?2 mngs.; mose = to have glanders; tablets of stone

HCs awarded to C. J. Morse
Clues  |  Annual Honours   |  Other competitors   |  See also: C. J. & R. S. Morse

  2250 MILESTONE (with missing O) (Missing Letter)
  2122 NICETY
  2105 TITANIC / ICEBERG (Overlaps)
  2087 ROCKET
  2036 AL CONTO
  2006 GROAN (Spoonerisms)
  1988 PERIQUE
  1953 TRAUMA (misprint of T) (Misprints)
  1940 SCANT def. SNEAP (Wrong Number)
  1914 VE(S)TAL (Letters Latent)
  1906 MORSE
  1897 WASH-OUT
  1845 UPBRAID
  1840 W(I)NN(I)E-THE-POOH (Letters Latent)
  1827 AMAKOSI def. DENUDED (Wrong Number)
  1818 POISSO(N) D’AVRIL (Letters Latent)
  1814 HIPSTER
  1804 CLOTHES SENSE (Spoonerisms)
  1792 APPALOOSA / ESTAMINET (Right and Left)
  1746 ENTOMIC
  1689 SYNOD
  1619 GISMO (Printer’s Devilry)
  1606 TEOSINTE / INTELSAT (Overlaps)
  1576 FACADE
  1567 QUEEN
  1528 STROP (Spoonerisms)
  1506 BARE(-)BONES
  1502 RAPPEL
  1472 TORAN (Printer’s Devilry)
  1376 LOGO
  1307 AGILE (Spoonerisms)
  1225 CURRY
  1169 BLITHE / URSINE (Right and Left)
  1117 STAMNOS (3 Consecutive Letters)
  1108 GREEN
  1078 KIRBEH
  1061 MAGIC
  1013 ALVEARY
  991 BRASH (or BRUSH)
  969 BUNTER
  965 EARBASH def. NECKLET (Wrong Number)
  926 NERD
  908 INDIGO (Printer’s Devilry)
  862 OFF-AND-ON
  849 VISITE
  788 CROW
  731 STRING
  718 FLO(GG)IN(G) (Letters Latent)
  709 GINGER
  679 ESTOVER (Printer’s Devilry)
  660 Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse (Anagram)
  581 SPADROON def. MAVERICK (Wrong Number)
  568 TETHER (Printer’s Devilry)
  558 MINCEMEAT (with one extra R) (Extra Letter)
  500 BEFOOL (two extra Ds) (Extra Letter)
  447 URTICARIA / APOGRAPHS (Right and Left)
  406 BOIL
  397 BIJOUTERIE (Misprints)
  371 GRADIN
  332 NUT-CASE
  323 (C)U(C)KOO (Letters Latent)
  165 Lance, pompano, bonito, porbeagle, thornback, menhaden, albacore, huso (Anagram)
  130 EADISH (Printer’s Devilry)
  70 GESTAPO (Misprints)
  57 MINARET (Printer’s Devilry)
  50 CORPULE(N)T (Letters Latent)
Ximenes competitions
  1066 RAVE / PAIR (DLM)
  1039 TEGMEN def. LEGION (Wrong Number)
  1032 TENONER (Printer’s Devilry)
  1023 CONSOLE
  1002 PILLAGE
  954 CERATE (Printer’s Devilry)
  924 MIMESTER / PECULATE (Right and Left)
  920 ARISTATE (Printer’s Devilry)
  868 DANDER / TOUPEE (Right and Left)
  851 Sire & Dam (Sire & Dam)
  832 PENNY-WISE (Misprints)
  800 Charlemagne, Emperor of the West (Anagram)
  796 STRAKE (or STRAIK) (Misprints)
  782 SWELL
  728 ALDERMA(N) (N’s missing in def.) (Letters Latent)
  660 RUBBER (Misprints)
  647 MADCAP
  642 SEETHER (Printer’s Devilry)
  612 CARGO (Misprints)
  600 The Light Brigade, noble Six Hundred (Anagram)
  582 MARRY
  525 MORALE (Printer’s Devilry)
  490 CLEAR def. WEIGH (Wrong Number)
  469 DAISY
  467 A humorous definition (Humorous definition)
  460 ASTONISHMENT (Misprints)
  430 GAMIN (Printer’s Devilry)
  338 SHE-ASS
1954 (2)
1954 (1)
  275 ESTOVER (Printer’s Devilry)
  267 TRADE
  263 We think so then and we thought so still! (Anagram)
1953 (2)
1953 (1)
  229 MASCOT
1952 (2)
  198 THIRD
  196 SHAMAN / SERIAN (Right and Left)
1952 (1)
  192 WATSON
1951 (2)
  180 HESPER (Printer’s Devilry)
  176 SPIGOT
1951 (1)
  158 RATING
1950 (2)
  147 GATHER
1950 (1)
1949 (2)
  117 LION
  112 SHEET (DLM)
  109 PERI
1949 (1)
  100 Word containing ADDING
1947 (2)

Annual Honours record of C. J. Morse
Clues  |  HCs   |  Other competitors   |  See also: C. J. & R. S. Morse
(1, 2, 3)
2015-20160 1 3
2014-20150 6 5 16
2013-20143 (2, 0, 1) 9 1 1
2012-20130 10 3 4
2011-20121 (0, 1, 0) 5 6 9
2010-20112 (1, 0, 1) 6 5 5
2009-20101 (0, 0, 1) 7 4 5
2008-20090 5 6 16
2007-20082 (1, 1, 0) 6 4 3
2006-20072 (1, 0, 1) 2 8 11
2005-20061 (0, 1, 0) 5 6 9
2004-20051 (1, 0, 0) 6 4 6
2003-20041 (0, 1, 0) 10 1 2
2002-20030 7 5 8
2001-20022 (2, 0, 0) 6 4 3
2000-20011 (0, 0, 1) 8 4 7
1999-20002 (0, 2, 0) 6 3 5
1998-19992 (0, 0, 2) 6 4 3
1997-19983 (2, 1, 0) 6 3 2
1996-19972 (1, 0, 1) 10 1 1
1995-19964 (2, 1, 1) 6 3 1
1994-19951 (1, 0, 0) 8 3 3
1993-19943 (1, 2, 0) 5 4 3
1992-19931 (0, 0, 1) 8 4 2
1991-19920 10 2 3
1990-19911 (0, 1, 0) 7 4 3
1989-19901 (0, 1, 0) 5 7 9
1988-19892 (1, 1, 0) 7 2 2
1987-19880 8 3 3
1986-19871 (0, 1, 0) 6 4 5
1985-19861 (0, 0, 1) 5 6 7
1984-19851 (1, 0, 0) 4 7 8
1983-19840 6 5 10
1982-19831 (0, 1, 0) 4 6 7
1981-19821 (1, 0, 0) 6 3 3
1980-19811 (1, 0, 0) 8 2 1
1979-19801 (1, 0, 0) 6 4 6
1978-19791 (0, 0, 1) 7 4 4
1976-19771 (0, 1, 0) 7 1 4
1975-19761 (0, 1, 0) 7 2 2
1974-19752 (0, 0, 2) 5 2 2
1973-19740 7 5 6
1972-19731 (0, 0, 1) 6 3 4
Ximenes competitions
1970-19712 (0, 0, 2) 8 3 3
1969-19702 (1, 1, 0) 7 4 2
1968-19690 5 7 7
1967-19683 (1, 0, 2) 6 4 1
1966-19670 7 5 8
1965-19662 (0, 0, 2) 5 6 2
1964-19654 (1, 2, 1) 5 4 1
1963-19641 (0, 1, 0) 5 4 4
1962-19630 10 3 3
1961-19622 (0, 1, 1) 7 3 1
1960-19611 (1, 0, 0) 7 5 1
1959-19602 (0, 1, 1) 9 1 1
1958-19592 (1, 1, 0) 7 4 1
1957-19580 9 4 3
1956-19574 (1, 2, 1) 6 3 1
1955-19562 (0, 1, 1) 7 4 1
1954 (2)1 (0, 0, 1) 9 2 1
1954 (1)2 (2, 0, 0) 5 6 2
1953 (2)3 (1, 1, 1) 5 3 1
1953 (1)2 (1, 0, 1) 6 4 1
1952 (2)2 (1, 0, 1) 6 5 1
1952 (1)2 (1, 1, 0) 2 8 7
1951 (2)1 (0, 1, 0) 4 4 7
1951 (1)1 (1, 0, 0) 5 2 2
1950 (2)0 3 3
1950 (1)1 (1, 0, 0) 1 3
1949 (2)0 1 5
1949 (1)0 1 2
1947 (2)0 0 1