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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1032 Nov 1968TENONER Printer’s Devilry21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMrs B. LewisFleeing from an amorous début, An/-an? Faster than the confirmed bachelor!ref. London Zoo’s panda
SecondN. C. DexterOf pyromaniacs was Guy Fawkes worthiest of no/ose? This whole city ablaze!Nero
ThirdMrs S. HewittChild playing with kit/e winds the string after it 
VHCR. H. AdeyThe choice before us:—wash, or none is bea/u—lest he roost for four yearsref. US election 1968, Humphrey, Nixon
VHCM. J. BalfourWhat Claudius did in his last years, Ma/o didNero, Agrippina
VHCE. ChalkleyWho was the most o’ f/un out at Lord’s? Denis Compton? 
VHCCdr H. H. L. DicksonMy good resolution was ale, n/ightly approved by the vicar 
VHCJ. D. EdeIf bedmakers bet, O pra/ise be for every last chance 
VHCH. R. GameYoungsters’ bea/ring might show some improvement 
VHCF. G. IllingworthUnfortunately continued sober—so f/un was just not possibleGary Sobers
VHCA. F. LerrigoHaving a child-bea/ring too frequently suggests wrong control methods 
VHCF. D. MarshallBritish Railways may run la/undry 
VHCD. P. M. MichaelDoes, not ro/es, train in sects of courserotenone
VHCH. RutleyXimenes solvers won’t be bea/rable if English barrel smashed—“Possibly wrong” is the clue‘errable’; ref. to clue
VHCMrs E. ShackletonHelp? For a favour, i./e., I’d assist editing Ray’s poemnereid; ref. Gray, “Ode on a favourite cat drowned…”
VHCT. A. StoutNixon and Humphrey have “Go t/o U.S.” duties during the election1968 election
VHCD. G. ThomasChocolate! Will fat/e press that urge to eat it? 
VHCD. J. ThorpeWe can’t have a rot/ating top 
VHCA. D. WalkerOn dogs, perhaps, but no-one sees the fleas of a t/iger onerigeron, flea-bane
VHCJ. D. WalshNixon’s go—t/o U.S. top job1968 election
VHCW. Carter WiggThe delinquent girl may be bea/ring 

HCs in competition 1032 awarded to:

Miss V. K. AbrahamsL. L. DixonDr P. D. KingMr & Mrs A. Rivlin
Dr R. E. AdamJ. E. DorringtonJ. R. KirbyW. Rodgers
J. AldersonJ. DuffillCol E. F. Le QuesneDr W. I. D. Scott
C. J. AndersonW. J. DuffinJ. H. C. LeachSir W. Slimmings
P. F. BauchopSister EvangelistA. D. LeggeJ. Sparrow
N. BickerdikeMrs N. FisherMrs J. MackieA. J. Stapleton
C. I. BullockR. P. C. FormanJ. D. H. MackintoshF. B. Stubbs
C. O. ButcherL. H. GarrettB. ManvellRev L. M. Styler
J. CaulfieldI. C. GilchristMrs E. McFeeM. J. Suckling
R. N. ChignellS. C. GilchristW. L. MironA. Sudbery
D. L. L. ClarkeJ. GillP. MorelandDr W. G. A. Swan
V. A. R. CooperS. GoldieC. J. MorseJ. Treleaven
R. M. S. CorkR. A. HarveyB. G. PalmerC. W. Willink
Mrs M. P. CraineJ. E. HobsonMiss M. J. PatrickMrs M. R. Wishart
A. J. CrowE. M. HornbyC. QuinP. Young
H. F. DixonR. E. KimmonsE. J. Rackham