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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1971 Mar 2010WATERMANSHIP normal23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstDr I. S. FletcherCraft apt when aim’s Head of the Riveranag. incl. R, & lit.
SecondC. M. EdmundsOne Down absorbs us all – need for stroke of geniusman in Watership; ref. Richard Adams novel and AZ comp
ThirdR. J. HealdSampan owner hit rocks, showing no ——?comp. anag. & lit.
VHCT. AndersonWith advance fee, desolate spirits cross Acheron’s banks in Charon’s craftw a + A, n in terms hip5
VHCD. ArthurHit fencing master hard in developing skill with bladesanag. incl. H in wap
VHCJ. BainesIntroducing trendy ‘New Look’ for men, a straw boater’s got such flairanag. + hip
VHCW. DreverA prowess, in the main? This is one possiblycomp. anag. & lit.
VHCP. F. HendersonWhat means I start to row with unsettling power?anag. incl. r + P, & lit.
VHCM. HodgkinPutting one’s oar in skilfully to rally MPs round a new style after Labour’s second perioda term + a NS, all in whip
VHCR. J. HooperTaste of Worcester Pearmain’s not quite the fresh quality of a good Cox, sayW + anag. incl. th(e)
VHCJ. C. LeylandDoctor saw sign of paralysis in the arm, characteristic of a strokeanag. incl. p
VHCW. F. MainWith a title, one has to take on board what Steve Redgrave has achievedw a term an ship
VHCD. F. ManleyRequirement for effective blades? Being hairy, I want ’em sharpanag.
VHCC. G. MillinWith one in turbulent stream, knowing this helps rowerw + an in anag. + hip
VHCT. J. MooreyWhat men as pair on the rocks are lacking?anag. less a, & lit.
VHCC. J. MorseWhen ship breaks down within reach of the south coast, rowing craft comes outman in Watership; W. Down in Hampshire
VHCR. S. MorseRacing men’s pair – what’s on display?anag. & lit.
VHCA. PlumbIt’s possibly poor, at first, in a Thames row when Oxford’s lead is lostanag. incl. p less O, & lit.
VHCN. G. ShippobothamRedgrave’s skill does warm thespiananag.; ref. Steve and Michael R.
VHCI. SimpsonA half minute and tap washer will be fixed – good, it will avoid a terrible rowanag. incl. min(ute)
VHCA. J. WardropCore requirement for crewmen with their sampan adriftw + anag., & lit.
VHCD. C. WilliamsonManoeuvering of a prow in Thames, striking nothing?anag. less 0, & lit.
VHCA. J. YoungHeading for Putney and Mortlake and a win, hearts pounding – just what’s neededanag. incl. P M, & lit.; ref. Boat Race

HCs in competition 1971 awarded to:

D. AppletonA. S. EverestB. JonesDr T. G. Powell
D. K. ArnottJ. GlassonburyJ. R. H. JonesA. M. Price
M. BarkerN. C. GoddardE. W. KellyS. Saunders
M. BarleyM. GoodliffeDr A. KitchingC. M. Steele
T. C. BorlandG. I. L. GraftonE. LoobyP. L. Stone
C. BoydR. GriffinM. A. Macdonald-CooperA. W. Taylor
C. J. BroughamJ. GrimesP. W. MarlowJ. R. Tozer
A. & J. CalderA. H. HarkerP. McKennaMs S. Wallace
J. & B. CheesmanD. HarrisRev M. R. MetcalfL. Ward
C. A. ClarkeP. J. HartleyP. J. NightingaleW. B. Wendt
M. CoatesV. G. HendersonR. A. NortonDr M. C. Whelan
E. CrossR. HeskethD. J. R. OgilvieA. Whittaker
N. C. DexterMs M. IrvineG. S. ParsonsMs B. J. Widger
V. DixonMrs S. G. JohnsonM. L. PerkinsP. Wilson
L. K. EdkinsG. JohnstoneR. PerryR. Zara