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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1054 Apr 1969PINACOTHECA normal23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstR. PostillThis might be an apt choice for those interested in abstractionsanag. & lit.
SecondA. ReedConstable studied here? Yes. Could be a cop teach-inanag.
ThirdC. O. ButcherTo a nice chap, sophisticated, I might allow visits to see etchingsanag.; s. = adulterated
VHCT. AndersonYou may find a place for exhibiting cartoons if each caption is funnyanag.
VHCC. Allen BakerWhere a Constable may arrest one breaking quietly into a cacheanag. incl. p
VHCJ. W. BatesConstables may be wanted here; there’s a cop wandering about in casein in anag. + theca
VHCE. A. BeaulahTate, for example: with an unorthodox action he trapped over a hundred in each yearanag. + he + C, all in p.a.; ref. Maurice T., bowler
VHCA. E. CrowStormy oceanic path where every inch of canvas needs to be made secureanag.; ref. art thefts
VHCJ. CrowtherSomewhere to show pictures is exciting to chap with a cinéanag.
VHCN. C. DexterCheap? Pretty unusual in a canvas hanging thereinin a cot in anag., & lit.; cot = hanging canvas bed
VHCMrs N. FisherI’d spell out each caption excitedly, in the old Picture Houseanag.
VHCMrs S. HewittHere silent picture fans are catered for, each caption translatedanag.
VHCF. G. IllingworthTate, for instance, a nice chap to hit for sixanag.; ref. Maurice T., bowler
VHCR. E. KimmonsStirring action, cheap show here, for picture enthusiastsanag.
VHCJ. R. KirbyPublic hanging place—a nice chap freely admits to getting upset hereto (rev.) in anag.
VHCL. F. LeasonWhere one may obtain a representation of action cheap, after haggling?anag. & lit.; haggle = mangle
VHCMrs B. LewisIce-patch on a set makes place unsuitable for pavement-artist’s workanag.; set = arranged, paving-stone
VHCMrs E. McFeeCatch an Opie needing reframing? You might, hereanag. & lit.; ref. John O., painter
VHCD. P. M. MichaelIt should artfully exhibit an apt choiceanag. & lit.
VHCE. J. RackhamWhat can be displayed in this? Turner might make an apt choiceanag. & lit.
VHCSir W. SlimmingsPainter lacking finish needs coach to make itanag. less r, & lit.
VHCD. J. ThorpeIf badly set out it could give you an optic acheanag. & lit.
VHCG. R. WebbTurner’s work here could be an apt choiceanag. & lit.

HCs in competition 1054 awarded to:

R. H. AdeyJ. G. HullJ. P. MernaghMrs E. M. Simmonds
Col P. S. BainesJ. G. HurstC. G. MillinW. Spendley
P. F. BauchopP. HurstC. J. MorseL. T. Stokes
T. E. BellE. G. IllingworthR. A. MostynF. B. Stubbs
S. C. BentonH. W. JenkinsP. MurrayJ. G. Stubbs
M. BoyseK. R. JenkinsA. M’IntyreJ. B. Sweeting
P. J. BusseyA. H. JonesT. N. NesbittJ. Treleaven
P. M. ByrneSir S. KayeM. NewmanP. J. Wagstaffe
A. A. CallandA. LawrieF. R. PalmerM. H. E. Watson
E. ChalkleyJ. H. C. LeachMiss M. J. PatrickJ. F. N. Wedge
Mrs M. P. CraineP. W. W. LeachW. G. RobertsRev C. D. Westbrook
A. J. CrowA. D. LeggeMrs E. RobsonA. R. Wheatley
E. DaviesJ. L. MackieG. J. S. RossG. H. Willett
M. S. DerhamA. A. MalcolmL. G. D. SandersC. E. Williams
F. D. GardinerMrs M. B. MarshallC. A. Sears 
P. T. HeathR. H. MaynardH. J. Sellers 
G. M. HornbyG. D. MeddingsA. H. Seville