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John Doylend has 7 clues

CompClue wordClueExplanationPosPoints Merits  
2019 Annual Competition252.5  
Xmas Special 2019Christmas Cocktails (Right & Left)Without hesitation substituted cheap magnum in place of wine liqueur (ice ran out unfortunately) (9,9)Anagrams of CHEAPMAGNUM – UM (substituted) and ICERANOUT (unfortunately); defs "place of wine" (Champagne) and "liqueur" (Cointreau)7172  2 
August 2019STERNUMBit of a chest problem after swallowing sea bird (7)def: Bit of a chest. SUM (problem) after swallowing TERN (sea bird)730.52 
July 2019NEVER SAY DIEVery sad indeed losing two of diamonds in play but don't give up (5,3,3)Anagram of VERYSADINDEED without DD7210  1 
April 2019SUCKER-PUNCHMug seaside entertainer in surprise attack (6,5)Mug = sucker: Seaside entertainer (MR) Punch.529.50  2 
2018 Annual Competition251  
November 2018HUMMINGBIRDHigh time for in-flight refuelling expert (11)High = humming. Time = bird. Def= in-flight refuelling expert.7244  3 
October 2018OPAL (PRINTERS DEVILRY)Just one cone in the street to stop people parking there.Just one cop alone in the street to stop people parking there.1023.52  2 
2017 Annual Competition222  
April 2017CORVUSDevice for pulling birdsdouble definition423.51  4