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Christmas Cocktails (Right & Left)

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Voting is open until Midnight UK time on Friday 17th January.
Please award FIVE points maximum to the clue you judge best: FOUR points for second, THREE for third, TWO for fourth, down to ONE point for fifth; but otherwise you may distribute your votes as you see fit including ½ marks for split voting – as long as you award no more than 15 points IN TOTAL and no more than 5 points to any one clue…
…and of course you may NOT VOTE for your own clue!
Your comments in general and on individual clues, however much or little you write, are always most welcome! Please remember that if any particular clue or clues do not find favour with you, it is more helpful to offer constructive criticism – many of our members are keen to learn and hone their clue writing skills through our competition – feedback may be useful for their future efforts!

Entry Information

With the December competition being launched tonight, you may have been expecting an Election based theme…NO! – as always we shall enter into the Festive Spirit!
So your challenge for December is to mix your own Christmas Cocktail in the form of a RIGHT & LEFT CLUE to TWO words of your choice from the three 9-letter words CHAMPAGNE, COINTREAU and CRANBERRY. The closing date is Midnight GMT Tuesday 31st December.
So you can choose to clue CHAMPAGNE & COINTREAU, CHAMPAGNE & CRANBERRY or COINTREAU & CRANBERRY – and you can clue your chosen two words in either order. Some more details about the clue type…
A “Right and Left” clue comprises of two separate clues that run together to form one “double” clue, with NO overlapping of the two clues and NO redundant words in-between. Ideally the “join” between the two clues should be as seamless as possible. The two words can be clued in either order – i.e. CHAMPAGNE/COINTREAU or COINTREAU/CHAMPAGNE, etc. – the choice is yours.
Take a look at this example of a Right and Left clue from an old Ximenes competition winner. Note how the “join” is well disguised and the two clues combine to create a good overall surface reading:
Curt treatment of brat up in court is a necessary remedial measure

[ABRUPT:anag. “brat up” – TISANE hidden]




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Elegant name regularly used for refined fellow

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