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S.Sreeni has 4 clues

CompClue wordClueExplanationPosPoints Merits  
2019 Annual Competition117  
Xmas Special 2019Christmas Cocktails (Right & Left)Bubbly cocktail of peach with cut mango, mint and essence of matured rum liqueur (9)(9)Left is CHAMPAGNE. Def: Bubbly. Anag (PEACH+MANG(-o) with “cocktail of” as anag. ind. Right is COINTREAU. Def: Liqueur COIN (mint – verb as in coin a phrase)+ anag of -m(ATURE)-d with Rum as Anag.ind.1330  2 
November 2019GENTLEMANRefined, trim and elegant male (9)Anag. (a(N)d+ELEGANT+M)*. &lit . Trim (v) removes either end of “and”8172  3 
October 2019GULESRed giants – unusually luminous, ebbing stars , primarily (5)Def: Red Initial letters (basically) of Giants…stars5250  1 
July 2019NEVER SAY DIEExcruciating day in Everest with no end in sight ? Don’t give up ! (5,3,3)Def: Don’t give up (DAYINEVERES(-t))*. No end in sight to remove T from EVEREST6231  2