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Neil Mondal has 4 clues

CompClue wordClueExplanationPosPoints Merits  
2019 Annual Competition145.5  
Xmas Special 2019Christmas Cocktails (Right & Left)French region's map change ruined a Nice tour; supply drinkFrench region = definition for Champagne, *(map change); *(a Nice tour), drink = definition325.50  2 
November 2019GENTLEMANPacific island is one to be civilisedPacific = peaceful or gentle; island = Isle of Man, for example; one to be civilised = definition524.50 
September 2019ASTER (PRINTERS DEVILRY)Students are rewarded with books forming the subject materialStudents are rewarded with books for mastering the subject material9202  1 
July 2019NEVER SAY DIEDo I deserve any encouragement?Do (as in prepare) = anagram indicator; I deserve any = anagram fodder; encouragement = definition5370  4