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The most comprehensive winner in a long while – congratulations to Tom for his excellently neat Printer's Devilry clue – one that may merit being used as an example in future PD preambles!
John Tozer grabbed 2nd spot with a good example of a PD clue with some wording that had you wondering why it was there, then of course the undevilment cleverly revealed the reason why!
John Hood popped up in 3rd with another clue that took advantage of the recycling idea – had me wondering just how big Cheshire Council's site is!
Neelima takes 4th place – a first appearance on the podium since that win on debut last year – one of the shortest clues and it is always an impressive achievement to squeeze a PD into such few words.
Satyeh secures the last podium place with a clue that raised a chuckle, although some may question the veracity of the devilled version – no matter, it's a good PD clue!
Well done to all for such an entertaining mix of clues!

Voting Information

Voting is open until Midnight UK time on Thursday 17th October.
Please award FIVE points maximum to the clue you judge best: FOUR points for second, THREE for third, TWO for fourth, down to ONE point for fifth; but otherwise you may distribute your votes as you see fit including ½ marks for split voting – as long as you award no more than 15 points IN TOTAL and no more than 5 points to any one clue…
…and of course you may NOT VOTE for your own clue!
Your comments in general and on individual clues, however much or little you write, are always most welcome! Please remember that if any particular clue or clues do not find favour with you, it is more helpful to offer constructive criticism – many of our members are keen to learn and hone their clue writing skills through our competition – feedback may be useful for their future efforts!

Entry Information

Time now for the one and only thing that divides the country more than Brexit! Yes, it's Printer's Devilry – your challenge for September is a Printer's Devilry (PD) clue to ASTER (5).

A Printer's Devilry clue is a passage from which the printer has removed a hidden answer, closing the gap and sometimes taking liberties with the punctuation and spacing, but not disturbing the order of the remaining letters. There is no need to include a definition of ASTER in your clue, but there is nothing to stop you if you so wish. However, from past experience, few judges give any extra merit for this unnecessary hard work!
A previous Azed winner will provide as an example:
Vaulting above tunnel entrance appears inane, scary
Answer: PESTO.
Undevilled version: Vaulting above tunnel entrance appears in an escape story
Every passage, when complete, should make sense. NB Many "judges" will normally give preference to PD clues in which the breaks before and after the word omitted (before and after omission) do not occur at the ends or beginnings of words in the clue.
Please give the full undevilled version of your clue as the EXPLANATION – plus any additional notes required.




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2nd place Andy Smith

The Spanish reds supply body of a superior vintage