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Clue no. 46: Without binary code, computers do exist

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Comments on the clue
1.Undevilled version makes less sense than devilled.
2.Interesting concept, but the more usual term seems to be "ternary computers" rather than "ternary code computers"
Comments on the competition
A lot of entries don't seem to get the point of PD clues, which is that the undevilled version should make sense in a way that convinces the solver that the answer is correct. It's good if the devilled version makes sense too, but that is a secondary consideration. 32, 33 and 46 are examples where the undevilled version makes less sense than the devilled; 2, although it "works", doesn't give the solver enough information. Several clues used "b/aste roast", but most of them, didn't make it clear enough _why_ basting is a good thing. 21, which I gave my best score to, successfully makes both versions make sense, with a nice change of meaning between them.