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Pete Milne has 27 clues

CompClue wordClueExplanationPosPoints Merits  
2020 Annual Competition390.5  
March 2020WARTIMEGrowth primarily in military expenditure now?WART(growth)+I(n)+M(ilitary)+E(xpenditure). Semi-&lit.8221  3 
2019 Annual Competition510  
June 2019FLUTTERBat chewed butterfly, discarding the wingsAnagram of b(UTTERFL)y. Bat = flutter, as in eyelids.155.53  1 
March 2019NARCISSUSGraciousness without ego possibly represented by him? No!Anagram of GRACIOUSNESS minus (anagram of) EGO. Semi-&lit. According to myth, Narcissus was neither gracious nor without ego.2332  5 
January 2019PINKKnock back a little drink, getting drunk at lastNIP reversed (back) + K (drunk at last). Def = knock (as in an engine pinking).528.50  2 
2018 Annual Competition313.5  
Christmas Special 2018TURKEY (STONES) (Wrong Number)At leaving, UK treaty rocks countryAnagram of UK+TREATY minus AT. Anagram indicator = rocks. Rocks = stones. Def = country. Ref Brexit.237.51  2 
November 2018HUMMINGBIRDHigh time to become a hermit?HUMMING (high = smelly) + BIRD (time, as in prison sentence). A hermit is a sort of hummingbird (Chambers). Ref our troubled times.3313  2 
May 2018IRELANDIdiotic hardliner wants borders hereAnag of (h)ARDLINE(r). Wants can mean lacks. Ref Brexit. &lit1761  4 
March 2018SEAWATERA plastic waste area, mostly?Anag of WASTE+ARE(a). &lit5283  3 
January 2018ARGENTSilver in Great North RunAnag of GREAT+N. RUN as adjective.8240 
2017 Annual Competition87  
September 2017MAIDENVirgin Media connection finally working.Anag of MEDIA+N (Virgin Media are an Internet etc provider)186.53  6 
July 2017FIDDLERIt's more difficult when one's missing a player.FIDDLIER minus I (one). Def = a player.430.51  2 
2016 Annual Competition300.5  
January 2016PLAIN-JANEQuake in Nepal? Jain observed no great shakes!Anagram of NEPAL+JAIN. Jains are religious people originally from India, next to Nepal. No great shakes = definition.820.52  5 
2015 Annual Competition125  
July 2015POUNCESet upon with tips of claws extendedAnagram of UPON plus C plus E. &lit144.52  3 
2014 Annual Competition430.5  
April 2014MESMERISE (Letters Latent)One's introduced to the company of two women (one might be single!), so turn on the charmE. I in MS+MRS8180  3 
2013 Annual Competition116  
November 2013PROLIXGoing on for fifty, one has sex at lastPRO(for)+L+I+X175.52  3 
October 2013DOLMADESWhat's cook prepared in casings of leaves?DO(cook)+(MADE in LS) &lit6302  4 
March 2013EASTER (Misprint)Base on which swivel seat runs?Caster. E(base)+SEAT*+R(runs). &lit6222  7 
2012 Annual Competition79  
October 2012POSTICHEFalse echo tips batsECHOTIPS*, ai = bats1562  3 
September 2012GUESTIMATEUse it to work out large number in crowd?USEIT* + M (large number) in GATE (crowd)245.50  1 
2011 Annual Competition242.5  
October 2011MOCKTAIL (New Chambers Word)It's certainly not included in this copy of Collins!It = Italian vermouth (alcoholic). Collins is a cocktail5292  4 
February 2011SHERLOCKForemost among sleuths; that person with what it may take to close the caseS+HER(that person)+LOCK. &lit534.52  2 
January 2011DUVET DAYDowntime?624.53  6 
2010 Annual Competition261.5  
Christmas Special 2010NATIVITY (Letters Latent)A representation of antiquity, without questionV. (ANTIQUITY minus QU)*. QU = question. &lit621.50  2 
August 2010SPELUNKERHe probes cavities, leaving one with the runs, like prunesLIKEPRUNES* minus I526.50  5 
2009 Annual Competition194.5  
May 2009POWERHOUSESo who's bursting with pure energy?(SO+WHO+PUREE)*. E = energy251.50  4 
March 2009FIRST AIDRecipe if injured and stiff?anag of R+if, + STAID (stiff). &lit. (R = recipe. In Chambers)10210  4 
2008 Annual Competition232  
March 2008DINNER-TIMEOut to lunch, then? No, entire mind's active!ENTIREMIND*4270  1