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Anthony Bradley has 5 clues

CompClue wordClueExplanationPosPoints Merits  
2019 Annual Competition311  
February 2019RAINBOWHighly coloured bands in curly brown hair, cut short on the sidesAnag (curly) of (BROWN [h]AI[r])* / 'highly' = in a high position -Chambers5284  2 
2018 Annual Competition330.5  
Christmas Special 2018TURKEY (STONES) (Wrong Number)Two pounds of this meat makes folk truly swell in the middle!&lit comp anag: (LL OF TURKEY) = (FOLK TRULY E); pounds723.52  2 
2015 Annual Competition232.5  
May 2015MARKET (SPONGE) (WRONG NUMBER)Make racket about losing cake tradeAnag. (about) MAKE RACKET —CAKE; def: trade; cake919.50  4 
April 2015CHOKEYNick Clegg's beginning to get too sentimentalC + HOKEY ~ Def: Nick ~ Ref (for non-Brits): Lib-Dem party leader4382  3 
2014 Annual Competition145  
World Cup Special 2014Any 8-letter "PEN" word (Penalty Shoot-out)Fritter away five hundred following one girl after anotherMISSPEND | MISS+MISS+D131.50  2