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Alastair Gerrard has 3 clues

CompClue wordClueExplanationPosPoints Merits  
2021 Annual Competition252  
September 2021CICERONE100-1 shot? Encore! She'll be leading the Tour (8)C (100) + I (1) + ENCORE* anagrind = shot (=ruined/exhausted). Definition = "She'll be leading the Tour". Ref: WTA Tour and Emma Raducanu's unlikely US Open win8213  2 
August 2021BIBLIOMANIA"I'm anal, I love books" – one suffering ——— (11)IMANALIOBBI* O=love; BB= books (in Chambers); I=one. Anal = "…having personality traits such as obsessiveness…" see Chambers. & Lit631.52  6 
February 2021WETLANDSAre teal, swans and ducks primarily swimming in these areas?Comp. anag. + & lit. [ARE TEAL SWANS D(ucks)]* gives WETLANDS + AREAS. (N.B. Teal is plural as well as singular)5362  3