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mark webberley has 6 clues

CompClue wordClueExplanationPosPoints Merits  
2021 Annual Competition360.5  
August 2021BIBLIOMANIALiam, Bob and Iain developed a passion for collecting booksAnagram of Liam, Bob, Iain; anagrind: developed; definition: a passion for collecting books7261  3 
2020 Annual Competition390.5  
June 2020THE YOUNG ONESThe guys on one outlandish TV programme!Anagram/semi-&lit822.52  1 
2018 Annual Competition330.5  
November 2018HUMMINGBIRDFrequent flyer is kind of dumb! Ring him!anagram of 'dumb ring him'; anagrind = kind of; def = frequent flyer817.51  2 
2016 Annual Competition300.5  
November 2016TURNOVERMovement of people upset productionTriple definition8181  1 
2014 Annual Competition115.5  
August 2014EATANSWILLLoosen wallets in a corrupt electionanagrind = loosen; anagram of 'WALLETS IN A'; def = 'corrupt election'1510 
July 2014SHOESTRING"Thongs, Sire? Slips? Lace?"anagram of THONGS SIRE; anagrind = slips; definition = lace817.51  1