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Competition clues by Keith Williams

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Keith Williams has 6 clues

CompClue wordClueExplanationPosPoints Merits  
2020 Annual Competition240.5  
May 2020ELDERSHaving dismissed opening pair, perhaps slips are the ones bearing fruit? (6)(FI)ELDERS; ref cricket9234  5 
2014 Annual Competition371.5  
November 2014BRIDEWELLNick is not badly stung in dilapidated Tunbridge Wells (9)(TUNBRIDGE WELLS)* – (STUNG)*; overall ref to property development or similar10161  2 
April 2014MESMERISE (Letters Latent)Witch has outrageous heresies – off with her head!LL = M; Anag (H)ERESIES – "(H)er" head; Witch(v) = to bewitch719.51  5 
March 2014EXCALIBURAll aquiver, excitable Arthur could provide threat with this?Comp anag [excitable + Arthur >>> threat + excalibur]:&Lit ref King Arthur10203  2 
2010 Annual Competition360.5  
April 2010GRAVEYour end's here – potentially very dangerousComp Anag &Lit – GRAVE + YOUR + ENDS = VERY DANGEROUS. Both parts define GRAVE6300  4 
2009 Annual Competition390.5  
April 2009MOONSHINE (Letters Latent)Low is high – nonsense!MOO + S + HIE (N = LL): Moonshine = nonsense(inf)723.50  2