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A close contest to start the year. Hidden clues don't usually cut the mustard, but on the other hand humour is often well received! So congrats go to Don Manley for kicking off 2019 with a win, meaning he also joins the elite few who have managed wins in consecutive months, as he won the Christmas special at the end of last year – well done Don!
Vinit was a mere smidgeon behind in second, with a surface that set an intriguing scene leaving me curious to know the full story!
What's this? Another hidden in 3rd spot, but understandably as the hidden indicator fitted in so neatly with the surface reading – well done to John Appleton.
Nick Smith then just a 1/2 point back in 4th with another interesting and different treatment and Pete Milne completes the podium with what is his 3rd top 5 finish in a row!
Pink certainly offered a wide choice of definitions and treatments so well done to all who took up the challenge!

Voting Information

Voting is open until Midnight UK time on Sunday 17th February.
Please award FIVE points maximum to the clue you judge best: FOUR points for second, THREE for third, TWO for fourth, down to ONE point for fifth; but otherwise you may distribute your votes as you see fit including ½ marks for split voting – as long as you award no more than 15 points IN TOTAL and no more than 5 points to any one clue…
…and of course you may NOT VOTE for your own clue!
Your comments in general and on individual clues, however much or little you write, are always most welcome! Please remember that if any particular clue or clues do not find favour with you, it is more helpful to offer constructive criticism – many of our members are keen to learn and hone their clue writing skills through our competition – feedback may be useful for their future efforts!

Entry Information

And so we start another year of competitions – good luck to all in 2019! Your first challenge is a STANDARD CRYPTIC clue to PINK (4) by the closing date of MIDNIGHT GMT THURSDAY 31st JANUARY.
Remember that whilst you are composing (and pondering) your clue effort, the entry interface allows you to "Save but don't submit". But even if you "Submit this clue" you are still able to amend – or even retract – your entry right up until the end.




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34 clues entered so far.
6 days to go. Entry closes on
Sunday 30th June.



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2nd place Terry Neale

Sweet alcoholic drink delivering an unexpected wallop

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