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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1960 Xmas 2009NGANA (3 defs + letter mixture) Parcels23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstR. J. WhaleGetting mad cow disease, broken down Jersey in gaga-land!RAGING ANALYSED
SecondDr I. S. FletcherMissing team on sleigh Santa curses illness of Prancer et alLOSING ANATHEMAS
ThirdH. Freeman‘This man’s got variant mad cow disease’ – medical expertsRAVING ANATOMISTS
VHCM. J. BarkerPainful horse disease – ‘nag clinic’ has a gentle painkillerACHING ANALGESIC
VHCDr J. BurscoughZoonosis (Angolan, Ugandan?) resembling sleeping sickness in animalsSNOOZING ANALOGOUS
VHCJ. A. ElliottArranging eel mass affords disease (undoing jumble)RELEASING ANAGRAM; anag. of measles
VHCM. HodgkinDisadvantage in a skimpy undergarment – open flies cause such troubleTANGA NAIVE
VHCR. J. HooperSkimpy garb for beach bum acquiring tan at sea – could it drop lower?TANGA NATES; lower noun
VHCG. JohnstoneSickly animal infection launched flu menacing allFLUNG ANAEMIC; ref. swine flu
VHCB. JonesMoney worries the cause of stock collapse? Wrong – ask anyone!WONGA NARKS
VHCE. C. LanceLivestock disease: malignant, so causes downfall of African peopleTONGA NAILS
VHCD. LawsonDisorder (horse disease) ravaging ranch yet againEATING ANARCHY
VHCP. LloydSet of animals hooting at an unexpected wise man – disorder in the stable?TOHUNGA NATION
VHCM. A. Macdonald-CooperSyndicate member mismanage own money? It’d affect stock fatallyWONGA NAME
VHCD. F. ManleyComplaint of oxen et al. not leaving hay in manger: ‘Incarnation’s chaos!’REMAINING ANARCHY
VHCC. G. MillinWise man associated with birth – that annual gold – cattle get sick of itTOHUNGA NATAL
VHCC. J. MorseBum’s hurting again, damn – a gluttonous animal’s ailmentDAMAGING ANAL
VHCDr S. J. ShawSickly animal once signifying wasting disease of livestockLOSING ANAEMIC
VHCMrs A. TerrillTsetse disease researcher manhandling beast – a gnu, say – in labABUSING ANALYST
VHCR. C. TeutonWhat might top African steed gain now as a racehorse? Money, African moneyWONGA NAIRAS
VHCA. VarneySleeping sickness, a disease caused by tsetse flies, remains a giant encumbranceRESTING ANAEMIA
VHCL. WardRecalling newborn in a manger, ass proclaimed affection that his kind and oxen shareRANG ANAMNESIS; affection = disease
VHCA. J. WardropPerson enabling assessment of tewel disorder found in horsesBEING ANAL

HCs in competition 1960 awarded to:

T. AndersonP. DacreDr R. M. MacGillivrayK. Taylor
D. K. ArnottE. DawidW. F. MainJ. R. Tozer
D. & N. AsplandT. J. DonnellyT. J. MooreyMs J. Udris
J. BainesM. DraperT. D. NichollMs S. Wallace
M. BarleyA. EverestD. J. R. OgilvieN. Warne
M. BathB. GrabowskiA. PlumbI. J. Wilcock
D. BoltonP. F. HendersonW. RansomeG. H. Willett
J. G. BoothR. HeskethJ. ReardonK. J. Williams
A. W. BrookeJ. HoodMrs L. J. RobertsDr E. Young
D. CarterP. JenkinsonB. Roe 
M. CoatesA. KnottN. G. Shippobotham 
Ms S. CurranJ. C. LeylandD. J. Short