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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1277 Nov 1996NOVE(M)BER Letters Latent22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstDr J. BurscoughInstant beverages save a lot of time – no brewing!anag. less ages; comp. held in Nov
SecondP. L. StonePeriod in which we remember brave ones listed as lostanag. less as, & lit.; ref. Remembrance Day, 5 Nov
ThirdC. R. GumbrellIn which we find the end of autumn again about to occurn + be in over, & lit.
VHCE. A. BeaulahThis is instant drama: the final day of war, with Berlin half razedno4 VE Ber(lin); comp. held in Nov
VHCJ. R. BeresfordIt’s never confused with Bravo and Oscaranag. incl. B, O, & lit.; ref. NATO phonetic alphabet
VHCB. Burton‘Bend over!’ – its day gone to be reconsidered this month?anag. less d; ref. corporal punishment debate
VHCC. J. & M. P. ButlerNever book trips in —— OK?comp. anag. & lit.
VHCN. C. DexterNo bee, nor touch of vernal spring; no leavesanag. incl. v less no; ref. Hood’s poem ‘No!’
VHCV. DixonInstant denial by bishop implicated in devianceno + b in veer; comp. held in Nov
VHCD. A. GingerDuring which we remember the fallen, as this may become brave onescomp. anag.
VHCR. R. GreenfieldBudget time’s traditional drama: we have to pay out about a billionno4 + b in veer
VHCF. P. N. LakeNow shift out of Britain to escape winter?no(w) + B in veer, & lit.
VHCC. LovingIt’s an icy period in Russia – Ob never flowsanag.; ref. River Ob
VHCM. A. Macdonald-CooperPerennial number eleven, brave one batting without a hint of apprehension?anag. less a
VHCD. F. ManleyKnight has got to be in higher than a No. 11!N + be in over; ref. Nick K., England opener
VHCP. W. MarlowIt’s initially indicated by nightfall occurring very early (by European regulation)first letters & lit.
VHCT. J. MooreyCertain communication between Juliet and Romeo must be over Nurse’s headanag. incl. N; must4 adj.; ref. NATO phonetic alphabet
VHCC. J. MorseDismal season? No, spring (as Horace said) is about to happenno + be in ver (L.); ref. Horace Odes 4, 7, 9
VHCM. SandersonIn which brave ones are recollected as departed?anag. less as, & lit.
VHCMrs J. E. TownsendTime for home-fires to be recalled or even lit around BritainB in anag.; lit = drunk; ref. Remembrance Day
VHCJ. R. TozerPoll of businessmen takes negative swing about Budget timeb in no veer
VHCDr E. YoungMoon: one verb is to wanderanag.; moon = month

HCs in competition 1277 awarded to:

D. AppletonDr I. S. FletcherJ. D. LockettJ. B. Sweeting
D. AshcroftP. D. GaffeyW. F. MainD. H. Tompsett
M. BarleyE. GomersallC. G. MillinL. Ward
Mrs F. A. BlanchardG. I. L. GraftonG. M. NeighbourA. J. Wardrop
C. A. ClarkeR. S. HaddockF. R. PalmerMrs M. P. Webber
D. B. CrossMrs B. E. HendersonD. Price JonesR. J. Whale
E. CrossR. J. HooperJ. SaynorDr M. C. Whelan
R. V. DeardenMrs D. B. JenkinsonV. SethD. Williamson
R. A. EnglandJ. P. LesterN. & M. Sharp