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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
2532 Xmas 2020POTLA(TSUGA)TCH Presents Round the Tree22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstR. C. TeutonNarrow chimney top (and a fat belly!) can lead to Santa getting caught outpot + lat + S + anag.
SecondE. C. LanceTotal shambles after start of pandemic – Boris ultimately caught ditheringp + anag. + s + anag.
ThirdR. J. WhaleUgh, latest comp format needs changing to deliver me from ——comp. anag.
VHCT. AndersonDenied tail, lusty goat needs sorting out in bed!anag. less y in patch; tail = sex
VHCM. BarkerIt’s descriptive of an expanded waistline, muscles caught wobblingpot + lats + anag.
VHCM. BarleySee lots of spice from the East carried by trio of potentates to childla + gust(o) (rev.) in pot + at ch.
VHCT. C. BorlandSpinning top littlest’s opening has tag cut offtop (rev.) + l + anag.
VHCS. CollinsTrump’s finale, raving loony bagging Georgia after total’s in a tanglep + anag. + Ga in (Screaming Lord) Sutch
VHCP. T. CrowReturning countertenor in part, mostly sweet, with tenor choiralto (rev.) in pt + suga(r) T ch.
VHCE. DawidTrophy can endlessly sweeten the championpot + lat + suga(r) + t’ ch.
VHCW. DreverPeriod during which winds gust a lot?anag. in patch
VHCDr I. S. FletcherTurkey for some stuffed with a lot wasted, number absent in time celebratedanag. + t + su(n)g in patch2; turkey = fool
VHCJ. E. GreenFrantically caught last post with a second to spareanag. less s
VHCR. J. HealdRecall exuberant enjoyment receiving special gift (not half!) inside parceltal(ent) in gusto (all rev.) in patch
VHCG. JohnstoneHorrid Henry with catapult got schoolmistress’s rear!anag. incl. H, s
VHCP. McKennaCorporation is caught out securing officelat in pot + anag. incl. ’s
VHCA. PlumbStokes, following excellent over, towards the end almost caught outtop (rev) + lat(e) + S + anag.
VHCDr T. G. PowellDesperately with seconds to go, last post somehow caughtanag. less s + anag.
VHCA. D. ScottTankard a sudden blast of air knocked over in barpot + a + gust (rev.) in latch
VHCP. A. StephensonTrio of potentates indeed majestic, leaving gold from the East to childpot la2 (Au)gust (rev.) at ch
VHCJ. Vincent & Ms R. PorterConsuming sweet stuff mostly, bulging tum starts to look awful throughout the Christmas holspot + suga(r) in first letters
VHCG. H. WillettSaint: ‘Lo! A peasant’s outside, caught in a blizzard’anag. incl. st a p, t; ref. King Wenceslas

HCs in competition 2532 awarded to:

D. & N. AsplandJ. C. LeylandR. PerryP. L. Stone
Dr J. BurscoughD. F. ManleyD. Price JonesJ. R. Tozer
P. CargillP. W. MarlowW. RansomeA. J. Varney
C. A. ClarkeRev Prebendary M. R. MetcalfC. ReedA. M. Walden
N. ConnaughtonJ. R. C. MichieDr J. B. ReidMs S. Wallace
C. M. EdmundsT. J. MooreyDr S. J. ShawL. Ward
H. FreemanC. OgilvieI. SimpsonA. J. Wardrop
J. GrimesM. OllerenshawM. Sloman