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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1650 Jan 2004SAPHENA normal 23


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Competition 1650’s average clue lengths over 23 clues:

50 letters per clue (5 above the archive average, and 6 above the average for 7-letter words)

10.5 words per clue (0.9 above the archive average, and 1.3 above the average for 7-letter words)


Longest clues (the 637th longest normal clues in the archive)

Name used in designation of what takes vital fluid to heart (two go from extremity)

67 letters, 15 words, by F. R. Palmer


England’s capital has plan for transport – but line’s sealed off in that bloody tube!

67 letters, 14 words, by D. F. Manley


Quivering aspen has little square leaves, example of inferior venation, largely

67 letters, 11 words, by E. Cross


Shortest clue (the 403rd shortest normal clue in the archive)

One’s on drip after clot in ——?

21 letters, 6 words, by N. Connaughton


Competition 1650 has contributed 18 unique words to the clue archive:

R. PhillipsAntithrombin’s
E. Crossaspen
P. O. G. Whiteblood-vessel
W. Jacksonceded
P. ThackerCrural
G. H. Willettendearingly
C. J. Broughamevacuating
J. R. Tozerexperiences
N. G. Shippobothamhaemoglobin
C. J. Morsenourishing
D. R. RobinsonPheasant
D. C. Clenshawphlebitis
C. J. Morseplasma
J. P. Guiverpyritic
J. R. Tozerthrombosis
Dr R. J. Belltootsy
C. R. Gumbrellvaricosity
E. Crossvenation

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