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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
2390 Apr 2018POISSON D’AVRIL normal23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstC. A. ClarkePerhaps spaghetti trees or ravioli ponds should be treated with a pinch of saltanag. incl s; ref. famous 1957 ‘Panorama’ hoax
SecondR. J. HealdThis month’s goof could be reviewed on ‘SlipAdvisor’!anag.; fanciful variant of ‘TripAdvisor’; ref. earlier appearance of clue word in AZ ‘Letters Latent’ comp.
ThirdD. F. ManleyToxin around Salisbury’s centre has Vladimir deviously ignoring Military Intelligence – who’s been taken in?s in poison + anag. less MI; ref. Putin
VHCD. AppletonIn spring one had reordered provisions at deli regularlyanag. incl. alternate letters
VHCM. BarleySee sly —— end with solvers in a spin, oddly perplexed?comp. anag. & lit.
VHCMs K. BoltonCanard à la française cooked in very little lard (previously a Seine swimmer?)poisson + anag. incl. i’ v
VHCT. C. BorlandA silver spoon I’d collected, not bearing English mark of this date, seemingly Frenchanag. less E; mark = victim of trick
VHCC. J. BroughamProvisions sprinkled with dal and occasional dillanag.; Collins gives dill = fool
VHCE. DawidRavioli’s new pods rattled one falling for spaghetti treesanag. incl. n
VHCDr I. S. FletcherRig no Paris gull ultimately avoids with one being exposedanag. incl. l less a, & lit.; rig2
VHCH. FreemanEarly season pull to leg, short of a length … Lord’s Pavilion’s buzzing!anag. less l; leg-pull
VHCJ. GrimesFor which cod on old Paris div’s back is required?anag. incl. v; see div4; origin of French expression
VHCJ. LiddleFrench deception involving Paris v. London is not new!anag. less n
VHCB. LoveringSolving almost over with all but the last to parse, I managed to grasp Azed’s latest rused in anag. incl. o, less g, e
VHCT. J. MooreyOne who’s had rivals poisoned rarely not first in electionsanag. less e; ref. e.g. Putin
VHCS. J. O’BoyleVladimir P. is soon to be implicated, I’m checking out victim of sneaky trickanag. less I’m; ref. Salisbury episode
VHCI. SimpsonEccentric Boris taking the lead in Brexit? No, Davis is in place – he’s not May’s fall guyanag. less B in Pl.
VHCP. L. StonePrank victim primarily is Paris noodle not seeing his derriereanag. incl. v less e, & lit.; prank = set in order
VHCR. C. TeutonReviviscent spoof failed? A variation renders this effectivecomp. anag. & lit.; ref. earlier appearance of clue word in AZ ‘Letters Latent’ comp.
VHCJ. R. TozerArrange pails against doors in a prankanag. incl. v
VHCJ. Vincent & Ms R. PorterFor a joke, one was hung on another’s back in old Paris, so very bizarrelyanag. incl. v; ref. original French custom
VHCMrs A. M. WaldenAn old pissoir, very dodgy, in which Frenchman might be led astrayanag. incl. v
VHCA. J. WardropOne who’s had up avoids prison, with a bit of luckanag. incl. l; up = in an excited state

HCs in competition 2390 awarded to:

P. B. AlldredMs L. DavisL. F. MarzillierC. Reid Dick
T. AndersonV. DixonP. McKennaT. Rudd
D. & N. AsplandC. M. EdmundsRev Prebendary M. R. MetcalfA. D. Scott
P. BamberP. FinanC. G. MillinJ. M. Sharman
M. BarkerR. GilbertT. D. NichollDr S. J. Shaw
Ms P. BlakemoreG. I. L. GraftonM. L. PerkinsDr G. Simpson
H. J. BradburyM. HodgkinR. PerryP. A. Stephenson
J. M. BrownG. JohnstoneA. PlumbP. P. Voogt
Mrs S. BrownE. C. LanceJ. & A. PriceJ. D. Walsh
Dr J. BurscoughJ. C. LeylandD. Price JonesT. West-Taylor
D. CarterM. Lloyd-JonesS. RandallG. H. Willett
M. CoatesA. MacDougallW. RansomeK. J. Williams
N. ConnaughtonP. W. MarlowDr J. B. ReidK. & J. Wolff