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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
2417 Oct 2018ALTARAGE / PROPOSAL Right and Left 22


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Competition 2417’s average clue lengths over 22 clues:

70 letters per clue (25 above the archive average, and 3 below the average for Right and Left competitions)

14.0 words per clue (4.4 above the archive average, and 0.7 below the average for Right and Left competitions)


Longest clue (the 59th longest Right and Left clue in the archive)

Congregation’s donations are left with thanks, a fit offering for priest raised in due course before funeral’s end

94 letters, 18 words, by M. Barley


Shortest clues (the 44th shortest Right and Left clues in the archive)

It’s offered at a large rent for Naval personnel – they left a bid

51 letters, 13 words, by Mrs A. M. Walden


An offer for Chambers and a Latin collection at a large jumble

51 letters, 12 words, by R. J. Sharkey


Competition 2417 has contributed 16 unique words to the clue archive:

R. J. HealdBrexiteer
T. C. BorlandBrexiteer’s
J. R. TozerBrexiter
P. L. Stonebuttress
G. Johnstonecelebrant
M. BarleyCongregation’s
Dr S. J. Shawfavouring
M. Barleyfuneral’s
A. J. Varneyhustler’s
T. C. Borlandincumbent
J. R. Tozerpal’s
A. J. VarneyParish
Mrs A. M. Waldenpersonnel
A. Whittakerpsalm
A. Whittakertoo-solemn
C. OgilvieVotive

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