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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
2220 Xmas 2014A twelve-letter ‘Christmas cracker’ Christmas Cracker 21


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Competition 2220’s average clue lengths over 21 clues:

78 letters per clue (33 above the archive average)

15.8 words per clue (6.2 above the archive average)


Longest clue (the longest Christmas Cracker clue in the archive)

Deliverer in sheltered yard suddenly appearing in need of gentle Christmas delivery helper to hold back ungulates from the East

108 letters, 20 words, by A. Everest


Shortest clues (the shortest Christmas Cracker clues in the archive)

Choosing cocktail jewellery, till’s beginning to ring and ring

52 letters, 9 words, by T. Anderson


Fireworks displays fizz on Santa’s introduction behind field

52 letters, 8 words, by T. J. Moorey


Competition 2220 has contributed 22 unique words to the clue archive:

M. Barleyastronomers
T. C. Borlandcarols
I. Simpsoncrammed
Dr I. S. FletcherCrucially
A. EverestDeliverer
J. Vincent & Ms R. Porterdesires
T. C. Borlandglitz
R. Gilbertinstantly
R. J. Palmermonarchs
P. L. Stonepremises
R. Gilbertredefined
Dr S. J. ShawRudolph’s
C. J. Morseselfhood
J. Vincent & Ms R. PorterSelfridges
D. K. Arnottsnooze
I. SimpsonSnowman’s
L. Wardstews
T. Andersontill’s
A. Everestungulates
Dr I. S. Fletcheruphold
Dr I. S. Fletchervacancy
L. Wardwarble

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