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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
987 Xmas 1967THING Printer’s Devilry21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstA. LawrieThere’s not so much war? M/en appeasin’ more? Woolly yarns!genappe
SecondR. E. KimmonsI must hide my gir/l: amorous clot, he’s at the party! 
ThirdC. J. MorseDo babies in? Swa/b and sweep less? Ask snappy weary mother!swathing-bands, nappy-weary
VHCM. J. BalfourHere we smelt (and thereby we found) bo/ots and pigs 
VHCA. E. BrookesWimbledon: first se/ed on controversial line-calls 
VHCD. H. ClaytonOut of work stripper gets mo/st rings 
VHCP. R. ClemowHe loves soaking in the ba/r and contemplation of the infinite 
VHCB. FreedmanIn vino veritas, not ru/in! 
VHCS. GoldieModel finds hiding “gir/l”—amorous clot! He’s impossible! 
VHCD. S. HaynesYou need a trial specification for gir/l: amorous, female sex, ample—38-28-37trial= threefold
VHCE. M. HornbyIt may be due when a case doesn’t close, and open to abus/e 
VHCJ. F. JonesThere’s a great deal of wor/rit when things go wrong 
VHCM. W. KnightImproved carbon ne/eds light pressure only to activate 
VHCW. T. Meade-KingWhat’s that moaning at the harbour? Barge/es oiled 
VHCCol R. H. N. OsmondChildren invariably put fai/r own-ups before all else 
VHCMrs N. PerryYou/r own people’s estimation?—“Ha! ‘Snow’ gone to ‘Pot’” 
VHCR. PostillWhen running ba/re, nobleman mustn’t be caught by c-coldC = chaud
VHCRev H. B. RobertsControl your Gir/l, “Amour” Corsets 
VHCMrs E. M. SimmondsThe usual ba/r and pastime was the hip variety 
VHCJ. G. StubbsThe huge sink in the old inn was the family ba/r and pastime 
VHCA. P. VincentGate won’t shut—there’s a screw loose. Nota ben/e! 

HCs in competition 987 awarded to:

Miss V. K. AbrahamsJ. McI. CruickshankM. A. LassmanA. Seville
R. AbreyN. C. DexterA. D. LeggeE. O. Seymour
Miss P. AdkinsL. A. DiehlL. E. LodgeF. G. Simms
F. D. H. AtkinsonJ. H. FramptonJ. D. H. MackintoshSir W. Slimmings
Miss A. W. BaldyJ. FrydeDr T. J. R. MaguireS. Sondheim
K. A. BarkerMrs J. O. FullerB. J. McCannL. T. Stokes
A. J. BarnardC. R. GambleMrs E. McFeeF. B. Stubbs
P. F. BauchopG. GarganC. G. MillinR. I. Sutherland
R. T. BaxterE. J. GriewP. MorelandH. G. Tattersall
E. A. BeaulahB. GrimshawF. E. NewloveD. G. Thomas
Rev C. M. BrounG. S. HalseM. NewmanW. Thornton
P. BrownJ. P. H. HirstS. NormanM. F. Thorogood
E. W. BurtonD. R. HopkinC. S. F. OliverD. J. Thorpe
C. O. ButcherF. G. IllingworthN. O’NeillL. W. Titman
J. C. ChavasseM. InnesMiss M. J. PatrickM. E. Ventham
R. N. ChignellJ. E. JenkinsB. A. PikeE. Wagstaff
D. L. L. ClarkeG. JohnstoneA. M. PriceP. H. Watkin
R. M. S. CorkP. D. KingC. P. ReaW. Whitelaw
A. J. CrowJ. A. KnowlerK. M. RobbC. E. Williams
P. M. A. CrozierO. A. KnoxJ. M. RobinsonG. M. Young