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1.  L. C. Wright (Selby): On recent form will be a length in front of the runners, if drawn on the rails (anag.; curtain material; racehorse).

2.  C. Allen Baker (Wishaw): Exposes one-sided figures on recent output (anag.; fabric patterned on one side).

3.  Mrs Caithness (Ambleside): Unsettled rent once made for hanging, drawing and quartering under stern oppression (anag.; upholstery, i.e. placing where sat on!).


E. S. Ainley (S. Harrow): For Casement—Hanging and Drawing or The Chair? (Fancy printing such stuff!) (cryptic def.; ref. Roger C., Irish Republican executed 1916).

Maj P. S. Baines (W11): No centre to broken deck-chair? Jolly tough! (anag.; i.e. to deck chair).

Mrs D. M. D’Eath (Haywards Heath): No recent alteration in print, but according to the Chair it may be cut (anag.).

S. B. Green (NW10): “A credit to the school—and right at the top in geography”? That’s the stuff! (cr. + Eton + NE; stuff = fabric).

T. L. Griffiths (Hay-on-Wye): For making this material the credit must go to the French, the French being mutely surprised! (cr. + étonné without accents).

D. J. Knights (Hitchin): Curtains from horsehair? Certainly, simply weave and follow directions (anag. of cronet + N, E).

G. G. Lawrance (Harrow): Material salvaged from the wreck of R.101 (anag. of R, cent, one; ref. airship crash 1930).

J. P. Lloyd (Swansea): Fancy Cotton! Just breaks 100 three times, then makes no return! Never!! (anag. of C ter + no (rev.) + ne (= never); ref. Henry C., golfer).

F. E. Newlove (SE9): If you want to recover, cut out this fancy stuff and get down to brass tacks! (cryptic def.; i.e. re-cover).

G. H. Podmore (Altrincham): Stout stuff. Credit to the College. Right on top (cr. + Eton + NE; stuff = fabric).

Mrs E. Shackleton (W. Wickham): Kind of flowery printed matter to be sat on by the armchair critic? (cryptic def.).

Mrs A. L. Stevenson (Kilmacolm): Hang it! This stuff always occupies the centre on appearing in print! (anag.; curtain material).

Miss D. W. Taylor (Sidcup): Wanted by the Yard for hangings in secret on Newgate Hill (hidden; curtain fabric bought by the yard).

H. S. Tribe (Sutton): No recent reform provides material on which the armchair critic can spread himself (anag.).

F Lt E. M. Watson-Smyth (Ashford): Covering note returned; credit in advance, not in arrears! (cr. + note (rev.) + ne).


Comments—334 correct: few errors, most of them distributed between drapet, roset and Ancona.
Some runners-up:—Mrs Brewser, A. L. Brophy, Rev B. Chapman, H. P. Chubb, F. A. Clark, R. A. W. Cohen, Miss Comyn, D. Connell, P. M. Coombs, C. D. Eagle, T. E. Faber, A. R. Fraser, F. Greasby, C. Koop, R. Lumley, R. C. Macfarlane, R. Macleod, Mrs Mallett, A. McIntyre, E. L. Mellersh, D. G. C. Mockridge, A. P. O’Leary, J. D. P. O’Leary, J. W. Parr, Rev E. B. Peel, W. O. Robertson, N. Roles, T. E. Sanders, D. C. Shute, D. Slater, L. R. Smith, O. Carlton Smith, R. G. Tate, A. H. Taylor, J. Thomas, Capt C. Tyers, E. Wagstaff, F. Wallace-Hadrill, J. E. Ward.
Half-year results:—Consolation prizes go to S. B. Green, G. H. Podmore and Miss D. W. Taylor with 5 H.C.s each: F. E. Newlove, T. E. Sanders, A. J. C. Saunders and O. Carlton Smith come next with 4. E. S. Ainley is “champion” with 2 prizes, 5 H.C.s: next come F. L. Constable, A. R. McInroy and D. P. M. Michael, 1—5: Rev. E. B. Peel, 2—2, and R. Postill 1—4: C. Allen Baker, F. A. Clark, Mrs. Jarman, T. W. Melluish and W. O. Robertson, 1—3 (S. B. Green & Co. may rank with these): Mrs. Caithness, 2—0, and J. H. Dingwall, A. R. Fraser, Capt. Tyers and L. C. Wright, 1—2 (plus F. E. Newlove & Co.). The total number of names on the “Honours List” is now 627: the entries in this half-year have been slightly larger than in any previous one.
[A hint:—If any Ximenes enthusiast, whose name has appeared at all frequently in the paper, is thinking of entering for the “Everyman” crossword composing competition at Christmas, it might be advisable for him to enter under a next-door neighbour’s name. Verb. sap.!]

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