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Charlemagne, Emperor of the West (Anagram)

1.  R. A. Mostyn (SE18): Men greet fresh law epoch at Rome.

2.  I. Cousins (Birmingham): Calm emerges. The new hope for Art.

3.  F. G. Illingworth (Worcester): Now the arts emerge, for help came.


A. J. Barnard (Portsmouth): Helmet—Spear—Gore—Fame—The Crown.

C. O. Butcher (E4): Got ephemeral crown—there’s fame!

R. S. Caffyn (Cheltenham): More than power graces me, he felt.

J. Crowther (Cambridge): We help fête Rome’s great monarch.

N. C. Dexter (Corby): … whom Leo names her great prefect (Pope Leo III).

Cdr H. H. L. Dickson (Fareham): Rome was then the place of merger.

J. A. Fincken (N11): Top schemer me of great new realm.

Mrs N. Fisher (Stroud): Great hero, whom feal men respect.

P. D. Gaffey (Dublin): Rome gets helper from wet Aachen (supposed birthplace).

D. Hawson (Malton): He a gentle Mars—who more perfect?

A. J. Hughes (Sutton Coldfield): Place of the merger, then, was Rome.

Mrs E. McFee (Rhos-on-Sea): Hero gets crown—ample fame there!

B. A. Pike (E11): Cheers met the regal man of power.

Mrs G. Ratkowska (SW20): Realms of peace then grew thro’ me.

J. Riley (SE12): Welcome sphere for the great man.

Miss M. Smith (Crediton): Sceptre, throne, fame regale whom?

J. B. Sweeting (Shepperton): Grasp fame? Me? The crown, Leo Three! (Pope Leo III).

Mrs J. Thomas (Wilmslow): Altogether new map for me! Cheers!

Mrs M. P. Webber (Warrington): Welcome sphere for the great man.

P. B. G. Williams (NW3): Got ephemeral crown—there’s fame!


T. Anderson, A. W. Aspinall, Col P. S. Baines, J. W. Bates, R. T. Baxter, Miss M. I. Blunt, J. C. Brash, Mrs A. Bristow, A. N. Clark, P. M. Coombs, C. T. Davie, W. Eite, R. N. Exton, L. E. Eyres, J. H. Gawler, J. Gill, S. Goldie, Mrs K. N. Graham, R. R. Greenfield, Mrs E. J. Holmes, L. Johnson, R. E. Kimmons, Capt G. Langham, K. F. Lawton, L. F. Leason, A. D. Legge, A. F. Lerrigo, Mrs B. Lewis, G. A. Linsley, Mrs D. Lister, J. D. H. Mackintosh, A. A. Malcolm, P. J. Meade, C. J. Morse, M. Newman, D. F. Paling, Miss M. J. Patrick, Miss D. M. Perkins, Mrs N. Perry, R. Postill, C. Quin, P. M. Raffan, Rev E. G. Riley, T. E. Sanders, J. Sanderson, Mrs E. M. Simmonds, C. H. Smith, G. Snowden-Davies, R. Stephenson, T. L. Strange, J. G. Stubbs, M. J. Tomkinson, J. Ward, Rev D. J. C. Weber, J. B. Widdowson, T. H. Willcocks, C. W. Willink, Canon R. J. Wood.

COMMENTS:—About 320 entries with very few mistakes, most of them obviously unfortunate slips. Of these nearly 100, though posted on Friday, didn’t arrive by first post on Saturday but qualified by the new regulations: the posts seem to get worse and worse. If this slip is a day or two later than usual, don’t blame me or the printers.
I consider the entry a very good one for what I knew would be a difficult puzzle and a difficult anagram: there were too many Es and not enough other vowels. But I felt sure your ingenuity would triumph, and it certainly did: congratulations to all those mentioned, and there were hardly any entries that I would describe as weak. Choice was very difficult: I hope my preferences will find favour. I tended to be rather anti-champ, and also anti-emp.: I also felt that the inclusion of Charles was a little too obvious.
I don’t think I have ever had a more appreciative collection of comments and congratulations: thank you all very much. You were right in thinking it was difficult to compose, and it took much longer than usual. But it was great fun—and don’t forget that an 11 × 11 diagram helps the composer, as compared with 12 × 12! No time for more, or this slip will be even later.

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