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The Light Brigade, noble Six Hundred (Anagram)

1.  Lt Col P. S. Baines (Chatham): Blunder led to XI H bearding heights (11th Hussars).

2.  C. Candy (Bath): Bugles exhort—nigh blind death-ride!

3.  S. Goldie (Enfield): Exhibits true high-bred old England!


R. Bryan (Beckenham): Let grand ode exhibit high blunders.

R. Burrell (Feltham): Extol high thundering sabre-led bid.

B. Burton (Manchester): Bungler-led throng exhibit dash—die.

G. H. Dickson (Greystones, Co. Wicklow): Bidden ride bang through shell—exit!

A. Douglas (Belfast): Lax order behind it—highest bungled.

S. B. Green (NW10): Exhibited headlong blunders? Right!

W. H. Johnson (New York): Extol this high bugle-bidden errand.

G. A. Linsley (Newcastle): Order held death. Exhibits bungling.

Miss P. Mills (Maidstone): High exalt this bold enduring breed.

W. L. Miron (Nottingham): Extol their sad end—big, high blunder.

P. H. Morgan (Torquay): Death’s hell-exuding, throbbing ride.

Mrs W. J. O’Connell (Monkstown, Co. Cork): Guns both R and L—ride—bleed … high exit.

A. Robins (Manchester): “Big-shot” lax—he blundered, dithering.

T. E. Sanders (Walsall): Lax blunder—the heroes did big thing.

J. C. Seddon (Purley): Bad high blunderings; extol the ride.

W. K. M. Slimmings (Worcester Park): Lords had exhibited bungling there.

R. Stephenson (Altrincham): Thundering sabre bid, high extolled.

J. Tobin (Welwyn Garden City): Extra! Blunder! Heights held in big “do.”

Miss E. J. Unger (Bristol): Blunder exhibited hearts nigh gold.

M. Woolf (W9): Exalt high this bold enduring breed!


J. Audsley, C. Allen Baker, Mrs H. M. Barclay, A. J. Barnard, J. W. Bates, Capt A. S. Birt, Mrs E. M. Brinkworth, Miss H. Broun, C. O. Butcher, R. S. Caffyn, Miss E. J. Campbell, R. N. Chignell, P. R. Clemow, R. G. Codling, P. M. Coombs, H. C. Copeman, E. Davies, A. L. Dennis, F. E. Dixon, Brig W. E. Duncan, G. E. Fellows, D. Fielker, F. D. Gardiner, T. J. Guffick, Mrs A. de M. Haig, V. L. Harrison, R. N. Haygarth, Mrs H. J. Heald, J. M. Hendrie, E. M. Hornby, Mrs L. Jarman, J. H. Kemp, J. I. Logan, Miss J. S. Lumsden, R. K. Lumsdon, Dr T. J. R. Maguire, Mrs E. McFee, E. L. Mellersh, C. J. Morse, W. G. Mowforth, T. C. Perks, G. Perry, R. Postill, G. W. Pugh, Dr P. W. Putnam, E. J. Rackham, E. W. Richart, Mrs J. Robertson, Mrs E. M. Simmonds, B. Darwin Smith, J. W. Sweeting, C. M. Tatham, Mrs B. W. Tawse, J. Thompson, Mrs B. Tidman, Capt T. A. Whitamore, J. R. V. White.

COMMENTS:—I have taken an unconscionable time making up my mind about the awards in what seemed to me a consistently good entry, so you must forgive me if these comments are short. There were 384 entries, 349 correct. “Ellen” caused most trouble: I thought the old Punch joke, referring—incorrectly, I believe, historically—to Lord Ellenborough, was a chestnut: if it has ceased to be one, there was Lochinvar: and, if both these failed, the acrostic made the first letter certain for those who checked it. About ten competitors made the unfortunate mistake of writing an anagram appropriate to the occasion of the 600th puzzle. I confess I can’t imagine how the instructions could be interpreted so: I said “appropriate to their subject”, “their” referring to “the six words which form the uprights”. I don’t know how I could have made my meaning clearer, short of actually mentioning the Light Brigade! Still, I am sorry for the disappointment caused. Finally, very many thanks for all the kind messages and tributes, which I greatly appreciate.

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